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Published: May 4, 2020

At this particular time, a lot of people from around the world are feeling the cupped up. However, no one so more than people that are doing regular fitness or sports exercises, or, in this case, practicing MMA. Suddenly, gyms are closed and we are all instructed to keep at home as much as possible. In certain places, even parks are locked up. What are you doing? If you are an MMA practitioner and don’t want to lose out on all the training you could be getting, what can you do? What are the options at your disposal for MMA training at home?

MMA training at home – core workouts

Ok, so first, off, you will probably not be able to have regular exercises with one of your personal fitness trainer in Dubai. That is definitely something you will have to get over by following the regiments they instruct you at your home. That part is pretty straightforward. However, if you don’t have any instructions, it can get confusing as to exactly what fitness exercises you can do at home are the best ones for an MMA practitioner.

MMA training at home - crunches
Core workouts are great for MMA practitioners


If you are focusing on MMA training at home, you need to do the core body exercises. These hold many benefits over whole body workouts for those who are aiming to increase their advantage in MMA. This is because the core body (torso, abdomen, and pelvis) muscles are key to many techniques that are applied in this sport. While whole-body workouts do hold benefits, as they develop all the muscle groups at the same time, most fighters will focus on these core and upper body strength exercises.

Speaking of those, this advice would not be of much use if we didn’t offer any examples. Therefore, you should try three main exercises that you can do at your home (two of which require no equipment what-so-ever).

  • Plank. As we said, abdominal strength is key for your MMA training at home, which is exactly why so much attention should be given to a plank. It is a little basic, sure, but you can always make it harder by reaching out with your right hand, hold it for a few seconds, and then returning to the starting position. Switch hands and repeat.
  • The bicycle crunch. Similar to the crunch, but so much more effective
  • Reverse crunch.  Will engage the lower abdomen and involves movement.

Shadowboxing – among the top exercises MMA training at home

Everybody even remotely interested in boxing Dubai, or any other martial sport for that matter knows that strength is important, but that without a technique to apply well, a stronger fighter can and will lose. While you are at your home, it is (most of the time) easy enough to practice strength exercises. However, the technique is a harder part. Without having partners to practice with or a coach to help you develop and fix any issues you have, you will definitely be losing out on some valuable time. However, this will be even more so if you don’t practice what you already know in any way you can.

Now, don’t go around the house trying to find someone to be a sparring partner. That will not end well, we suppose. However, you can always fight the ever-ready foe – imaginary one.

Stand in front of the mirror. That, and some space around you, is all you need for shadowboxing. Don’t be fooled. Shadowboxing is a great workout, but not an easy one. You will absolutely feel it after some time and might be inclined to push yourself. Don’t. Know when you are done. This is not a practice of strength, but of technique.

You are to imagine that you are in a ring with an opponent. From the moment yous tart shadowboxing, don’t let your guard down. Keep it up and keep the combos coming. When MMA training at home, it is preferable to end with knee strikes and legs, but it depends on your preferred fighting style. Be sure to give great care to your stance and posture. Strike as you mean it!

Jumping rope

Cardio is pretty important. Jumping rope, while simple, is a great and efficient way to exercise coordination, speed, and agility, all of which is a pretty important aspect of martial arts.

You should focus on 1-minute rounds – 1-minute rest in the set of 5 combinations. These should, however, get progressively longer.


a jumping rope
Jumping rope – simple yet effective

The good thing about jumping rope is that everybody knows how to do it, in theory, and that you don’t need some expensive equipment to achieve

Burn out!

While you can do a lot to find the best online workout programs, rare are those which will make for an efficient practice when compared to bag exercises. Now, if you don’t have a punching bag, don’t worry, you can still MMA training at home, however, we are here just to say that you should definitely use it in all the ways you can if you do. In particular, burn out rounds on the bag are a great way to finish up your training for the day.

Stay focused while at home!

Keep in mind that you are not going to be MMA training at home. Soon you will be out there practicing for the Dubai Fighting Championship. Keep your eye on the prize. It is very easy to simply let yourself go when you spend a lot of time indoors.

A healthy diet is key for staying fit

However, just because you don’t have all the circumstances you had before, it does not mean that you should also break discipline on food or drinks. Eating healthy and maintaining your workout schedule is a very important part of your future success. Be sure to keep eating properly while you spend your time at home or you will have to waste a lot of time fixing for things you did now!

In summary – MMA training at home

Stay focused, stay disciplined. That is the crux of the matter when talking about MMA training at home. Your regular training will be back in no time!


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