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Published: August 16, 2022

We immediately think about hitting the gym when we talk about working out and exercising. A lot of people have limited access to gyms and don’t have so many possibilities to work out with someone. However, this should not discourage you if you are one of them. There are numerous options to work out and stay in shape outdoors in Dubai. It is a safe option and much suitable due to the airflow. During the pandemics, we have learned to distance ourselves socially. Moreover, you can do all these workout circuits without any equipment. All these following workouts are provided by our best fitness instructor Dubai. You can invite your friend or partner and give yourself additional motivation and support. These safe, socially distanced outdoor workout circuits in Dubai will allow you to stay in shape and feel energized. So, let’s get started and find your best routine.

Is circuit workout training right for you?

What is important to know is that everyone can see benefits from a circuit workout. It doesn’t matter if you are working out on your own or following a personal trainer. Even if your only workout is Zumba classes, you can still change your routine. There are numerous opportunities to modify exercises and adjust the number of repetitions. Moreover, if you wish to enjoy the outdoors, then these workouts are perfect for you. After all, including circuit workouts in your routine will make it more convenient and easier for you to work out. You can combine them with your everyday to-do tasks and you will always have time for them. There is no excuse for working out and shaping your body as you have always wanted. All you have to do is think about why you want to start one and choose your best training.

A woman working out at home
Working out is essential for toning your body as well as creating a healthy routine.

Do you need any outdoor circuit training equipment?

One of the best things about safe, socially distanced outdoor workout circuits in Dubai is that you don’t need equipment. You can get quite creative and use whatever you have that can be of use. You don’t need professional gym exercise equipment to work out. For example, if you decide to go to the nearest park and work out, look for a picnic table. This way you can use it as a handy step, or a bench as well. Moreover, if you are working out in your backyard or garden, you can make your own weight or jump rope. Whatever you want to use is up to you and how you organize your sessions. We will help you out and give some useful recommendations. You can do that as much as you can and whenever you want. They are all suited for outdoors working out at any time.

There are numerous types of circuit workout training that you can try outside

Since there are so many options regarding circuit workout training, we will narrow them down. You can choose one depending on your age, fitness level, and abilities. Of course, adapt them to your abilities and change the number of repetitions if needed. Some of them that every personal trainer recommends are:

  • strength training through body-weight and free-weight exercises;
  • cardio training is achieved by jumping, and running exercises;
  • strength and cardio combined training targeting the entire body quickly.

Whatever you decide, go slow and don’t push so you avoid injuries. Working out outside is a wonderful opportunity for an easy workout while getting some fresh air. If you have any injuries or medical issues, make sure to consult with your physician first. Moreover, ask for advice from a personal trainer that can help you.

A place with gym equipment
You can work out daily without professional gym equipment.

How to create the best outdoor circuit workout training?

You don’t need to be a professional trainer in order to create a workout for yourself. The more you experiment, the better you will improve and gain more knowledge. Just as you plan your keto meal plans, you need to plan your training sessions. In order to create a personalized one for you, choose the best timing. Every exercise will last for about 30 seconds, followed by small breaks. Plan a lot of rest time in the beginning and then reduce it over time. Choose exercises whether you want to focus on cardio or strength. Determine what part of the body you want to target and plan your exercises around it. Set a number of rounds and repetitions so you can easily get motivated to finish each circuit workout. If you cannot make it until the end, that is fine. You will compensate it next time when you gather strength.

Parking lots have many benefits when it comes to workout circuits

If you want a way to perform cardio exercises outside, then parking lots are perfect. When there are no cars coming in and out, parking lots have many advantages. The flat surface and free open space are ideal for a circuit workout. You don’t need any equipment except a towel that you can carry in a backpack. While your partner is buying groceries, you can start with the workout. You should run down 15 parking lots and back and repeat two times. Next, side shuffles down 10 parking spots and back. Spice it up with 3 slow-motion push-ups and 15 sit-ups. Use a towel to protect your hands from the concrete and in no time you will complete this workout. Find a parking lot near your home and no one will bother you during this time.

A man running outside as part of the safe, socially distanced outdoor workout circuits in Dubai
There are many safe, socially distanced outdoor workout circuits in Dubai you can do alone.

Use your driveway as a place for a workout and combine it with your favorite sport

Driveaways can be ideal for circuit workouts nowadays. You can perform similar exercises as ones you would do in a parking lot. If you don’t want to attend a gym CrossFit training, then you can do the following. One of the best safe, socially distanced outdoor workout circuits in Dubai will last only 20 minutes. You should try to jog backward four times down the driveway. Combine it with a 40-second plank hold. Next, try to do 2 repetitions of lunges as well as 30 air squats. Finish it up with 5 burpees and 10 flutter kicks. You can always combine a workout with basketball and hang a hoop on the garage door or a wall. You don’t need to have a lot of equipment to stay in shape and transform your body. Use your creativity to organize the space around your house for training.

Try a fantastic park bench workout with different varieties

Every fat loss workout is difficult, especially if you are a beginner. If you are struggling with where to exercise outside, head to the nearest park. It is quite refreshing to exercise outside instead of in a closed space like the gym. Parks offer great options to work out and you can even include benches, walking routes, or playground equipment. If you are a beginner, you can try tricep dips with a bench nearby. Add push-ups by placing your hands on the bench or on the ground. For advanced ones, we recommend a series of burpee box jumps, lunges, and calf raises while using a bench for stability. There are so many variations with a bench in a park, so make good use of it and add variations to your workouts whenever needed.

Two women working out in a park
Parks are ideal places for you and your friend to work out together and stay in shape.

A great morning workout in a nearby playground

Yes, playgrounds are for children! But that doesn’t mean that adults cannot use them for working out and achieving their goals. Moreover, if you combine your workout with fitness meal plans Dubai, then you are succeeding. While your kids are playing on a seesaw, you can perform the following circuit workout. Start with a quick run-through using bridges, stairs, crawl throughs. Swings can be ideal for push-ups as well as for obliques. If you want to add any strength movements, then run a few laps around the playground. Playground barriers are always present and you can use them or burpees. You can have many different variations depending on available equipment at the moment.

Gain muscles with a bodyweight workout in the park

Start gaining muscles with a 7-day meal plan for muscle gain and a well-composed circuit workout. You can do it in the nearby public park or in your backyard. The key to this training is that you should take very small breaks, ideally no breaks. Start with 3×10 pull-ups with a 15-second rest between sets. Next are jump ropes for 2-3 minutes as perfect cardio training. You should be able to do 4 sets of 12 dips with a break between each set. For the end, combine 2 minutes of mountain climbers as well as 3 minutes of push-ups. You will move your body and feel energized after finishing this workout session. Without breaks, your heart will pump and you will feel like you’ve done wonders. Make sure to allow your body time to recover properly.

A woman showing her muscles
It is possible to gain muscles with great cardio outdoor workouts.

Riding a bike outdoors can reduce stress and improve your mood

There is nothing that can compare to riding a bike outdoors. If you ask any affordable personal trainer Dubai has, they will recommend you this activity. Cycling can minimize your stress, improve your mental well-being and help you tone your body. One of the best safe, socially distanced outdoor workout circuits in Dubai is cycling. You can plan a mile-long routine and escape from everything and everyone. Start with cycling at a very easy pace for 5-10 minutes. The next 10-15 minutes should be all about moderate cycling. When choosing a route, choose one with a hill and ride up as fast as you can. Slow down for a minute or two and increase intensity. Don’t push yourself and always finish a ride at a slow pace.

Stairs can be your best friend in burning calories and toning your body

Since the pandemic started, many public places are closed, meaning more free areas outside for working out. If you want to find an interesting and easy workout exercise, especially for your back, consider running. There are numerous back pain exercises that you can do at home, complimented with a nice run. For beginners, we recommend using start for a nice warm-up workout that can burn calories as well. You can use school stairs near your home, or those of your house as well. Start with a 5 minute warm-up of walking up and down the stairs. Then, increase the tempo and try to run at least for 10 minutes back and forth. Be careful not to injure yourself, especially your feet. After the run, stretch for a few minutes and walk around.

Running is an amazing workout for burning calories and shaping your body.
Join with a partner or start solo running to move your body and tone it.

A quick cardio circuit workout for warmer days in Dubai

You can add any kind of exercise to a cardio circuit workout. Especially when working outside, you can modify it as you wish. This is great training for your lower body, as well as to keep your heart pumping on these warm days. Since you will be doing it outside, you will need a picnic blanket to rest after and a place with even ground. Every cheap personal trainer Dubai will recommend the following exercises:

  • high knees exercises,
  • bear crawl,
  • split lunge jump, and
  • frogger for your legs.

Make sure to perform each exercise for at least 40 seconds. Add breaks of 20 seconds after each move to breathe and rest your body. Make sure to have a lot of water by your side. If you follow this workout every other day, increase the time of each exercise and add more intensity.

Increase body strength and resistance with a swimming pool workout

As days get hotter, there is nothing better than cooling down in a swimming pool. You can ask your female physical trainer for some swimming pool workout exercises. There are plenty of exercises that you can try while in the pool. This is a great way to switch up your routine and spend some alone time. Make sure to adjust the repetitions according to your body type and abilities. Start with 15 repetitions of water angel wings where water will provide needed resistance. Next, add more fun while working out with 15 repetitions of side kicks for each side. Underwater kicks and leaps are great for beginners as they can use the side of the pool for support. Everyone can do this even if you are not a great swimmer.

A man swimming in the swimming pool
Start your day with great exercises in the swimming pool that will ease back pain.

Leg and glutes sand workout is the best thing you need in the summer

Did you know that exercising on sand can cause fewer injuries and reduce post-workout soreness? This is why many yoga instructor Dubai has to recommend their students to work out at the beach. Sand circuit workouts are amazing for everyone who is prone to injuries while working out. Moreover, if you want some alone time, this is a place for you. What you should do is start running for 5 minutes along the beach and start with the following exercises. Every fitness instructor will recommend 30 seconds of burpees followed by 30 seconds of high-knees. Add 30 seconds of squats to engage your lower body. Repeat each exercise 2 times and take a rest for a few minutes. Try to do as much as you can and add varieties if needed. Soon you will find more strength to add intensity.

Try a leg workout that targets every women’s trouble area – thighs

There are so many workouts for a toned body that you can try out. However, every woman is looking for an easy way to tone their thighs. This area is hard to treat but definitely not impossible. Following the right healthy eating plan and cardio exercises, you can say goodbye to this trouble. If you have a resistance band then this is going to be even easier. Start with 45 seconds of squat side kicks followed by 45 seconds of clamshell exercise. Lunges are one of the most effective workouts for burning thigh fat. Include them in your training as well as squats and jump squats. All exercises should last at least 45 seconds and try 2-3 sets if possible. If it burns, that means you are doing the right thing, so continue.

A woman working out with a roller as part of outdoor workout circuits in Dubai
Toning your body can be quite challenging for women, but not impossible.

Outdoor high-intensity circuit workout on a sports field

This circuit workout is perfect if you have access to any basketball or soccer field near your home. You can perform each of these exercises along the lines painted on the field as a guide. You may repeat these exercises as much as you want or need. Like any other high-intensity workout session, this one includes cardio and requires no equipment. Start with 5-10 minutes of dynamic exercises (jumping jacks, leg swings, etc). Then, perform 30 seconds of side shuffles as well as 30 seconds of walking plank. Next, 30 seconds of bear crawls as well as standing toe taps. Needless to say to repeat on each side. 5-10 minutes of cooling down are essential to recovering. That can be walking around the field or stretching out to cool down your body.

Take your flexibility workout outside with these beneficial exercises

Circuit workout training is not only for gaining muscles or losing weight. Improving flexibility is essential for everyone and every training. You will need about 20-30 minutes for flexibility training and you can do it anywhere outside. If you have a yoga or a picnic mat, even better. You can take your workout for a nice picnic day. Firstly, warm up by walking or jogging for a few minutes. Then, perform a full circuit workout with exercises such as bridge pose, butterfly stretch, leg stretch, etc. Try to hold each stretch for about 30-45 seconds and move to the next one. We have to mention that it is crucial to move your body after finishing to cool down. Try to use the entire 20 minutes and repeat these exercises with small breaks in between.

A woman stretching and doing yoga in the park as one of outdoor workout circuits in Dubai
Stretching out is an important part of your workout routine to improve flexibility.

Improve your speed and skill with this circuit training

The key to every training and workout session is speed and endurance. In order to develop speed for every sport of training, you need to practice. The best way to start and finish this workout is to run several sprints in a row for about 10-50 yards. Of course, you may adapt it depending on your abilities and level. You can start by doing 10 sprints and the rest in between. Side throws with a ball towards a wall are great and you do them even in front of your house. Be careful in case you suffer from any pain or injury. The last and not the least is the effective speed exercise – jumping rope. Every single jump is key to improving the speed of your legs. Moreover, it is beneficial in improving flexibility as well. You can always add side shuffles and side throws.

Benefits of circuit workout training for everyone

All of the above-mentioned safe, socially distanced outdoor workout circuits in Dubai are amazing. But why are they better than simply going to the gym and continuing with your old routine? With every circuit training that you perform, you actually perform a number of repetitions for each exercise. Moreover, you will gain:

  • muscular and overall endurance,
  • strength as well as muscle growth,
  • calorie and weight loss,
  • better flexibility and overall mood.

Additionally, this is a great way to start working out if you are not sure how. It will raise your heart level and keep it high while working out. It will target all the muscles in your body and with the right combination, you will see results quickly.


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