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Published: March 22, 2022

We all know how important exercising is – it is great for our heart and blood pressure. You may decide to walk or hit the gym in order to burn some calories. But is it enough? When it comes to physical improvement, building muscles is usually a top priority among people. Muscle growth takes a lot of time, and you have to be committed to this process long-term. You might think that this process requires a lot of sacrifices, especially if you are a beginner. But what if we tell you that you can gain your muscle mass without any struggle?  DubaiPT has your back! We have prepared 10 useful tips for building muscles in a healthy way, including what and how to eat. Join us in your new next adventure!

Don’t skip breakfast and try to eat every three hours

The two most important things that we have to mention are eating regularly and having a strong breakfast. Skipping breakfast is the worst thing you can do to your body if you want to stay healthy. Having a strong breakfast such as omelettes, cottage cheese, or smoothies will give you an instant burst of energy. It will additionally help you stay full until your next meal which should be in three hours. If you need creative ideas, you can always refer to the monthly meal plan Dubai nutritionists prepared for you. Following this regime, you will establish a healthy routine and you will never feel hungry again.

A healthy food on the table
Eating healthy doesn’t always mean that you need to give up your favorite snacks.

Include protein in your diet

Great, you already have your muscle gain diet plan 7 days. Now let’ stalk about the things you really need for building muscles in a healthy way. You need protein, and to achieve this you should include it with your every meal, depending on your weight. An average estimate is that you should eat at least 200g of protein daily if you weigh 90kg. These include:

  • Fish: tuna, sardines, and salmon,
  • Poultry: duck meat, turkey and chicken,
  • Eggs, dairy, and lots of vegan choices (tofu, lentils, and nuts).

Drink water to prevent hunger and dehydration

Increasing daily water intake is crucial for weight loss, but also for building muscles in a healthy way. Drinking water will prevent you from feeling hungry and dehydrated. Without enough water, your muscles will not get the appropriate amount of electrolytes. Soon you will see results in weakening your control and strength. On top of that, drinking water is essential in speeding up the recovery time and feeling sore after an intense workout removing toxins from your body.

A woman exercising for building muscles in a healthy way
A well-established routine and persistence are essential for building muscles in a healthy way.

Include supplements in your diet for muscle gain

Although it is not required, using supplements for building muscles can be beneficial. Simply mix whey with your favorite smoothie or make a delicious pudding. In order for your muscles to develop in your sleep, you can include casein protein in your diet. As well as taking creatine can help you draw more nutrients and water into your muscles. A combined diet is crucial for promoting muscle growth and your overall results.

Only your post-workout meal should include carbs

Carbs are important for energy but many of us don’t know that we eat much more than we actually need it. Make sure to limit your carb intake to after your workout. There are so many vegan options you can explore following the vegan meal plan Dubai. Your meals should always include fruits and vegetables since they contain the carbohydrates you need. You can combine them with rice, pasta, quinoa, and potatoes, but avoid white carbs.

Remember, quality over quantity

Moderation is one of the crucial aspects of a healthy lifestyle, and controlling your portions will help you enjoy the meals you love. Make sure to get enough healthy fats that your body needs. Our body sometimes releases hormones that require fatty acids, and that is totally normal. Some fatty acids that are unsaturated and that you can consume can be found in plant oils, avocado, or walnuts. Talk to your nutritionist if you do not know how to properly organize your diet.

A man exercising with weights
Make sure to intake enough water during the day especially if you are exercising.

Give your body some time to recover and rest

Besides healthy food and a well-established routine, sleep is an important factor of muscle mass building. You need to allow your body to recover and give it time – this is where sleep comes in. When sleeping, your body is in a regenerative state and makes sure that you perform at your best. Giving yourself enough rest and sleep will reduce the possibility of injuries when working out. This is why creating a weekly schedule helps out so you have time to rest and organize your day in advance.

Try to resist those night cravings and traps

A well-planned diet for building muscles includes the intake of daily required calories. Sometimes we get those night cravings that usually we can’t control. Don’t let them get to you and eat something whenever you feel hungry. Get a protein shake or a smoothie that will calm your hunger and also promote the growth of your muscles. Don’t overwhelm yourself and control every single thing that you eat.

Try to challenge yourself as much as you can

Exercising at the same time of the day is wonderful. It will give you a sense of routine and you will not be feeling like you don’t want to do it. Your body will quickly adapt to this routine. However, make sure to add different exercises and movements. Try to challenge your body as much as you can in order for it to work harder and improve. Once a week include exercising in the evening for a change. For building muscles in a healthy way is possible you have to be persistent and make sure to follow our tips.


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