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Published: September 28, 2020

New technologies have always been seeping into the fitness world. Whether it was the new ways we see our body and thus adjust our regimes or the new equipment we use – we keep changing and developing the fitness world more and more each day. However, nowadays, seems that this technology is readily available to everyone. It can be tough to pick the best workout apps when there are so many, for example. And the trends keep coming and going so fast that it can get difficult to follow. One of them seems to stay, though. These are fitness bands. They seem to help with everything from your health to your nutrition. Are they really that useful? Can they shake up your fitness regime? In this article, we take a look at the most important pros and cons of fitness bands.

They are great at counting your steps

How many steps do you take each day? This seems to be one of the most popular questions for people getting into fitness – as well as a thing many freelance personal trainer Dubai will ask you when first setting up a meeting. The reason for this is simple. The number of steps you take each day can be a great example of just how sedentary (or not) your lifestyle is.

a person walking
Just think about how often you stroll out of your home. Is it enough – or could you be walking more?

Most people will not spend too much time being active. We spend our free time sitting, reading, watching TV, games, etc. Then, we go to work and sit by desks and computers doing our jobs. What’s more, the COVID-19 crisis has pushed the workforce into homes, to spend their time without any commute at all. Before, it used to be that you would at least walk a little while going to work. Nowadays, we spend it all in the sitting position.

And this is where fitness bands can come into play. They can fairly precisely measure the number of steps you make – even when just taking a trip to the restroom. This can be a great reality check. When you compare the distance that you actually walk to the one you need to cross to stay fit, you can get a pretty nasty surprise. The pro here, then, comes from fitness bands being a great eye-opener.

One of the best pros and cons of fitness bands is that they will open your eyes

It might be quite obvious why this is a clear advantage of fitness bands. Once you see just how (in)active you are being, you will start working out. You can use your brand as a great encouragement tool for being physically active. Similarly, they will help you start thinking about what you are eating, and counting all the calories you take.

a hamburger
Do you know how many calories you take each day? Fitness bands can offer great insight into this piece of data.

This way, you will be working out more, and you will explore just how fast food affects your health. However, this can come as a double-edged sword. Discovering your numbers for the first time can come as quite a shock. You might be confused or you can start panicking. With so many people dealing with anxiety this year, this can feel like adding salt to the wound.

What’s more, fitness bands can open your eyes and prompt you to work out – this is true. However, there are those who can take this very, very seriously. What you need to remember is that fitness bands cannot replace professional personal trainers. If you want to start working out regularly, as well as get in shape, you will need to call a professional personal trainer in Dubai. Otherwise, you can do a lot of harm to yourself with bad diets and exercises. What’s more, not being careful with how you exercise can lead to injury, which is something you will always want to avoid.

The fitness bands aren’t perfect

And even if wearing a fitness band will not cause you to panic, there are some downsides to fitness bands that you should still address. First is the biggest argument in the pros and cons of fitness bands debate – they can seem quite obsolete. You already know what food you should eat and what you should avoid. You might have a local gym nearby with the routines already set up for you. What’s more, you can track your own sleep – and you feel when your body needs more. So why should you spend a couple of hundred dollars for a little appliance to tell you this?

a fitness band
Why should you let a tiny appliance dictate the way you live your life? Can it really know better than you what’s good for your body?

What’s more, there can be a lot of mistakes with fitness bands programming. For example, some apps cannot precisely calculate the calories you are taking and the calories you are burning. Because of this, they cannot properly calculate your basal metabolic rate – or BMR. All sorts of things go into this calculation – from your age, weight, and height to how much energy you are spending. However, a lot of fitness bands forget about hormonal disorders, genetics, any medications you might be taking, your fitness history, etc. Because of this, fitness bands can make a 200 calorie mistakes in their calculations – which is not insignificant.

The final “nail in the coffin” of the pros and cons of fitness bands debate is that not all trackers are precise. Different trackers can sometimes show different readings. This can be a huge disadvantage for those really serious about fitness. However, if you can use it in a smart way, these can be a great accessory. Just explore all options before buying one.

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