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Published: June 25, 2019

Traveling and staying in shape don’t come effortlessly to everyone. Sightseeing and eating usually go hand in hand. Are you one of those people that use a vacation to relax and over-indulge but then come home feeling guilty? Or you are a full-time traveler which makes things even more complicated? Our goal is to raise awareness that a vacation can be a great opportunity to prioritize your health. With fewer pressures and a free schedule, why not take full advantage of some of the best workout apps? Getting fit in beautiful surroundings will have you returning home feeling refreshed and revitalized. You can learn how to keep your health in check while on the go. What a great tool to know! We are sharing some of our easy top tips on how to exercise while traveling to fully take advantage of your adventure.

Sneakers and two sport bottles
Stay hydrated. You need 3-4 liters of water every day. Drinking a lot of water prevents overeating because dehydration is often mistaken for hunger.

Staying in shape while traveling

Most people will say that they don’t really want to spend the precious time they could spend on the beach during some rigorous exercises. Most of you don’t even think about working out while traveling the world, so our freelance personal trainer Dubai would help you maximize output while minimizing input. With his or her help you could do a full body workout in just ten minutes. Extremely effective exercises focussing squats, deadlifts, lunges, bench presses can be very beneficial in a quick burst workout. When you engage different muscle groups in one session means you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

This style also means you can get away with training less frequently than when you train specific muscle groups individually. You can train 2-3 times a week while traveling as opposed to 5-6. You will have more than enough time to enjoy yourself. The only downside to this type of workout is that it requires access to a gym. But since nowadays most gyms offer day or week passes, you can easily exercise while traveling. Even if you have a tight budget, gym passes are often free of charge if you ask nicely!

Another great training style perfect if you want to exercise while traveling is HIIT

High-intensity interval training, otherwise known as HIIT is ideal for raising your heart rate, melting some fat and leaving you feeling like you did a great job. HIIT is one of the best exercises to lose weight because it involves quick bursts of working out. You have to give maximal effort, there are no cutting corners here. It will be sweaty, it will be hard and you’ll want to stop. You will have only short periods to recover. An example would be 30 seconds training, 30 seconds pausing and you go for 20 rounds. Exercises such as burpees, push-ups, and sprints will push you to your limits.

It’s so intense, that your body will need up to 48 hours to recuperate. Consequently, you will burn through calories at an elevated rate long after you have finished exercising. So when you’re drinking an ice-cold sugary beverage on the beach, you won’t feel guilty.


Cold lemonade gives you the energy to exercise while traveling
Be aware of liquid calories. Yes, alcohol is very heavy on calories. Try to choose a lighter option like spirits, water, soda, etc.

Another benefit is that HIIT doesn’t take too much time

The example HIIT workout we have given above would only take 20 minutes. What’s more, it doesn’t require any equipment. All you need is determination, perseverance and hard work! Wherever you are in the world, you can squeeze in a quick workout in your hotel room, on a beach or at the park. When you find yourself with a few minutes to spare, start squatting! For those extra motivated to exercise while traveling, a resistant band is a small and light piece of equipment that is easy to take with you. They will push the intensity of your workouts and give you a variety of new exercises.

Staying active while traveling

If your idea of a vacation doesn’t include a high-intensity workout, there are still plenty of other things to do to stay fit. Just keep moving and stay active. Even though a holiday is a time to be lazy, exercising while vacationing is amazingly beneficial to your body. We promise you’ll remember that holiday more intensely for a long time!

  1. Exploring new surroundings is the perfect opportunity for being active. Go on a walk to bask in the views or hike and take amazing photographs. Play Frisbee on the beach or enjoy water sports. Try to use stairs instead of the elevator.
  2. If you are near the water, usually there are plenty of activities to try. Surfing, kayaking, yoga, beach volleyball, snorkeling… But you can also try rock climbing, tennis
  3. Even if you only have just half an hour a day, it will be extremely useful for your routine. Getting your endorphins flowing and your heart pumping will raise your energy levels, and just make you feel good.
  4. Staying active will be easy if you get addicted to the good mood that exercising gets you in. Take advantage of the pools in your area, because swimming is a full body workout!

Watch your diet while being away from home

Diet and nutrition will have a major impact on your weight management regimen. However, food is one of the most important parts of traveling. You won’t be able to resist the local cuisines, and you shouldn’t! But sampling every type of street food, and ordering that extra cocktail will derail you from your body goals. So it’s important to find a way to balance between trying to exercise while traveling with indulgences. Here are our tricks for maintaining the delicious balance between gourmet foods and complete self-control!

If you love dining out and trying the local cuisine, split the meal in half with someone so you can still get a taster without overindulging.

Prepare your own food if you can’t always exercise while traveling

Cook your own food by taking advantage of your AirBnb’s or hostel’s kitchen. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! This helps you save a few bucks and control your calorie intake. Porridge is a cheap, quick and fiber-rich breakfast you can quickly make wherever you are. Packing a bag of oats with you shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Porridge is a great meal that gives you the energy to exercise while traveling. When you eat a good breakfast, it means you’re less likely to stop and buy some snacks, which usually have processed sugar. Stock up on fruits instead and head out for a new day of adventures!

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