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Published: June 6, 2019

If you are looking for a way to shave off that extra belly fat and tone up your body, you’ve probably heard about pilates. It’s one of those exercises that everyone recommends. But you don’t see the true benefits until you try it. Doing pilates for toning your body is a fun and interesting way of getting into shape. And there are many other benefits to it as well. From mental health benefits to pain relief. So, looking up pilates classes in Dubai can be a great first step in making your body look great. And feeling a lot better about yourself.

Find the right kind of pilates for toning your body

Pilates is a great exercise for toning your body quickly. But, there are many kinds of pilates for toning your body that you can do. And you need to find the right kind for you. The most common type of pilates that you will hear about is mat-based pilates. It incorporates a wide set of movements that mostly focus on your core and back support muscles. And a good thing about it is that it only requires a mat. No other equipment needed. Of course, having some of the best personal trainers in Dubai will help you tremendously. They can help you improve your exercises and make the whole process quicker and easier. But, even when you are not at the gym, you can continue working out on your own, at home.

a girl using Pilates for toning your body
For Pilates, you only need a mat!

Some other forms of pilates include Stott Pilates and Reformer Pilates. They use machines and equipment that is not so common. But, there are many gyms in UAE that have them and provide interesting classes. Although, you are most likely going to have to find a pilates studio.

Every type of pilates is good for toning your body

All of these types of pilates have their strengths. And their weaknesses. But when talking about pilates for toning your body, no one can say that one is better than the other. They all target the whole body and achieve similar results. It’s up to you to choose the form that suits you the best. Maybe you have a Pilates studio right across the street. Or maybe you value the ability to continue working out at home. When you feel like it. It’s all about your personal preferences.

young women doing pilates
When it comes to Pilates, you can do it alone home or with a personal trainer or with a group – it is up to you

Don’t hesitate to start Pilates

Choosing what kind of pilates for toning your body you are comfortable is just the first step. And not all that important. What’s important is not to way too long to start. Many people hesitate to start because they are not comfortable with their bodies. But, that’s exactly the point. You want to start with exercises to tone your body. It’s ok if you have extra weight. Or if you don’t know how to do exercises correctly. That’s what Dubai fitness trainers are for. To teach you and to guide you through your exercises. He or she will teach you the right moves and techniques. And make sure that you get the most out of your exercises.

You need to keep up with pilates classes

If you want to do Pilates for toning your body, you need to stick with your decision. It’s important to keep up with the exercises. You should do pilates at least three times a week. And in order to see the proper results, you should stick with it for a minimum of 6 to 7 weeks. And then, when you start noticing the difference, you won’t need to push yourself anymore.

calendar page
It is important to create a schedule and keep up with it

Pilates alone is not enough to tone your body

Starting any exercises is an amazing first step in toning your body and making yourself healthier. But, even though there are many benefits to Pilates, it’s not always enough. You can’t expect any single exercise to do wonders. You have to put in some work if you want to look your best. And keep up with the exercises.

Mix pilates with other exercises

There are many ways in which you can mix various exercises together with pilates for toning your body. If you are an outdoor person, running can be a great way to break up the routine and put in some more work. You can also hit the gym and do some of the many exercises that your personal trainer can teach you. Or, if you want to keep up with something slower, you can hire a private yoga instructor Dubai. It’s a great way of supplementing your pilates workouts. There are also many benefits to yoga that many people overlook.

Your diet is also important for toning your body

While exercises can get you half of the way there, the other half has much to do with your diet. You are what you eat. And you need to find the right balance between exercises and diet to achieve the best results. Only then can you expect great results and a toned body.

healthy saldas wthat will help you with Pilates for toning your body
Diet and healthy food is an important part of any exercise!

There are many benefits of pilates aside from toning your body

Pilates involves a wide range of movements and exercises that have many benefits. Aside from your body, there are also many other health benefits to pilates. It improves your flexibility and relieves back pain. It’s also a great way of maintaining mental health. You will also feel much more confident and more pleased with yourself.

You need to keep up with pilates even after toning your body

One last piece of advice that you need to hear is that you need to keep up with exercises. Even after you’ve gotten your body into a desirable shape. In order to stay fit and healthy, you should continue with workouts designed for a toned body. It can be pilates or one of many other exercises. And while you won’t be on a strict diet, you still need to stay away from unhealthy food.

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