Pregnancy stretches: For Back, Hips, and Legs

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Published: August 20, 2019

Pregnancy is truly a magical time in a woman’s life. But it’s also the time when your body will go through great changes which are bound to be the cause of many aches and pains. Besides providing some much-needed relief from all the soreness, pregnancy stretches can also help you relax and prepare for labor. It’s a known fact that yoga is one of the best activities for pregnant women to partake in because stretching is at the very core of it. Whether you decide to work with a yoga instructor Dubai or strike poses on your own at home, you just have to be careful and remind yourself that you are pregnant. This isn’t the time for any strenuous activities – this is the time for complete and total relaxation!

A pregnant woman in a maroon dress.
Experience all the joys of pregnancy by getting rid of all the issues that accompany it.

Pregnancy stretches for back

These stretches aim at alleviating your upper and lower back pain while also helping you relax your entire body and mind. If you prefer, you can find a freelance personal trainer Dubai based for showing you the right technique and posture for each one of these exercises. However, they are so simple that we have no doubt you’ll intuitively know what to do as soon as you try them out.


If you have ever attended at least one yoga class, you are pretty much already familiar with the cat-cow pose. You’ll be able to find it in yoga 101 books because it’s simple enough for anyone to do it, and it brings good and immediate results. All you have to do is start on all fours, drop your belly as you inhale while letting your back arch, and then rounding your back while you exhale. You can repeat for 5 to more than 55 times – as long as you feel comfortable.

Child’s pose

If you have been having some lower back problems and you find it difficult to solve them because you are already 8 months pregnant, this pose will be a godsend. Child’s pose also stretches your hips, pelvis, and thighs, which is the reason why people of all fitness levels can benefit from it. Once again, you’ll begin on all fours and have your knees placed directly under your hips. Feel your spine grow longer as you inhale, and take your glutes to your heels as you exhale. Lower your head while tucking in your chin to your chest, and let your forehead rest on the mat. Outstretch your arms and hold this pose for as long as it feels good. You can’t overdo it.

A woman on a yoga mat in nature.
Let all the back problems be a thing of the past with these stretches that are so perfect for pregnant ladies.

Pregnancy stretches for hips

It’s important to mention that you’ll really want to focus on doing hip stretches during pregnancy and not just for the fact that they’ll help you experience all the mental health benefits of exercise. They’ll also work on preparing you for labor which is something you’ll be grateful for when the time comes.


The mechanism behind this exercise couldn’t be simpler. You start by laying flat on the ground and then continue on by gently lifting your hips off the ground while you inhale and rolling your spine back onto the ground as you exhale. However, you should be careful while performing this exercise. You should avoid any big backbends during your pregnancy and the bridge exercise could be one if not performed carefully. It would be best to consult with your doctor whether this exercise will be safe for you.


Lunges are by far known as one of the best leg definition exercises – that’s undisputable. But they are also a great exercise if you want to stretch (and affect) your hips, hamstrings, and glutes. But the lunge you should do in the final stages of pregnancy differs from the ones you’ll do when you want to tone your legs and glutes. Begin by kneeling on the ground and then step one foot forward so that your knee and hip are at 90-degree angles. While you exhale, lean forward and put all your weight on the front leg. Rotate your hip forward and feel that stretch. For best results, hold the position for at least 30 seconds.

A woman in a lunge position - one of the best pregnancy stretches.
Feel all the soreness leaving your legs by taking up lunges.

Pregnancy stretches for legs

Improving your motility should be something you work on throughout your life. During pregnancy, hamstrings can often get tight which leads to a lot of pain in the legs. And that’s where stretches come in.

Forward fold

With virtually no equipment and no space needed, the forward fold is an exercise you can do in the office, home, park – pretty much everywhere. All you have to do is start by standing with feet hip-width apart. Then lean forward with a flat back and lower your hands toward the floor. Don’t push yourself too hard! Your hands don’t have to touch the floor and they probably won’t if you are over 5 months pregnant. Let them reach as far as they can and enjoy that good stretch.

Dos and don’ts of stretching out during pregnancy

  • Do only those exercises that feel good. Don’t push your body into any stretch that doesn’t sit well with you.
  • Do try to be as active as you can but don’t over-exert yourself. You’ll have to keep reminding yourself that you are pregnant and that you are responsible for one other person.
  • Finally, do consult with a doctor about any potential risks your pregnancy may carry and act accordingly. Certain conditions may forbid you to bend forward or to lie flat on your back for prolonged periods of time.

If done right, pregnancy stretches are completely safe and 100% beneficial. They will allow you to feel better and help you carry out the pregnancy with ease. Well, as easy as one pregnancy can be.

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