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Published: December 27, 2021

Do you have a feeling that you are working out hard but the results are not satisfying? Maybe you are not eating properly. In fact, you could be lifting all the weights in the world, if you are not backing it up with some quality nutrition, the muscle growth, as well as your overall performance, will not be satisfying.  The food we take is the main fuel that is driving our engines. And the type of food, as well as the time at which we take it, is one of the biggest factors that will determine the success of our workout. Therefore, in the following article, DubaiPT will show you the main nutrition rules that will fuel your workout and help you perform better in the gym.

Eat healthy foods and avoid heavily processed products

General nutrition rules that will fuel your workout, regardless of whether you are a professional bodybuilder or someone who is using the best workout apps is that there are two things that you need to worry about – the type of food you are taking and the time you are taking it. Normally, when it comes to types of food, the main thing is to eat as many whole foods as possible and avoid heavily processed products, fast foods, and sugars. This is the first and most important rule that you need to adopt if you want to have any success with your workout. And it should be enough for anyone who is simply looking for a healthier lifestyle.

healthy food
Avoid processed products and concentrate on fresh and healthy ingredients

When should you be eating and how many meals a day?

When it comes to mealtimes, there are many different studies, types of research, and teachings about it. Experienced athletes and bodybuilders usually like to take at least 5 meals a day. On the other side of the spectrum, there are those that preach autophagy. Autophagy is the process in your body that is beginning to unfold when you are eating only during a short time span during the day. For example, you eat as much as you like during a 4 hour period and you fast the other 20 hours.

This process invites your body cells to enter a cleaning mode. A mode that will clean your body from toxins and other damaged components. Of course, autophagy might sound a little bit extreme. Especially when you pair it with an extensive workout like crossfit training, for example. Because everything we know by now suggests that you cannot workout properly while fasting.

Nevertheless, more and more trainers and professional athletes are adopting this method as they are seeing great results regarding their overall health as well as their gym performance. If you are a beginner though, we suggest that you eat normally and pay attention to a few simple rules. Do not eat when you are close to your workout. Ideally, the time span between your meal and your workout should be somewhere between one and three hours. Also, make sure that you eat a protein-packed meal within an hour from the end of your workout. The studies show this will add necessary building blocks for your muscles as muscle protein synthetic rate is elevated by 50% within a few hours after a workout.

a woman preparing a meal
Choose a meal plan that fits your lifestyle

Examples of nutrition rules that will fuel your workout

Now, when it comes to individual ingredients and meals that you should take during the day, you need to create a plan for yourself. The most common practice is to start your day with oatmeal. Take whole grain oats,  add a tablespoon of cinnamon, a tablespoon of cocoa, mix it up with water or skinned milk and boil it. Add a sliced apple or a banana to the mix with a handful of nuts. And you have a rich meal that will keep you fuelled throughout the day and help you perform better in the gym.

As a snack before lunch, eat a banana or a protein bar, for example. Your lunch needs to include some type of lean meat, vegetables, healthy fats, fibers, and some carbs. For example, grill some chicken breasts, add some brown rice and a salad on the side and you will get all the nutrients necessary for an active athlete. Next, if you feel like you need a snack before dinner, you can eat a handful of nuts. Dinner should be packed with proteins. So eat a can of tuna with some vegetables on the side and you are ready for bed.

a handful of nuts
Take some nuts as a snack between meals

Make sure that you stay hydrated throughout the day

As you can see there are many different nutrition rules that will fuel your workout. It all comes down to whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete. And what nutrition plan suits your lifestyle the most. There is one thing, however, that cannot be disputed in any way. Your body needs to be well hydrated in order to perform properly.  If you do not drink enough water during the day, your gym performance will noticeably decline. So start your day with a large glass of water and maintain your hydration during the day.

Find a good personal trainer and you are good to go

Now that you know the main nutrition rules that will fuel your workout, all you need to do is to find some good affordable personal trainer Dubai has to offer and you are ready to go. Of course, keep in mind that nutrition, as well as workout, is not enough to transform your body on its own. The effort you are investing in your workout should be equally matched on the nutritional side as well. If you want to see maximum results.

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