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Published: July 18, 2019

When thinking about working out, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is a lean and fit body. Rare are those who take up a sport due to the vast mental health benefits of exercise. And there really are many of them. Working out is key to keeping your entire being happy and healthy. Contrary to what you may believe, you don’t even have to spend your days sweating it out in the gym – even a simple home workout can help you experience all the positive changes associated with exercise. Why not try it out step by step? We guarantee that by week two of doing it, you will be glad you finally found the courage to start working out!

How do mental health benefits of exercise originate?

If you have never taken any interest in science or the natural mechanisms of the body, you are probably not aware of which processes take place in our body and mind when we work out. Working out inflicts all kinds of changes in the brain, with all of them being positive. These new activity patterns help you feel calm and good about yourself. Moreover, when we exercise, our brain releases endorphins. Ever heard of them? They have the function of reducing our receptors for pain and, thus, inevitably making us happy.

A woman smiling, experiencing the mental health benefits of exercise.
A regular exercise routine is bound to make you pretty happy, pretty quickly.

Any exercise out there that’s vigorous enough will make your brain pumped with endorphins. You could hire a kickboxing personal trainer Dubai to help you achieve it, as kickboxing is nothing if not a vigorous activity, or you could go running for 30 minutes. The choice is all yours here!

Exercise helps fight depression

One of the biggest health benefits of working out has to be the fact that it can successfully treat mild to moderate depression. Mind you that being depressed is no joke; it’s a state that should be treated from the very beginning before it evolves into a worse condition. You’ll be glad to know that regular exercise works just as well as antidepressants – that’s a proven fact. Again, this is a mild to moderate depression we are talking about, so you shouldn’t expect any miracles.

Besides, you can and should use exercise to prevent depression. Partaking into any physical activity for as little as 15 minutes a day will help you reduce the risk of depression by a whopping 26%. Whether that activity will be walking, running or even prenatal yoga classes Dubai (which, you’ll have to admit, has more than just mental benefits), is up to you.

A woman doing yoga.
Don’t let the negative feelings and thoughts take over your body. Fight them with exercise!

Reduced stress is one of the greatest mental advantages of working out

Who isn’t prone to stress due to an inevitably fast-paced life of today’s world? Whether you are feeling overworked, stressed out about your pile of daily obligations, or feeling like you’ve had too much on your plate lately, exercising will be a great way to reduce the level of stress you are feeling. Since our bodies and minds are in such a close connection, when your brain is feeling better, your body will too. And we already told you all about the way exercising makes us happy, so there’s no point to dwell on that any longer. So, the next time you find yourself suffering from work burnout, turn to different exercises. You’ll feel better soon after.

You’ll sleep better after working out

By exercising, you will increase your body temperature, which will have a calming effect on your mind. When the mind is calm, it’s not busy overthinking every aspect of your life, which will help you fall asleep much faster. Now, bear in mind that better sleep is more than just one of the main mental health benefits of exercise. It’s also a key component for a healthy life.

In fact, try to combine 8 hours of sleep with regular exercise, nutritious food, and sufficient water intake and see what happens. We can tell you right ahead that you’ll feel so good that you will never get back to what it was. That’s coming from our team of personal trainers Dubai – a team that has already tried the routine out since we do as we preach!

Components that make for a healthy life.
If you want to live your best life, follow these guidelines and enjoy!

Regular workouts increase your self-esteem

It might be a bit disappointing for some, but it’s a complete truth – having self-esteem is how you make yourself happy. Now, bear in mind that, in order to have self-esteem you don’t have to look like Victoria’s Secret model. It’s noticing the small changes in your physique that will give you the confidence you need. Whether that change is dropping five pounds, losing two inches off of your waist, or even gaining ten pounds, the moment you see some sort of improvement you will feel empowered.

So, no matter how busy you think you are, try to cram in some time for yourself. We understand that with kids, household chores, and a 9 to 5 job, exercising seems like too big of a dream. But, there are great 10-minute workouts for busy moms which will still give you the confidence you need – it just might take a bit longer than usual.

Mental health benefits of exercise also rely on you finding some time for yourself

Never put your needs and desires behind everyone else’s! Yes, your kids are your priority, as well as they should be. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find one hour every two days and exercise. You’ll love the fact that you are finally doing something for yourself and that will bring about a more positive outlook on life. For starters, you’ll feel much happier than before. By being happy, everything else in your life will simply fall into place. Well, who knew that mental health benefits of exercise could have such an effect on our overall quality of life? Those who did have already improved every aspect of their lives. Now’s your turn! Good luck and we believe in you!

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