Mistakes to Avoid When Looking For a Good Personal Trainer or Coach in Dubai

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Published: September 1, 2022

Once you decide to embark on your unique fitness journey, you’ll need professional guidance. Whether you aim for weight loss or muscle gain, it’s easier when you have someone on your side who works in your best interest. When looking for a good personal trainer or coach in Dubai, it’s important to do your research. Your health and well-being aren’t something to take for granted, which is why only qualified professionals should help you achieve your fitness goals. On the other hand, you can always contact us at DubaiPT so we can set you up with the right trainer for you.

These are some of the most common mistakes people make when looking for a good personal trainer or coach in Dubai

In order to pick the right fitness professional, you must learn what are the common mistakes you should avoid. Choosing a trainer without doing prior research is likely to leave you disappointed. Just because someone claims to be a fitness guru, doesn’t necessarily mean they know what they’re doing. Therefore, make sure to conduct a background check on all male or female fitness trainers in Dubai you come across.

kickbox training session
Pay attention when looking for a good personal trainer or coach in Dubai. It’s in your best interest to choose the trainer who will adjust the workout to your needs.

Hiring a coach who doesn’t provide a meal plan

Workout alone isn’t enough to get the results you want. Nutrition plays a huge role. This is why it’s important that your coach is well-versed in this field as well. If your training isn’t followed by a proper 7-day meal plan for muscle gain or weight loss, you won’t be seeing results no matter how much you sweat in the gym.

Choosing a personal trainer or coach who offers a single program

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all workout program. If particular fat burning workouts for men and women work on some people, it doesn’t mean others will benefit from them equally. Each body operates differently. That’s why your fitness journey should be at the hands of experienced specialists. The last you need is a workout program that doesn’t fit your body type, physical shape, and even health condition.

Another disadvantage to universal training is the meal plan that comes with it. You never know how your body will react. That’s why a trainer you hire must tailor propper kcal meal plan Dubai according to you specifically.

Relying solely on certifications

Certifications aren’t the only deciding factor when looking for the right coach. Certainly, the coach has to start from somewhere, which is why lots of certification programs exist nowadays. However, what builds their reputation is experience accompanied by further education. A good trainer or coach is someone who is eager to offer more than a generic set of exercises to lose belly fat you can easily find online. This is why a trainer’s portfolio and client experience matter a lot.

a woman looking for a good personal trainer or coach in Dubai
A good coach or trainer will help you develop a meal plan that supports your fitness goals and gives you more energy for daily activities.

Not paying attention to online presence

Although it seems not so crucial, online presence actually says a lot about any particular coach. If any coach nowadays wants to rise to the top, their Instagram, website, and even YouTube are crucial. A word of mouth isn’t a guarantee that the trainer knows his/her work. Therefore, step back before you hire a coach who claims that social media presence is a waste of time. Why? Because you can’t know for sure if they are really that good at what they’re doing if there aren’t before and after pictures for you to see.

Online presence is also a portfolio that helps you decide whether a coach is worth your time. Any coach that knows proper digital marketing will also specify the kind of services they specialize in. Also, some coaches are strictly vegan and combine a vegan meal plan Dubai with a proper workout regimen. Without a commitment to SEO strategy and online content, trainers wouldn’t be able to target their audience with ease.

Settling for low-priced programs or too expensive

What people also tend to forget is that high prices don’t necessarily mean the high quality of training packages. As a result, they hire a coach without giving it a second thought, which is often more miss than hit. You can get both training and meal plans in Dubai at modest prices if you do a little bit of research.

Training sessions and fitness meal plans Dubai coaches provide don’t have to cost you a fortune. At the same time, surprisingly low-priced programs aren’t likely to bring you the results you want. The reason is simple – low prices equal less commitment to a client. The coach that knows their value will make sure to maintain the quality of exercise and meal plans. So, make sure the price you look for meets the quality required. Investing in your fitness is also investing in your health.

Hire an experienced coach that knows their clients

Once you find a good coach in Dubai UAE, you’ll feel much more at ease and motivated to commit to your fitness goals. The right coach isn’t just someone who knows a variety of exercises and nutrition hacks. He/she is also someone who cares about the clients and knows how to assess everyone’s needs. That’s how those with particular health conditions will also have access to safe workouts and weight loss or gain programs.

two people shaking hands
Hire a trainer you can trust.

The fitness industry has come a long way. Nowadays you can benefit from a variety of programs and meal plan innovations. That being said, the bar for a good coach is set high. When looking for a good personal trainer or coach in Dubai, make sure it’s an educated professional who practices the lifestyle they preach.



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