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Published: December 13, 2019

There are many workouts to boost your heart rate and keep you fit while engaging all your muscle groups. But there is no better cardio workout than spinning. The best way to describe spinning is an energetic, cycling class, which delivers a full-body workout. It is full of changing intervals, descents and climbs, all aimed at your quads, glutes and the heart. All with the goal of giving you an intense cardio and fat burning workout. The classes usually last around 45 minutes and in that time, you will burn around 500 to 700 calories, depending on your strength and body weight. If you are new to this, there are a few spinning tips for beginners. You will definitely feel the burn from it due to how intense it is. However, if you are short on time and want a good and efficient workout, spinning is the class for you.

gym instructor giving spinning tips for beginners
Just because you are new to spinning doesn’t mean you should be afraid of it, you control the ride.

A brief summary of spinning tips for beginners

Just because you are a beginner, that does not mean you should be afraid or give up on spinning. It is among the best fat burning workouts for men, and it would really be a shame if you missed it. Once you get in the seat, it is your exercise and nothing can stop you. Ignore everything and push yourself. You control the bike tension which means you control the flow of the workout. In case you are still worried, before we go into detail, here are some of the important spinning tips for beginners in a nutshell:

  • Bring a water bottle and a towel – Trust us, you will need both. It is a very high-energy workout, and staying hydrated is important.
  • Get there early – Make sure you arrive a bit before the class starts, and introduce yourself to the instructor. Let the trainer know that you are new to the world of spinning so they can help you if needed.
  • Avoid baggy clothes – Bike pedals simply love to chew up any loose clothing they manage to catch. Avoid embarrassment by wearing something form-fitting.
  • Remember the rule of three – Your behind might be sore after the first session. However, after the third ride, you will adjust and get hooked. Wearing padded shorts isn’t a bad idea for the first few runs.
  • Write down the bike settings for optimal use – Do this after you find the position that suits you. There are many things to tweak on a bike, and if you write down what works for you, it will be easy to set it up.

Spinning tips for beginners – Setting up your bike

While exercising, you need to keep the correct form for many reasons. It will prevent any injuries, and it will engage all the important muscles at an optimum level. When setting up your bike, make sure that the seat is at the height level of your hips. When it comes to handlebars, keep in mind they are only for comfort, not for leaning on. Without leaning, your core is being used properly to keep balance. However, if you are a beginner, or have any problems with your back, we suggest you raise the handlebars a little bit higher. To reach the best setup, we recommend talking to your fitness instructor Dubai about your posture and body shape.

a row of women on exercise bikes
A properly set up bike is key to good posture and muscle work

In order to make sure you have a good and comfortable distance between the handlebars and the seat, start pedaling slowly. When you hit the bottom of the pedal rotation, your heel should drop directly below your knee. Also, your knee should have around a five-degree bend to it. If you want to get it right from the get-go, ask the instructor to show you how to calibrate the bike. After you’re all set up, write down the preferred seat and handle positions for next time.

Dress right and you’re halfway there

The better you dress for the task at hand, the more motivated you will be. So, dress your best and hit the gym. But what exactly is the best? For practical matters, we recommend fitted clothing. Indoor cycling pants and a tank top should do you just fine. You should look for something that is comfortable to wear and allows good movement. Spinning requires a lot of movement so you will need something you are comfortable in.

woman in gym clothes holding a blue mat
Light clothing that fits against the body is optimal for a spinning workout

Baggy clothes are not the best since they can easily get stuck in the moving parts of the bicycle, and that is something you really need to avoid. As far as footwear goes, most gyms provide special cycling shoes that can actually clip into the pedals to make everything secure. In case you have long hair, wear it in a bun and keep it pulled away from your face and eyes. You will be sweating a lot, so a sweatband is advised as well.

What about eating?

How you prepare for the class directly reflects how successful you will be once there. This is one of the common mistakes and first spinning tips for beginners. It is important to keep a healthy diet, along with exercise. There should be a gap of a few hours between your meal and the class. Of course, do not overeat, but do not starve yourself either. Eating too much or right before the session might leave you feeling nauseated, and that is not good. You can have a light, energy-packed snack before training, for example, a banana. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, after, and during the session. The gym is probably air-conditioned but there will be a lot of people and you will sweat profusely, so stay hydrated.

When can you expect the results to show?

Generally speaking, the results should show rather fast, compared to other workouts. There are active runners who tried spinning and claimed that, after hours invested in running, they did not receive results like these. For beginners, it is advised to start with two classes every week, and increasing it to three after getting comfortable with the bike and getting used to the strain. After a few weeks of up to 4 weekly classes, you will begin to notice visible results. So, grab your towel and water, arm yourself with these spinning tips for beginners and a positive attitude, and hit the gym. Happy spinning!

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