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Published: August 31, 2020

The fitness industry is evolving more rapidly than it ever has before. It’s good news for everyone invested in the personal training business since the industry’s boom leaves this job market awash with personal trainer jobs in Dubai. The headache is, however, that people are bombarded with options. So, the question that arises is, where does that leave you? How do you stand out from the sea of other local personal trainers? Well, we can comfortably say that good marketing is the chief driver of any business’s success today. It’s more than just catchy jingles! So, are you investing in a new personal training business? Or, are you expanding an existing one? Whatever the case, here, we come up with some smart strategies for promoting your personal training business in Dubai!

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Promoting your personal training business the right way is the route to success.

Before you start promoting your personal training business, identify your target audience

There is a big market for personal trainers in the UAE. But, to become a personal trainer in UAE and build your personal training business via marketing, you will first need to know where to direct your marketing efforts. Once you find out, you will be able to prioritize your resources accordingly in order to portray your product as the perfect solution to their problems.

Promoting your personal training business to the right audience.
It’s best to start investing in one specific market.

Striving to serve every possible niche is a recipe for failure. However, this doesn’t mean you should rush into one, either. Work with various types of clients in your first year. Then figure out who you gravitate forward and sharpen your focus on them. Whether it will be stay-at-home moms, those with obesity, working professionals, or baby boomers – it’s your choice. The bottom line is: by defining your target market, you will avoid wasting time and money by marketing your product to everyone.

Of course, keep in mind that you don’t have to stop with one. However, make sure to avoid moving on to a different niche until you’ve mastered the one at hand.

Communicate with your target group

Don’t expect people to line up as soon as you announce you want to work with them. By getting to know your target audience, immersing in their world, you will be able to identify their pain points and needs. You can do this by, for instance, hosting a gathering for your target market. Listen to them, ask about their frustrations and challenges. Then inquire about their goals. After you get a glimpse of reality, be sure that you will most probably have to refine your original vision to match it.

Also, there are some apps for personal trainers to use. So, if some decide to sign up, assure them that they will be in good hands from the beginning of their journey until the end. Via these apps, staying in contact with you, and tracking success is made easy.

Kill two birds with one stone – Tips for building up your level of credibility and promoting your personal training business

As Keith Weed said, “A brand without trust is just a product, and advertising without trust is just noise.” Your clients are smart enough to know everyone can promise the world to them, but those who actually deliver are rare. It’s not enough to offer free or discounted mini-sessions or trial periods. Validate your business and get their trust before your clients even get in touch.

Show that you care about your clients – virtual marketing helps

Put your effort into creating informative and useful content for your website, social media, or YouTube platform. It should deal with topics specifically related to your market’s struggles and the solutions your service provides. Quality information will not only help you get new personal training clients, or gain more followers but also show that you care about your clients becoming a better version of themselves.

Inspiring posts and quotes will do a great job of motivating your followers to listen to your advice. But they are only the tip of your content’s iceberg. You’ll need to include actual advice. For example, you can share healthy meal recipes, diet and nutrition advice, tips that fit your training program, and workout routines. Maybe you can investigate and try some myths, and either approve or debunk them. Or maybe you can talk about some secrets you’ve revealed during your career.

Promoting your personal training business via online marketing.
Virtual marketing is the best when it comes to promoting your personal training business and gaining trust.

Try building a YouTube library

Videos are one of the most engaging and effective kinds of posts. They show you go above and beyond to help people who follow you. They have the opportunity to see you, hear you, and get a glimpse of how knowledgable and motivating you are, and all for free. Therefore, start uploading videos of helpful tips, exercises, workouts, techniques or drills on your new YouTube channel. Then, take one step further for expanding your personal training market by sharing those demo videos on your social media accounts and webpage.

Back up your claims

Your content should be full of personal and client stories, case studies, and videos that show the real results of your products and how you approach your work. You should include several techniques for promoting your personal training business, and make sure they display real and convincing proof:

  • Case studies. It’s a technique for showing proof that tells your client’s story about their journey and great results from your service.
  • Testimonials. Ask your clients to write about their experience and explain why they support you. Written statements coming directly from satisfied clients are the perfect tool for promoting your personal training business.
  • Visual proof. Before-and-after photos of your clients receive a lot of attention from prospects. Use charts, screenshots of text messages with happy clients, and any other visuals that prove the effectiveness of your service.

Get your name out

Are you just moving to Dubai as a personal trainer? If you are starting from scratch, then you need to get your name out there! What could you do? Let’s see!

  • Praise from a highly credible media outlet. Whether it’s a magazine or newspaper, make sure that it’s a source people know, like, and respect.
  • Guest posting. Writing one or multiple articles for someone else’s website or blog is a great way to connect with a new audience.
  • Direct mailing. Avoid sending out printed labels, as people often tend to ignore them. Instead, ask one of your existing clients to share his/her story. Then, form it into a letter and have someone self-address each one.
  • Cross-marketing. Find other local businesses, a coffee shop or a hair salon, and partner up. Ask them if you can leave promotional flyers or business cards, and agree with them on doing something similar to yourself.

You can also try hosting a challenge, offer a free mini-session, teach group training classes, offer an affiliate program, etc. These are all great for promoting your personal training business. Connecting with your local community and meeting people face to face all help with building your brand awareness in Dubai.

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