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Published: March 16, 2022

If you are among those who suffer from diabetes, one of the best things you can do is start moving. Not only for your blood sugar but also for your cardiovascular health. Staying active and having physical activity, in general, makes it easier for your blood sugar to get into muscles and use it for energy. Your muscles will get sensitive to insulin and you will reduce your insulin resistance. Exercising regularly will help you manage your anxiety, stress, and improve your quality of sleep. As a result, you will feel easier to make food choices since you will be rest and calm. To help you in this journey, DubaiPT has prepared some useful exercises for diabetes. Let’s change your body from the inside and help you out to feel better and more satisfied.

Can you exercise if you have diabetes?

If you thought or heard that you cannot exercise if you have diabetes, let’s stop right there! American Diabetes Association recommends that everyone suffering from diabetes should have around 150 minutes of physical activity per week. You should not spend two days in a row without exercising. Try to have two or three sessions per week. You do not have to overwhelm yourself and try to do it at once. You can try to exercise for at least 20 minutes a day.  Try with a simple walk in the morning, or take your dog out and use this time as well. Put on nice music on Youtube and go for a ride to the nearest supermarket. A lot of people are having so much fun with zumba dance, have you tried it already? There are so many opportunities and exercises for diabetes, so let’s go over some essential ones.

People doing exercises for diabetes
There are a lot of exercises for diabetes for every age group, so try to be active at least three times a week.

A short stroll after a meal is recommended

You don’t have to walk miles every day in order to be physically active. The worst thing you can do after having dinner is to go back to your sofa and continue to watch TV. We recommend you take a nice short stroll after dinner or lunch. You need to create a workout routine and include walking in it. If you have type 2 diabetes, you should walk for 10 minutes after each meal. Your glucose level will be much lower. Do you find it tough to go out for a walk every day? Pair it with some errand you have to do, like paying bills, going out to buy a drink, etc. If it is cold outside, put on some nice podcasts and enjoy your walk to the nearest park.

Jogging in the morning will build you up for stronger exercises

Jogging as well as slow running is quite useful. Only 10 minutes per day is enough to reduce the risk of heart disease by 45%. You should not try to run for miles and join the marathon. Start with some light jogging in the morning while you get your morning coffee or newspaper. Later on, if you feel like you are enjoying this activity, you go longer distances. This way of exercise will build you up for some more intense training that you can try out. However, exercising is nothing without a proper diet. We recommend you check out some Dubai meal plans we have prepared for you. After a while, you will not even have to think about what do you need to eat or do every day. You will create a healthy habit that will become part of your new lifestyle.

Medicine for diabetes and a device for measuring blood sugar
Make exercising and eating healthy your routine and you will reduce your blood sugar in time.

Swimming will benefit people with diabetes

Just after two months in the swimming pool, you will reduce your average blood sugar. You do not have to do any demanding swim laps or activities. Simple exercises and swimming can be both useful and enjoyable. Pairing it with a meal plan for diabetics Dubai nutritionists prepared for you is a perfect combination. Swimming reduces the risk of many cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, it helps a lot with blood sugar in type 2 diabetes as well as with gestational diabetes. It will also help you out with weight loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle. For glycaemic control, evenings are the best time for exercising, so try out going for a nice swim in the nearby indoor pool.

Yoga will reduce your cortisol

If you don’t have time to go out for a nice swim or a walk, you can always try yoga at home. Some yoga exercises can be quite difficult for you, so try the gentle type. They will help with your balance, reduce the risk of any injuries when exercising, and control your cortisol. When doing yoga, make sure to eat some fruits and vegetables. Every yoga session for people with diabetes should last no more than 10 minutes. Different yoga postures will stretch the pancreas and stimulate your body to produce beta cells. 

A woman walking with a child
Having a nice walk or cycling to the nearest park should become your daily routine.

Make sure to talk to your doctor before exercising

Although there are many exercises for diabetes, make sure to discuss them with your doctor first. Start slowly and do not overwhelm yourself if you see that you are struggling. Make sure to check your blood sugar before and after every session. Depending on the type of diabetes, your blood sugar will change, so don’t compare yourself with others. Drink plenty of water and wear appropriate clothes and shoes. Do not go outside in extreme temperatures and adjust it to your needs and abilities. Change your diet and include lots of healthy options. But be careful with fruits on a diabetes diet. Over time, you will know what works best for you, and this will become something you will not want to skip every day.


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