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Published: April 18, 2020

There are many reasons why yoga is helpful. It can help with muscle elasticity, but it also a great way to relax. However, you might not be able to meet with a yoga instructor Dubai these days. Maybe you are in self-quarantine, or you just have other plans. If this is the case, then consider setting up your own home yoga studio! Luckily, this isn’t as difficult as it might sound. All you need is some thorough planning, motivation, and our step to step guide! So without further ado, let’s begin!

Decluttering is a must for a home yoga studio

One of the first things you should do when you start creating your yoga studio is to declutter. Just like when moving, you will want to remove all “obstacles” and items that just do not belong there. Like with every home workout, you do not want to be bumping into things or having to jump over them. Instead, get a couple of sturdy moving boxes, pack everything up, and get rid of it. Either look for storage somewhere, sell these items, or donate them away.

a woman in a home yoga studio
Keep your studio simple and clean.

You will want to keep only things that have their function – or their beauty. Yoga often requires minimalism, but you will also want to design the room to be calming as well. So, some design elements, like plants or fountains, will remain in your studio even after decluttering. The point of this exercise, though, is to remove all excess. When renovating, you want a blank canvas, and this is what you will get after you are done. Only then can you start planning different colors and furniture items.

Colors should calm you

After you have an empty canvas, it’s time to put some color onto it. This is again an important step – even when we do not realize this, the colors of our walls influence our mood. Bright ones will make you feel energetic, while green is often calming. So which colors should you pick?

Well, usually, you will want to go for muted and cool tones – or for warm whites. Both of these “types” of colors push the attention to somewhere else, instead of grabbing it. This is exactly what you want from a home yoga studio – a place where you can relax and focus inwards – instead of out.

Another thing to take note of, especially when talking about pregnancy yoga Dubai, is to make sure you are using non-toxic paint. Remember, yoga is supposed to heal you both mentally and physically. You will not achieve its full potential if you are using something that is not good for the environment. Instead, by using eco-friendly colors, you will feel good, both from exercises and from a good deed every time you workout in your studio.

Use the lighting to set up the right mood

When remodeling a room, many people underestimate the power of good lighting. There is so much you can do with it – from creating illusions of depth to controlling the focus of the room. Similarly to color, you can also use lighting to set up the right mood in the room. And when you are working out during self-quarantine, you will want a relaxing mood in your home yoga studio.

a yoga studio
The lighting and mirrors can change your home yoga studio.

So, when it comes to what light fixtures you should use, then go for dimmer switches on overhead lights. This way, you can control the light intensity and raise it up or down as needed. This will help you reduce bright light if you need to meditate or turn it up when you need to see around the room.

The second thing to consider is the lamps. If you are able to, then get those with a 3-way switch. Again, you will be able to control how much lighting you are getting out of them. Finally, if you have windows, then add lightweight cotton drapes. They will filter just enough sunlight, but also offer you a lot of privacy. What’s more, they will add a certain softness to the room that you will appreciate.

Adding accessories to your home yoga studio

After you get rid of all the clutter, paint the walls and install the lighting fixtures, it’s time to add furniture and accessories into your yoga studio. As you might imagine, when it comes to bigger pieces, there isn’t much you need there. You will, of course, need a yoga mat, but a meditation chair is also something you can consider. Then, you might need some pillows and a stereo if you are listening to instructions, or a TV set if you are watching video instructions.

However, to keep away from distractions, we encourage you not to do this. Instead, contact our professional personal trainers in Dubai for some amazing yoga exercises we can share! And keeping with the minimalism, you might want to reintroduce some clutter item into the room. However, make sure they either have a function or are esthetically pleasing to you.

yoga accessories
Make sure to keep your accessories minimalist, too.

So, you might want to add candles into your room, or similar incense items. An aromatherapy spray is also something you can consider, and can often make you feel like you are welcome in the studio. Adding a small shelf for all of these is also great, and you can keep even flowers or smaller statues there too.

 Think about the storage

Finally, you will want to find a storage place to put everything else – like your yoga pants, mats, props or blankets. There are many solutions you can try, and we encourage you to think outside of the box. You might run into an antique trunk or chest that will fit right into your interior design.

Flea markets and thrift shops are the best for this. More so, you might run into an interesting sculpture or wall art that you can also use. Creating a focal point like this will refocus your home yoga studio, while still keeping it simple and elegant.

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