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Published: August 1, 2020

These days it seems like everyone is working out. Everybody is talking about a healthy lifestyle, healthy food, different types of exercise. But nobody talks about pre and post-workout skincare and why it is important. Women are used to caring about their skin. They know what products to use when to use them, and understand why. Most men, on the other hand, do not pay special attention to the skin. And they are not really aware of the importance of proper skincare. Still men and women equally have trouble with understanding how to treat your skin when exercising. That is why Dubai Personal Trainers decided to prepare this small guide to teach you how to take care of your skin before and after the workout.

It is very important to take care of your skin before and after a workout

If you are working out you probably lead a healthy lifestyle. You are probably paying attention to what you are eating, when you are sleeping, maybe you take supplements. But are you taking care of your skin as well? Let’s be honest, most people do not take proper care of their skin. And we are not talking only about people who work out.  It is a general problem. But since our skin can be under a lot of stress before, during, and after the workout, proper skincare is more important to address.

Droplets of sweat on the skin
It is very important to take care of your skin

There are a lot of things that can cause skin problems during a workout

Working out can put your skin under a lot of stress. If you are working out outside, you have to watch out for sunburns. When you are at the gym, germs are lurking around every corner. If you are taking boxing classes Dubai for ladies, you know that your skin will be under a lot of stress. Even when you are at your home, you still have to make sure that your skin is well protected. The sweat, dirt, bacteria, sun, can cause acne, breakout, and all sorts of different problems. If you do not want any of that pay attention to how you treat your skin.

Pre-workout skincare

Before you start working out you need to prepare your skin. Of course, the first thing is to clean up. If you are wearing make-up, remove it. Some experts say that you can do your exercise even with make-up on. But do not take any risks of clogging your pores. Also, some make-up is not sweat resistant. So you can have real trouble. Therefore remove the make-up and clean up your face. Of course, men do not have to bother with removing make-up but they should still wash their faces before the exercise. If you will be working out, put on the sunscreen lotion with at least SPF 30. If you want to get a beach body, you need to pay attention to your skin.

Hit the showers after you finish exercising

When we talk about post-workout skincare, things are going to be more complicated. Of course, after a workout first task is to take a shower. It is the best way to remove sweat and oil that built up during the exercise. Also, it will remove all germs and bacteria that you picked up from the gym equipment and other surfaces. The bad smell that we think is sweat is actually coming from bacteria that grow in it. After a good shower, all those bacteria will be gone and you will once again start emitting a nice smell.

Water coming out of the shower
Take a shower after a workout

Pre and post-workout skincare: Avoid hot showers as it can dry your skin out

When you hit the showers, try to avoid hot water, Even though it can sometimes feel great, especially in the winter, hot water can dry your skin out. As you probably know dry skin can become itchy can break more easily. That is how bacteria can get in and you can develop some serious skin problems. That is why it is better to avoid really hot showers and wash with lukewarm water.

Use body wipes if you cannot take a shower

If you do not have an opportunity to hit the showers after a workout, you should still do everything you can to clean up. Naturally, nothing can replace a good shower. But if you know that you will not have an opportunity to properly wash up after a workout, you can use body wipes to clean the sweat. Of course, make sure that you use skin-friendly wipes. You can use them to clean your face, chest, under armpits, and everywhere you can reach.

Prepare clean clothes that you will wear after your workout

Clothes can also be a big source of bacteria. How much did you sweat during the walk to the gym? Do not wear that same clothes after the workout and after you shower. Of course, to be able to wear clean clothes after a workout you have to think in advance. This means that you have to prepare this before you hit the gym. So instead of carrying only clothes for exercise, prepare a set of clean clothes that you will wear afterward. Also, after you finish your workout make sure that you take off your sweaty clothes as soon as you can because it can be full of different bacteria.

Sport bag on the floor
Pack your gym bag with another set of clean clothes

Prepare at least three towels for the gym

Also when you are preparing your gym bag, make sure that you prepare at least three clean towels. You might use one to cover the benches and other equipment that you share with other bodybuilders. The second one you will use to wipe the sweat of your face. And you will need one for after the shower.

Pre and post-workout skincare is important

As you can see, pre and post-workout skincare is a simple but important thing. Hopefully, now you understand its importance and you will do your best to care about your skin in the future.

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