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Published: January 23, 2023

Working with people and helping them achieve their goals is one of the many pleasures of being a personal trainer. Seeing someone becoming the healthiest, strongest, and happiest version of themselves genuinely makes being a personal trainer fulfilling. However, when a person comes to you, it’s not simply a matter of making a meal plan and a workout routine for them. It is so much more. Therefore, according to the advice of the best DubaiPT Personal Trainers, the key to being a successful trainer is knowing how to speak to personal training clients. So, if you wish to know some tips and tricks the best personal trainers use, you might be interested in reading this article to the end.

Speak to personal training clients with compassion and understanding

One of the first things you need to know is that you are not just their personal trainer when you coach a person. You are there to help them reach a specific fitness goal, but above all, you should be their number one supporter and fan and a person they can trust. If your client doesn’t have confidence in you, it will lead to many conflicts and misunderstandings. This is why a personal trainer should always be compassionate and understanding. Many people have similar fitness goals. They want to lose weight, gain muscle or maintain physical health. However, every person is unique; and they should be approached as such.

a personal trainer and her client stretching on the floor
If you wish to be a successful personal trainer, the key is to learn how to speak to personal training clients with understanding and compassion.

As a personal trainer, you must evaluate and learn how to approach people in a way that will be comfortable for them. The best way to do this is to simply let them talk. Ask them to tell you more about themselves, what are their goals and desires, and meet them halfway. Explain to them everything about the process the two of you will undergo together. Cover all the essential elements of fitness and meal plans in Dubai, and keep in mind that this person in front of you doesn’t know what you know. Therefore, explain it to them as thoroughly as you can. Once a person knows what to expect, they will be more relaxed and will eagerly follow your tips.

What you should tell your personal training clients

Keep in mind that in the era of social media, many people will come to you filled with misinformation about fitness and health. Many of them will ask for the best exercises for weight loss, referring only to the particular area of their body or believing that they have to drastically slash calories to lose weight. It is your job as a personal trainer to uncover the truth. This is why it is crucial to have a long conversation with a new client. Nevertheless, there are some things that you should definitely not forget to explain. Ensure that you, above all else, cover the following topics:

  • How weight loss works
  • How muscle building works
  • The role of nutrition in fitness
a personal trainer learning how to speak to personal training clients while working with a pregnant woman
Each client is unique and has different needs. So ensure to have a conversation with them to learn what they want to achieve.

Explaining how weight loss works

Although there are many excellent workouts to lose belly fat, it’s crucial to let your client know that this alone cannot be enough to lose overall excessive weight. Make sure to tell them that you cannot spot-reduce weight. Meaning you can’t choose where your body loses weight first. Many people don’t know this and think it’s possible to reduce fat only in certain areas while keeping it intact in others.

Teaching clients about the process of building muscle

You must state that building muscle isn’t an overnight process. Due to social media, many believe that they can achieve a specific type of physique without putting in the necessary work, dedication, and time. Let them know that this is something that involves implementing many different exercises and proper nutrition.

For instance, if a female client wishes to sculpt their arms, they will need to do various arm workouts for women, not only one. Moreover, there are other exercises that don’t target arms specifically but do engage arm muscles and participate in building them. However, without a proper meal plan and dedication, it will hardly work.

Furthermore, be sure they understand that they cannot start lifting enormous amounts of weight after just a few gym sessions. It is a process that takes time, and being rash only results in injuries. If anything, your clients need to understand that pushing themselves too hard can have the opposite effect. As usual, slow and steady wins the race.

Conveying the importance of nutrition in fitness

Lastly, when talking to a personal training client, stress that achieving any fitness goal won’t happen without proper nutrition. Tell them that if they want to build muscle, they will need to be on a gym diet plan for muscle gain. The same goes for the goal of losing weight. Furthermore, don’t forget to mention that the number of calories isn’t the only important thing. They will need to pay attention to the quality of their food if they wish to reach their fitness goals.

a bowl of oatmeal and fruit
Don’t forget to explain the importance of eating healthily when working out.

Final words

Hopefully, you will implement our advice about how to speak to personal training clients. Remember that a kind word goes a long way. Ensure your client feels that they can trust you and that you are there to support them. Also, it’s okay to get tired on the way to achieving fitness goals, but it’s never okay to quit. Be their supporter and number one fan. Teach them about the relationship between fitness and healthy food, and debunk all the fitness myths that social media is full of.

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