Stereotypes of female weight trainers -true or myth?

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Published: April 2, 2021

When you’re getting into the world of weightlifting and you want to hire an instructor to help you out, you want to know you’re hiring the best of the best. Working with a personal coach Dubai is a great idea because they will make sure you’re getting the most effective workout and that you’re doing it properly. But when it comes to choosing the right trainer, the decision is up to you. One of the things to figure out is whether you want to work with a male or female weight training instructor. If you’re worried about some of the stereotypes of female weight trainers that are going around, don’t worry. We’re here to tell you if the stereotypes are to be trusted or if you should ignore them. Let’s find out.

Common stereotypes of female weight trainers

1. Female weight trainers aren’t as strong as male trainers

First and foremost, we’re sure that you’ve heard that male trainers are significantly stronger than female ones at least once in your life. Generally speaking, men are considered to be the stronger gender and therefore male fitness trainers are regarded the same way. And when we’re questioning whether this stereotype of female weight trainers is the truth or a myth, we lean more toward truth. 

Female weight trainer lifting weights
Even though male trainers are generally stronger than female ones, it doesn’t mean female trainers can’t teach you what you need to know.

The fact of the matter is that men usually are stronger than women. Of course, this isn’t a rule. But either way, it’s up to you to decide. Is it important to you how much your weight trainer can lift? After all, if you’re a beginner, you need someone to show you the ropes and teach you the techniques and forms. And you can get the right instructions and guidance both from female and male trainers. So, when it comes down to it, this stereotype of women weight trainers doesn’t really matter.

2. Female trainers can only train women

Another thing that people often assume about female trainers is that they only train women. What’s more, people assume that they can only train women. Unlike the previous stereotype of female weight lifting instructors, this one is not true.

For one, people don’t choose personal trainers solely based on their gender. Therefore, there are plenty of female fitness trainers in Dubai who have both male and female clients. There’s no reason why they couldn’t help men improve their fitness as well. If you’re getting into weight training, female trainers can teach you how to properly lift and avoid injuries just as well as male trainers. The form is what’s most important when it comes to lifting weights, so it doesn’t matter if your female trainer lifts less than their male colleagues. They still know the right way of lifting weights.

3. It’s harder to find female weight training instructors

People usually associate weight training with men. Therefore, it’s a common assumption that there are more male weight trainers out there. Because not many people think of women in this fitness field, they normally believe that there are no or few female trainers. To be fair, there probably is some truth to this stereotype of women weight trainers.

Woman lifting a barbell
There are more and more women training with weights, so there are also many female trainers.

However, in recent years, the number of women lifting weights is rising. The same goes for female trainers. So, even though it’s probably easier to find male weight trainers, you can definitely find some great female instructors, too.

4. Women usually choose female instructors

Another one of the common stereotypes of female weight trainers is that they are the preferred choice among women. This could very well be true. A lot of women feel much more comfortable addressing weight concerns and health issues with other women rather than with men. Also, they might feel a little intimidated by working out with a male instructor. Of course, not all women will choose female trainers, but a lot of them will. They simply find it easier to connect and open up to other females.

What you should look for in a weight trainer

Despite all these stereotypes about female weight trainers, they can still provide you with a great workout and teach you how to become better at lifting weights. Their gender doesn’t matter. However, everybody has their preferences. But whichever gender you choose, there are some things you should prioritize when hiring a trainer. So, for the best possible experience, here are some of the traits of a successful personal trainer:

Person adjusting a dumbbell
When you’re looking for a weight trainer, there are certain traits to search for.
  • Experience and competence. If you’re hiring a personal trainer, it means you want to work with someone who knows their way around the gym. You should do some research and find the trainer’s track record. Find out if their clients are happy and if the instructor has enough experience and expertise.
  • Someone you feel comfortable around. If you can talk to your trainer freely, express any issues and concerns, you know you’ve found a good one.
  • A person who knows how to motivate you. A lot of people struggle to motivate themselves to push through the pain and keep going when the workout gets tough. So, find someone who can help you push forward.
  • Someone who makes the workout enjoyable. If you like your personal trainer and their personality suits you, working out with them will be much more enjoyable. You won’t dread the gym as much when there’s a friendly face waiting for you.

Which one will it be – a male or female weight trainer?

So, now that you know a little more about the common stereotypes of female weight trainers, you’re ready to make your choice. To sum up, if you’re choosing between a male vs. female personal trainer, we suggest taking their gender out of the equation. Focus on their personality and expertise instead.


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