Strength training during pregnancy: How to stay strong, healthy and safe?

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Published: October 14, 2021

Living a healthy life is an opportunity we all have. But, unfortunately, not many people stick to it. Those who do so, understand how important it is. And once you start with this kind of lifestyle, there is no stopping. No matter if you are exercising with a personal coach Dubai has, or on your own, you shouldn’t stop. Even when you are pregnant. Strength training during pregnancy is nothing dangerous. It has a lot of benefits, and you should continue doing it. But, you need to be extra careful. Your stomach is more sensitive than ever now, and you need to take good care of yourself and the baby. That is the reason why having someone helping you out during working out is the better option. Figure out how to stay strong, healthy, and safe during these practices.

Strength training during pregnancy is safe, and you have nothing to worry about

Many women go to the gym daily. And when they get pregnant, they are not sure if they should continue or not. Normally, there is a doubt since you want to keep yourself, and your baby safe. Well, there is nothing to worry about, since working out while pregnant is safe. Of course, you can’t do everything that you are used to doing, but you can continue. If you are working out with affordable personal trainers Dubai offers, then you should give them a heads up that you are pregnant. Your working-out schedule and routine will be changed and adapted to it.

People think that if you exercise while you are pregnant, you will have a miscarriage, early delivery, or something like that. But it is not true. If you are someone who is used to exercise daily, and you live a healthy life, there won’t be any problem with the baby, or you. Anyway, it is important that you visit your doctor, and discuss it first. After they do some checkups on you, they will tell you if you can continue, and in which way. Exercises will change, but you will still be in a good condition. And that is even better.

If you continue working out while you are pregnant, there will be benefits coming out of it

Believe it or not, many benefits come from working out during pregnancy. Even though some people refuse to believe in it. But working out even then is better than not doing any physical activity. Not only it will bring you enjoyment, stress relief, less anxiety, and depression, but it will help you out with the delivery process as well. It will be much easier than normal. Also, your back and pelvic pain will be reduced. If you don’t believe in these sayings, just ask your cheap personal trainer Dubai offered you in the gym. They will tell you the same thing.

Improved fitness, posture, and circulation are also some of the benefits that matter. And, don’t forget that during pregnancy your sleep schedule can be disturbed. Well, not if you continue working out. It will be much improved. Also, this will help you out to prepare for the labor, and recuperation after labor will be faster. The sooner you realize what are the benefits, and how good it is to exercise, the better it will be for you and the baby. Now you know why strength training during pregnancy is a good thing.

Manage strength training during pregnancy and know what to do

Once you made a decision that you want to continue exercising during your pregnancy, you need to update your instructor. You already know that exercises when you are not pregnant and when you are, are very different. So, in addition, they give you a proper working out a schedule, they need to know. When you are pregnant, and you want to keep exercising, the most important thing is that you concentrate on your ankles, hamstrings, upper back, gluteal muscles, quadriceps, and the most important, your pelvic floor. Don’t avoid doing bodyweight exercises.

When you use body weights, you shouldn’t overexert yourself. And for sure, when you do exercises while laying on your back, don’t lift any weights. Instead, do the chest press and chest fly, but only after twelve weeks pass. It is needless to say that you shouldn’t use heavyweight. Only light ones. And never hold your breath. Breathing is very important during working out, especially during pregnancy. Breathe easily, but don’t hold it, because it can lead to various problems. Since back pain is very common, there are back pain exercises that you can do with the help of your trainer, do reduce them.

There are things you should avoid as well

Not everything is allowed and recommended during pregnancy working out. Even though you might be used to doing such things, hold on these nine months not to. You will get back to your normal training schedule, just be patient. For the moment, the most important thing is that you two stay healthy and strong. And for this to happen, you need to avoid some of the exercises. For instance, completely forget about cross-fit training. It can be harmful to the baby. Any type of exercise where fast movement is the main key is the one to completely avoid.

You can do sit-ups normally, or sit-ups with weight, but only in the first twelve weeks. After that, you can’t use weight for these exercises. And no matter for what you use them, avoid barbells. Especially the heavy barbells. instead, you can use dumbbells. You shouldn’t do the deadlifts as well.

pregnant woman sitting on the floor
If you prefer exercising in the comfort of your home, stay in.

Include stretching out, it is very important

Most likely you already know how much it is important to stretch out before any type of physical activity. You still need to do this while you are pregnant. don’t start with working out until you warm up your body as much as possible. Now, you are more sensitive than ever. And since you won’t be able after some time to stretch out like before, you should buy some resistance bands. It will be easier to stretch, and you can also use them for some sort of exercise.

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