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Published: February 12, 2021

In this fast pace world, we live in, taking care of one’s health has become one of the hardest things to accomplish. We are in constant search of ways to improve our quality of life, change our eating habits and do more exercise. With technology always going one step ahead, we are now facing the reality of too many choices. So, if you are looking into starting new cardio, weight loss, or muscle gain routine, you are now puzzled by online training vs. personal training. Let us do a quick review of the pros and cons and go through a couple of things you can expect when starting your training program of choice.

Online training – Pros & Cons

With ever-changing technology and the expansion of the internet, even training has become virtual. You don’t have to physically go to a gym or be physically present at your local pilates studio. All the exercises and routines are available with a click of a mouse. You might think you don’t have to do extensive research to find the best personal trainer. All you should do is just browse the most popular rated by other users of the platform, and you are done? It all seems enticing, especially in today’s world when we might not consider going to the gym so much. But is it? Let’s review some benefits of doing online training as well as some negative sides. Hopefully. after reading this you will have a better idea of what to expect and moderate your assumptions.


Online training is available to everyone. If you have internet access on your computer, tablet, phone, or any other device you can gain easy access to different kinds of platforms and apps. You can choose through a wide variety of programs and have a lot of choices. Training at your home or other designated area is an option. You can choose your own pace and make your schedule. Some prefer doing some exercise in the morning, others like to do it after work. Whatever works for you, it is always available and at your disposal. Most of the content in terms of videos and similar materials can be found at no charge or affordable pricing. If you are in search of a weight loss plan and on a tight budget, no surprise if you lean more towards online training vs. personal training. Even if you are a gym regular you can opt for an additional online class.

woman deciding online training vs personal training
You can work at your own schedule, whenever and wherever you like


What is one of the first things that come to mind when thinking about some negative sides of online training? It is not tailored to your specific needs. It is for everyone, but not specifically for you. Also, it may be second rate quality and you might not be aware of it. After all, professional trainers have the know-how and the experience to quickly see and advise the right type of training that will meet your needs. Moreover, if you take some online classes by yourself, there will be no one to check if you are doing things right. This may lead to the possibility of no or little results. Finally, the do-it-yourself training is not suitable for people who generally lack motivation. 

Personal training – Pros & Cons

Whether you are looking to lose some of that Christmas weight or you are trying to do some yoga, finding a personal fitness trainer might be the first step. Not everyone has the right motivation to reach a personal goal. Some of you need that special someone to lead the way. This is where online training vs. personal training is not even a question. But what about those who are just looking for recreational routines and don’t need or want special attention? Let’s see what some positives and negatives are when thinking of personal training.

personal trainer and women
It is reassuring to hear expert advice from a trained professional


This is a great option for individuals who seek expert advice on how to reach certain goals. Whatever the program might be, it will be highly personalized and tailored to a specific age, body type, and program expected outcome. A personal trainer can also come to your home or meet you wherever you feel comfortable training. Most personal trainers will offer the option to schedule an appointment that best fits your busy life. You will receive expert advice and know-how. The results should be better and meet your expectations, at least. If you have a specific goal to reach, personalized training should be your choice. 

a women and a personal trainer doing yoga
Personal training is much more than just exercise, it is all about support


Firstly, there is the price. Most people when thinking of a personal trainer, think it will require spending a lot of money. If you are on a tight budget, exploring other options like group training might sound more reasonable. Even though it might seem difficult to contact a reliable personal trainer, who also has a decent session rate, it is not impossible. Certainly, the price itself does not mean that you found the right trainer. Some trainers may lack in experience or knowledge but have good people skills. You may run into someone who is not specialized in what you are trying to achieve. Ultimately, you must realize that even if you have a personal trainer you will have to exercise by yourself. That is if you want to achieve your goals.

Online training vs. personal training – it is up to you

Whatever option you chose, be sure to drink plenty of water and enjoy your exercise. If you are searching for of a yoga or Zumba program, just for recreational purposes, you can investigate some online training choices. For those of you who are looking to lose weight or perhaps prepare for an upcoming marathon, personal training might just sound right. Be mindful that it all comes down to you. It comes to your personal needs and wants. That is the bottom line.



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