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Published: June 28, 2022

Decades ago, exercise used to be something we did for fun and to feel good. Nowadays, it is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity. We have progressed from an active society to the inactive one. At work, we sit more than stand or walk. At home, we mostly watch TV, play video games, or spend a lot of time driving. Moreover, due to a hectic lifestyle, we don’t have enough time for ourselves and our bodies. Have you ever thought about exercising? The majority of people probably have, but they are constantly torn between private and professional life. We know it is not easy to squeeze everything into one day, but it is high time you changed your routine. A short training is enough to put you back on track. Personal trainers of DubaiPT are there to show you mini workouts for maximum results.

Yoga is the perfect exercise for the body and soul

Yoga has a variety of health and fitness benefits. That is why this age-old practice is becoming increasingly popular around the world. We have all fantasized about unwinding and relaxing, especially after a long day at work. If you add in some relaxing background music, it sounds like ideal escape from everyday stress. Yoga practice can help you achieve this goal. Moreover, yoga is perfect for beginners, and those who are short on their free time. If you have never done yoga before, you may take introductory sessions, and work your way up to being a yogi. Personal trainers in Dubai are among the best yoga trainers in the world.

A woman practising yoga
Practising yoga is great for relieving stress and muscle pain

Dance your way to the perfect body with Zumba

Do you like dancing? Then Zumba classes are perfect short training sessions for toning your body. Forget about the gym, training equipment, and classic workout. Zumba dance can quickly burn between 600 to 1000 calories during a one-hour session. Dance to the rhythm of music, and lose weight at the same time. Moreover, Zumba positively affects your whole metabolism, and improves heart and respiratory system. Working out at a rapid speed might help you quickly increase your endurance. When you are dancing, many parts of your body move at the same time. If you hire personal trainers in Dubai, your Zumba lessons will turn into a big dance party.

Combine boxing and Zumba as mini workouts for maximum results

If you have started Zumba lessons, you can add boxing to your session. Boxing is a terrific full-body workout, whether you want to tone up your body or lose a few pounds. Boxing will help you acquire strength and muscle mass. It is a combat sport, so it might be severe. As a result, with intense training, you can get in shape quickly. Personal trainers in Dubai will teach you how to move your legs, punch, bend, and duck. Boxing-based workouts will teach you more than simply conflict and self-defense. It is a terrific way to lose weight if you treat it like a fat-burning workout.

Get disciplined and start doing karate

This martial art necessitates a high level of focus, patience, and self-confidence. Learning your karate skills, and performing the art of striking takes time. However, you will enjoy this amazing sport with the guidance of a competent personal Dubai trainer. Learning to listen to your body is one of the many benefits of practising karate.

A girl practising karate as a mini workout for maximum results
Karate will have benefits on your overall health. Learn how to respect your body with this martial art

Karate is a perfect activity for losing weight. You can burn plenty of calories in a single session. Learn how to respect yourself and others as you advance in this martial art. One of the healthiest things you can do for yourself is to master your body and mind.

Play football to get some exercise

Everyone loves football. But did you know that football can be a great exercise for your body? One short game with friends will have a positive effect on your body and mind. The most significant benefit of playing football is that it is extremely enjoyable. Furthermore, having fun makes it much easier to adapt and overcome problems. You can boost your everyday routine with a personal trainer, and focus on increasing your general fitness. Our trainers at DubaiPT will assist you in staying on track so that you can achieve your objectives as quickly as possible.

Last but not least, pay special attention to your diet

All the activities we mentioned above must go hand in hand with a specially designed diet. As the modern era has come, it brought along many chronic diseases, never before known to humans. The food we eat greatly affects our health and overall body performance. When you start exercising, your personal trainer will offer a dietary plan that you need to stick to. There is a variety of meal plans, and they are all unique. However, there are some general criteria that should be followed for each meal. Our experts are well-versed in the dietary restrictions and recommendations for each nutrient, and they will build your plan accordingly. Our objective in customizing your meal plan isn’t merely to help you lose weight and gain muscle mass. Personal trainers in Dubai create nutritious meal plans that you can use daily, because you are what you eat.

Healthy food
Adopt a proper diet and watch as your overall health and body mass are improving

Show your new perfect body in Dubai

You worked hard with your personal trainer from Dubai, so now it’s time to show off. There are plenty of beautiful places in Dubai where you can spend time. With your new toned body, you can have confidence and spend a lot of time at the beach. Apart from the most popular tourist attraction  Burj Khalifa and shopping complexes that include massive aquariums and indoor ski slopes, Dubai residents like to enjoy outdoor activities. Gazing at panoramic views, urban shopping, and dining destinations are only a few things you can do. Take a stroll through the Al Fahidi neighborhood to enjoy the ancient Dubai, then take a traditional dhow to see how much more there is to this city than its glossy interior.

Final thoughts

Keeping in shape is not easy. Whether you want to lose belly fat, and merely to be fit, you have to work hard and stick to the routine. If you think this is difficult, try some of the mini workouts for maximum results from our list. Consult your personal trainer from Dubai to suggest a nice activity for you. Whether it is a severe boxing, fun Zumba, or enjoyable football, the results will start to dwindle. Above all, do not rush the procedure. Getting in shape takes time. Always remember that it is preferable to be safe and slow, rather than fast and dangerous.



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