Rear Deltoid Workout for Beginners- Cable, Dumbbell & Bodyweight

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Published: October 6, 2022

Exercising has become an important aspect of everyone’s life. People choose many different types of workouts, based on their interests and physical condition. If you are a beginner in the fitness world, you may have trouble choosing the correct rear deltoid workouts. Affordable personal trainers Dubai recommends can help you gain muscle mass, and improve your posture and quality of life. Whether you are a beginner or a skilled athlete, there are useful exercises using cable, dumbbell, and bodyweight. If you are interested in trying wide grip movements, there is a very good rear deltoid workout suggestion for beginners in this article. Don’t hesitate to start exercising today by choosing some of the best trainers the Dubai area offers.

Why is rear deltoid workout important?

Most people do exercises for rear deltoid through series of workouts. If you are a beginner, you may need a proper assistance to start correctly. Women usually hire a female physical trainer, while men often start on their own, but seek assistance later to increase the speed and tempo of their workout. Rear deltoid workout is very good for improving physical condition, quality muscle mass, shoulder function, and pressing performance. You can ask your trainer to include rear delts exercises in the program you are using, or create a special workout routine that relies solely on rear deltoid workout.

A woman doing sit ups on a yoga mat
Working out has become an important part of everyone’s life. Rear deltoid workout for beginners can be fun if you have a proper assistance

Try bent over dumbbell reverse fly

This exercise is performed by positioning your face on an inclined bench. Your body should be parallel to the floor, which may cause back pain. Back pain exercises will be important in this case. If you want to successfully do this exercise, you need two dumbbells, one in each hand. Pay attention that your back is flat, and your chest is up. The right position is very important in this exercise, if you want to perform it successfully. Lift the dumbbells as high as you can, then lower them with a short break between the sessions. This will help you strengthen your body and improve your rear deltoid very quickly.

Dumbbell upright row is another rear deltoid workout for beginners

Another effective exercise that builds muscle mass is done with dumbbells and in a standing position. It should be moderate and light and not fierce and uncontrolled. You need two dumbbells, and you start by standing upright. Lift the dumbbells and move them to the front of your body, until you feel that you start having pain in your elbows. Remember, moderate exercising is important when you do dumbbell upright row. Moreover, it would be better if you ask your trainer to create a 7-meal plan for muscle gain, that you will use along with this exercise, as it can be tricky to do it if you don’t pay attention to the body mass.

A woman and a man holding dumbbells to do rear deltoid workout for beginners
Dumbbells are very effective when it comes to exercising. They are suitable for beginners and skilled athletes

If you like dumbbells, you can try seated bent-over dumbbell raise

Whether you do cross fit training or any other sports and activities, dumbbells have the best effect on your rear deltoid. For this exercise, you need two dumbbells, but make sure they are not too heavy. As you need to move your arms to the side, heavy dumbbells will make it hard for beginners to do it right. This exercise is done when you raise the dumbbells straight out of your body. Make sure you don’t move the dumbbells too far away, as the focus is not on rear delts then, but on traps and rhomboids.

Cable reverse fly is a very good way to improve rear delts for beginners

If you want to successfully train the rear delts, you can do an exercise with a cable system. This exercise is good for beginners who like cardio exercises. Grab the handles of a cable system, with your arms crossed in the starting position, and grab a left handle with the right hand and vice versa. You may want to repeat this exercise in a lively manner, until you start feeling tired. Remember, you are a beginner, and you don’t need to force yourself to do it many times. Moderate exercising will have plenty of benefits for your rear deltoid.

Try cable face pull as another exercise with a cable system

Even though it is a part of a cable system exercise, this one is usually done with a rope. You need a pulley set that you put at chest height. You can find a fitness instructor Dubai promotes to help you with this exercise if you are a beginner. Having a proper assistance will reduce the risk of making a mistake. After you grab the rope with each hand, pull it closer to your face. You can stay in this position as much as you can, making sure your shoulders are not rounded forward. Moreover, do the exercise slowly, and don’t pull too hard, as you still haven’t built an exercising routine.

A man wearing red shirt exercising with a cable
Cable is a popular workout for the whole body, and it will improve your posture

If you like cable face pull, you will like bent-over rear delt cable raise

This exercise is similar to the previous one. However, if you are a beginner, and you only did yoga classes with the yoga instructor Dubai promotes for you, maybe this exercise is a hard nut to crack. Therefore, don’t do it without the proper assistance. When you do this exercise, don’t use the handle. You only need to move your shoulder and repeat it until you don’t feel pain in your upper body. This workout is perfect for improving your rear deltoid posture, but also for correcting muscle imbalance.

Bodyweight exercises are perfect for building a proper rear deltoid posture

If you don’t want to use equipment for exercising, you can find some great bodyweight exercises, such as plank-ups. This exercise is good for rear deltoid, but it’s also an amazing core training. Moreover, it is a very popular fat loss workout. To do this exercise, you need to assume a plank position on the ground, but make sure your back is completely straight. Rely on your forearms and elbows, and move your body up and down until you almost reach the ground. Repeat as many times as possible, and watch how your rear deltoid and your whole body is getting a perfect shape.

Air divers is another bodyweight exercise for beginners

Another exercise that doesn’t require any machine or weights is air divers. It is a perfect exercise for beginners who want to improve their rear deltoid posture. Moreover, it can be a great introduction into your pilates classes in Dubai, as it serves as a perfect exercising warm-up. All you need to do is assume a standing position, and bring your arms straight out in front of you. Next, bend your arms and bring your elbows as far back as possible. The exercise will maintain core and tightness in your rear delts, and can be repeated many times.

An elderly man exercising on a mat
It is never too late to start a simple exercise at home. Working out should become our routine no matter the age

All the exercises that rely on bodyweight should go together with fitness meal plans Dubai trainers create. Before you decide which bodyweight exercise is good for your rear deltoid, you should consult your trainer to suggest a diet that goes with it. After that, you can do a bridge push-up. Lie down on the ground and bend your knees. Then, place your hands closer to ears, and push hips up until you form a bridge shape. Beginners will feel comfortable if they use a ball to support their back during the exercise. Moreover, this exercise will improve your flexibility in many areas of exercising.

Rear deltoid workout for beginners doesn’t require expensive equipment

Unless you decide to go to the gym, working out at home is very affordable. Rear deltoid workout for beginners does not require a lot of equipment. If you want, you can buy a yoga mat, two dumbbells, barbells, and a simple rope that you can attach to something in your home. However, if you want to have a professional training, it is better to go to the gym and hire a personal trainer to work with you. There are very good trainers in the Dubai area who are ready to assist you and create a good working plan for you. It is important to keep a routine once you start exercising.

Final words

It is not easy to exercise when you are a beginner. You need all the assistance you can get and a good meal plan. If you wish to improve your rear deltoid posture and work more on your muscle balance, you can hire a cheap personal trainer Dubai area recommends. Moreover, you can work with your trainer to create a good meal plan and get advice on some basic steps. Working out doesn’t need to be so hard if you follow the advice and do your best to succeed. You can try a rear deltoid workout for beginners, and after some time, you will have a new body shape. Good exercise will put a big smile on your face.


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