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In this day and age, it’s not easy balancing work and exercise. The more work we have, the less time we leave for our exercise routine. It seems that it’s the first thing to go when our schedule gets too busy. With thousands of tasks to do during the week, how are we to find the time to work out? But don’t despair. There are many ways you can learn to fit your workout routine into your daily schedule without it being too demanding. After all, there are many time management hacks that can help you with this task. If you want to plan your day to include workouts into your busy schedule, we’re here to help! Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Plan your day in advance – make a schedule

Do this every week. The best way is actually to write it down and try to stick to it. We’re more likely to follow a schedule when it’s written down. In case you often have unexpected tasks, try to account for that, as well. For instance, if you write down going to the gym on Wednesday, but something pops up, you can then go on Thursday. While it is necessary to try to stick to the schedule, it is also important to be flexible. However, always remember what your goal is – to make time for exercise with a busy schedule.

A planner on a table
It is best to make a schedule and include your workout

Sometimes people have trouble sticking to their weekly schedule. If you think this will be more beneficial for you, try to make a daily schedule. You don’t need more than ten minutes a day. You can plan your day in the evening. Think about what you’ll need to do the following day and write it down. Think about how much time each task will require.

Schedule an appointment with a trainer

Sometimes we tend to brush off exercising like it’s nothing important. However, your health should be important to you. You will have less of a chance of ditching exercise if you choose a trainer and make an appointment. After all, then you will have to consider the trainer’s time, as well. If they make time in their busy schedule for you, then you will surely be able to do the same! Choose a fitness instructor Dubai, schedule a session and work from there! The advantage is that they are usually flexible enough to create a schedule to fit your busy day. You will be able to plan your day much more efficiently and you will be more likely to actually fulfill your commitment.

Choose workouts that you actually like

You’re less likely to do things you don’t enjoy, right? As with most things in life, there are certain exercises that we like more and that we like less. So, if you want to increase the odds of actually exercising on a daily basis, this is the right way to start. This comes down to creating a balance between choosing the types of exercise you need and want. For a successful workout routine, it is best to actually intersperse the workouts you love with the ones you don’t like that much but are effective. Some people like to jog, while others would not do that ever. If you’re not sure what you like and what you don’t, experiment! When you find what you like best, then try to plan your day together with your workout routine.

Woman jumping on beach, smiling
It is best to do the types of exercise that you enjoy

Set up a home gym

If you don’t have the time to actually go to the gym, it is also good to set up one at home. That way, you’re more likely to exercise. After all, what’s stopping you when your equipment is right next to your bedroom? If you want to save yourself the hassle of going to the gym, this is the best option. You don’t even need that much gym equipment. You can get second-hand equipment online, and get it delivered to your doorstep. It will be much easier to plan your day when you have a personal gym at your feet. As we have mentioned before, do the workouts that you will like the most. That means, don’t buy a treadmill if you hate running. Buy something that you will enjoy.

Exercise in the morning

If you work out in the morning, there’s less chance of something getting in the way of that. During the day, we are faced with many unforeseeable problems. Those problems can really get in the way of your plans. That is why plenty of people decide to exercise first thing in the morning. If you want to plan your day to include exercise, one of the best ways is to start with it. There are also many benefits to morning exercises. They will make you feel more alert and less stressed. Also, that will be one task that you can take off your list first thing in the morning. You will definitely feel much better after that!

Field of wheat with the rising sun
You will feel much better when you exercise in the morning

Try to do at least something every day

Yes, the most efficient way of exercising is for a somewhat longer period of time. However, if you’re unable to do that, ten minutes of workouts a day work. Even seven minutes. What is important is to be regular. You need to make a habit out of exercising. If you build a routine of even brief exercises, it will be easier later on to increase the time you take for them. Everyone has a spare ten minutes. You can take a ten-minute break and do squats or stretches. It will make you feel better and decrease the tension built up from your busy day.

Or, for instance, try to introduce some exercise in your day in “sneaky ways.” Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. If you can, go on foot to the store instead of by car. Or, you can multitask. If you need to do research, use audio books. Do squats while you’re waiting for your chicken to be cooked. Stretch while preparing for bed. These are all movements for which your body will be grateful to you.

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