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Kate Nadich

Premium Personal Trainer

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A certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist with over 6 years or active experience. Her passions include health and fitness regimes, with a clear focus on strength training. As a mom and former model, Kate takes great pleasure in helping others transform their body through tailored nutrition plans and unique training programs.

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    Committed to Your Success

    • Strength building expert
    • Certified personal trainer
    • Over 6 years of experience
    • Postnatal recovery programs
    • Weight-loss & nutrition specialist

    Get Healthy. Get In Shape. Get Motivated.

    Strength Training & Muscle Building

    Get stronger and healthier with Kate’s fully customized workout programs. Improve your overall strength and endurance with regular progress tracking, analysis and corrections.

    Nutrition Specialist

    With a nutrition plan tailored to fit your needs and physique, you can be certain that there will not be a lack of results.

    Pregnancy Training & Post Natal Recovery

    As a mom herself, Kate is dedicated to keeping all postpartum moms healthy and happy though unique training programs!

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    Sucess Stories

    "That is until I met..."

    I am a mother just like Kate and I have never felt like anyone understands the struggles one woman goes through after pregnancy. That is until I met this lovely woman. She helped me so much and now I look even better than I did before I gave birth! I would honestly recommend her to anyone who wants to become a better version of themselves.

    Testimonial Image . Fatima AlGhanem

    "I used to be constantly..."

    I used to be constantly anxious and depressed about my body. Only after I talked to Kate did I realize that I did not give my body the exercises it responds to! Now I feel and look much better, all because I finally contacted a professional. She dedicated herself to me and I am so grateful I cannot even express it through words!

    Testimonial Image . Sarah Faramway

    "Kate helped me get..."

    Kate helped me get my previous body back after a sudden weight gain due to an injured knee and surgery a year ago. We started with light fitness exercises because of my physical therapy and continued to build my strength and muscles once I recovered. She also helped me improve my eating habits and thanks to her - today I am healthier than ever!

    Testimonial Image . Mariam Khan