Surprising fitness facts

If you like to lead a healthy lifestyle and you like to exercise, then you will find these surprising fitness facts interesting! We got some of the interesting facts for you, so you can learn something new. You can maybe even improve your current workout routine. Of course, before changing anything consult with your fitness instructor Dubai. Also, you can use that to chat about some of these interesting fitness facts. You can ask them for their opinion and have a nice casual conversation.

Surprising fitness facts – sweat is in no correlation to fat loss!

This is one of the most common misconceptions. And that makes it our first choice for surprising fitness facts. A lot of people think that if they sweat a lot – they will lose a lot of fat. And that simply is not true! Sweating is simply said a cooling mechanism that our body uses to keep itself from overheating. Although, it would be great if we can lose fat if we simply sweat it is not true. You can lose fat only if you are in a calorie deficit. Simply, you need to burn more calories than you get.

people working out and sweating but not losing fat as one of the surprising fitness facts
The fat loss is not connected to the amount ow sweat

Crunches won’t give you a flat stomach

This is also one of the very common misconceptions and that is why we think it belongs to our list of interesting fitness facts. A lot of people, especially man want to have a tight and flat stomach. And they think that the easiest way to that is to do a lot of crunches. And, that is simply not true. Crunches won’t get you a flat stomach. You need a range of exercises and a carefully created meal plan. You should look for male fitness trainers that will understand your desire for a flat stomach and help you achieve it easily!

man doing crunches
No matter of the number of the crunches – you won’t get a flat stomach from them

If you want to sleep better – exercise!

This is maybe not a very interesting and new fact, but it is very important! If you exercise daily, you will get a night of better sleep. In case you have a problem with insomnia, exercising could be great for you. You can try some active training, or you can try yoga for example. A lot of great female fitness trainers teach yoga classes. You can choose would you like to have a yoga class one on one or in a group!

If you run only 5 minutes a day, you will live longer – an important and surprising fitness fact!

Yes, although this seems little – even 5 minutes of running daily can benefit your health and your life. And if you want to get the best of it, you should avoid stretching before the run. The best thing is to go run and stretch afterward. That way, you will gain all the benefits. You will avoid any possible injuries, and most importantly you will increase your energy while running. And, if you are worried about what you should do before running – simply walk and your body will warm up enough!

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