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Published: May 18, 2020

Is the gym too intense for you? You want to work out and get in shape, but do not want to be locked down doing different exercises, getting equipment, or visiting the gym? Have you thought about taking up Zumba dance? Dance workouts have been shaking up the fitness world for a while – but new dance workouts are popping out all the time. They can be as intense as the regular exercises, helping you burn major calories as well as shape up your muscles. Even better, there are many free tutorials online and they often do not require too much prior experience. Today, we take a look at some of the most popular dances that you too can try at home!

Expand your horizons with Zumba!

Zumba is a newer kind of dance – and is one of the best new dance workouts. What’s more, the dance has an amazing international flair – as you learn your new steps, you can learn about different cultures that the moves come from. But Zumba is not just a dance – many consider it a lifestyle! The presence of it in today’s culture has become quite prevalent, and shaking your body will get you burning calories with ease. Luckily, since the dance has become quite popular, finding Zumba classes in Dubai can be quite easy. All you will need is to just google the nearby instructors, and you will probably come up with quite a few.

Zumba group
Zumba groups have become quite popular.

However, there is one precaution to consider. When looking for an instructor, make sure that they have a license. Only those with licenses can teach Zumba – and you can find them online with ease. The Zumba Instructor Network offers access to the newest Zumba fare – and they will be able to share with you the updated routines, songs, new styles, and much, much more! Just when you consider different specialties – Zumba Toning, Aqua, Step, Sentao to name a few – and you can see just how popular the dance is!

Hip hop makes one of the new dance workouts fun!

If you have ever lived on this planet, then you know what a popular beast hip hop is. And if you ever dared to take at least one hip hop dance class, then you know just how challenging it can be. Some might even call it a great workout – make fitness professionals are swearing that it’s amazing for cardio! It gets your heart pumping, makes you breathe harder, while also helps your thighs, glutes, calves, and all the other muscles you need to shake! And just like Zumba, hip hop also offers an amazing mix of aerobic and anaerobic advantages. However, unlike Zumba, it doesn’t stress your feet and knees as much.

a hip hopper
Try hip hop if you want something fun!

This is why hip hop influenced one of the best new dance workouts around! There are group classes you can look into, and even a female personal trainer Dubai if you prefer dancing alone. This way, you can create a schedule around your other activities, so that your workout plan doesn’t mess with your everyday life. These classes can offer a challenge while also being fun and energetic, and you might even make some great friends! So, if you are a fan of something faster-paced and full of energy, then hip hop is for you!

Reggae is something for those who love exotic dances

The last half of the 20th century brought a huge expansion of different dances – and Reggae is one of them. It is also another one of the amazing new dance workouts that you can try! It became popular in the Caribbean, in the 1960s. Since then, it has been evolving and mixing with other types of music and dance. Today, it is spread all over the world. It also has countless variations – depending on which region you are in. Luckily, it is easy enough to learn, so you can start practicing it today!

The main rule about Reggae is to “feel the beat”. It has a steady, mid-tempo beat, and this is what makes it so easy and nice to learn! You can start practicing the first, important step at home! All you need to do is play some reggae music and try to hear the beat. Try to count along with the flow – one, two, three, four. This way, you will understand the tempo and rhythm easily fast.

a Reggae woman
For some, Reggae is a lifestyle!

Just like with other dances, there are many benefits to dancing Reggae. Again, it raises your heart rate. This will help with heart health, and also boost your circulation. Your brain will produce dopamine, a chemical that stimulates pleasure centers in the brain. Some also claim that participating in Reggae classes can boost your testosterone levels too, which helps you lose weight by dancing and build your muscle mass.

Before you start practicing these new dance workouts

However, before you start exercising at home, there are still some safety notes that we need to address. All of these dances we talked about are good for you and are a great exercise. But making a choice can be tough. Different dances have different styles, and you will want something that fits you. Therefore, we encourage you to search online and find the best dance for yourself.

Then, you will want to make some room in your home. Push away the furniture or just go to your empty exercise room. New dance workouts usually require some space and a good warmup. So, stretch before dancing. Jog on the spot for a couple of minutes – you want your heart rate up before you start. Get your ankles, shoulders, and hip joints moving, since you do not want to hurt them when dancing. Finally, bend your knees in too to get them warmed up. Finally, if you still feel uneasy about trying these at home, then make sure to contact us! We wish you happy dancing!

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