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Published: December 1, 2022

How often have you set a fitness goal and pushed yourself hard to achieve it, but after a while, it became harder and harder to do the work, and you just quit? The truth is that many people struggle to be consistent with their workout routines. It’s not because they are unmotivated or lazy, but most often, it’s because they haven’t found the perfect workout for them. The key to consistency with your workouts – which will finally lead to the fitness results you desire – is doing a workout you love, whether it is weightlifting, pilates, HIIT, or something else entirely. This is why the fitness trainers from DubaiPT Personal Trainers have a perfect workout routine for those who have always been fascinated with martial arts— Tae Bo exercises for beginners. If it’s something that sparks your interest, this is precisely what we are going to talk about in this article.

The origins of Tae Bo exercises

Tae Bo is a fitness and workout program created in 1976 by Tae Kwon Do and karate expert Billy Blanks. This program is an excellent multidisciplinary mix because it combines combat routines and a couple of other elements of fitness routines set to upbeat music. Blanks began teaching these new Tae Bo exercises for beginners in Boston in 1982. However, the movement didn’t take off until 1989, when Blanks moved to California. Since 1989, Blanks has released many Tae Bo workout videos to help everyone learn Tae Bo. Nowadays, any weight loss trainer would recommend trying a few Tae Bo exercises to promote your cardiovascular health.

Total awareness excellence body obedience

According to Billy Blanks, Tae Bo is an acronym for “total awareness excellence body obedience.” This acronym seems pretty accurate, given that one has to control their moves while practicing Tae Bo and be virtually religious about training to achieve perfection. In the 1990s, many celebrities, such as Paula Abdul, began training Tae Bo before incorporating them into their regular workout routines. It soon grew in popularity, just like Thai boxing Dubai, and created an interest in similar workouts such as kickboxing. Tae Bo takes some of its signature moves from karate. However, this discipline is in no way a combat routine. The moves are meant for fitness and toning only.

The statistics say that, on average, you may burn from 500 to 800 calories in a single session, compared to the 300 or 400 calories you would burn with a conventional cardio session. This means that Tae Bo exercises are high-impact aerobic workouts and will require a lot of energy and stamina. Therefore, if weight loss is your goal, Tae Bo exercises for beginners are definitely worth a try.

people doing tae bo exercises for beginners
There are programs for people at all levels of fitness and experience. Simple instructions make it easy to adapt moves and intensity to your personal fitness level.

How to start with Tae Bo exercises for beginners

Anyone who has ever tried this discipline can testify to the cardiovascular, strength, and endurance benefits that come from it. Tae Bo exercises combine elements from:

  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Karate
  • Boxing and kickboxing
  • Hip-hop dance
  • Ballet
  • Weight training

It can be your complete and independent workout routine whether you are looking for weight loss or considering getting a personal trainer for muscle building. The most significant benefit of these exercises is that you can incorporate them into any workout routine, regardless of your fitness goals.

However, as with any new routine, it is recommended that you begin your Tae Bo exercises for beginners slowly. It would be best to start easy with a 30-minute workout three times per week. As you become accustomed to the program and its pace, you may add more minutes to your workout per week. We recommend that you always take at least one day off to rest between workouts. Muscles need time to repair, and when you take rests, your muscles have the time to grow and recover. That way, you can achieve more and perform better on your next workout session.

The importance of proper nutrition when exercising Tae Bo

Since we mentioned that Tae Bo exercises for beginners can help you burn 500-800 calories per session, it means you will need to be extra careful when it comes to nutrition, especially if weight loss is your fitness goal. The high energy expenditure of these workouts will require you to get one of the healthy mean plans Dubai and ensure you fuel your body appropriately.

Your body will convert the food you eat into the energy you will use to perform your exercises. This is why it’s crucial that you eat healthy, nourishing, and protein-rich foods.  It would be best if you were to consult a professional on this matter. Any tae kwon do, boxing, or karate trainer Dubai would have the necessary knowledge to come up with a perfect meal plan for you. Having a poor diet can lead to many unwanted consequences. Most commonly, people who don’t pay attention to nutrition won’t have enough energy to conduct their workouts, will be more prone to injury, and won’t get the desired results.

The Tae Bo Boot Camp

If you are passionate about fitness and interested in becoming a Certified Tae Bo Instructor, consider a trip to Tae Bo Boot Camp. You will be learning from Billy Blanks himself about how to improve your workouts! Tae Bo Boot Camp is an extremely serious program; by default, physical condition is critical.

Tae Bo Boot Camp aims to provide instructors with the skills necessary to successfully teach Tae Bo courses. In addition to several Tae Bo programs, students will take Exercise Physiology, Prevention of Injuries, and Professional Teaching Skills classes. You will also be studying nutrition. So, no matter if your goal is to become a Certified Tae Bo trainer or simply to perfect your Tae Bo skills under the wing of Billy Blanks himself, you can expect a very challenging weekend. Tae Bo Boot Camp will exercise not only your muscles but your mind and spirit as well.

a person doing martial arts on a beach
Tae Bo attempts to align the body, mind, and spirit, teaching you to focus your entire being on your fitness and well-being.

Why do Tae Bo exercises for beginners work?

As mentioned, Tae Bo gives you martial arts moves like punches and roundhouse kicks and creates a very high-intensity, heavy-duty cardiovascular workout. Most of these movements are significantly different from your typical aerobics exercises. But learning how to perform the routines is a lot of fun. Tae Bo exercises for beginners have a high entertainment value. This makes them highly motivating, and you won’t be quitting or bored any time soon.

But just because these routines are entertaining, don’t think for a second that Tae Bo exercises for beginners are for wimps. It is a challenging, high-paced workout that can be adjusted to your fitness level. The workouts really get your heart pumping. The movements and the high intensity will help you build muscle mass and increase flexibility.

The advantages of Tae Bo exercises for beginners

Tae Bo is more than just fun and motivating. There are many advantages to doing Tae Bo fitness. Doing it correctly will help you achieve all goals of optimal physical endurance. If you follow a disciplined program such as Tae Bo exercises for beginners, you will improve:

  • Cardiorespiratory endurance—Tae Bo exercises will boost your endurance so you can perform more demanding exercises throughout your workout.
  • Muscular strength—Your muscles will become firmer, bigger, and stronger with the combination of these exercises.
  • Flexibility—Exercises performed in Tae Bo help avoid contractions in your muscles since your stretch and elongate them during these workouts.
  • Body composition—If you combine your workout routine with a proper diet, Tae Bo can help you achieve a healthy body tone and the looks you desire.
  • Stamina—Tae Bo helps with building up your stamina, which will enable you to exercise for a longer period of time without getting too tired.

Tae Bo can be your favorite interval training workout. This sort of training is an excellent way to get in shape, burn fat and improve your overall health. Reduce body fat and increase lean body mass by doing this fun workout.

a man and a woman kicking a punching bag
Tae Bo exercises for beginners go beyond fitness by helping you transform your thinking. This discipline can improve both the efficacy of your workout regimens and your quality of life.

To conclude

Tae Bo blends the challenges of various sports, including combat training and cardio. But it also includes complex dances like ballet and hip-hop. That is why this all-around fitness program is so popular.  Tae Bo is a safe and healthy way to exercise and stay fit. Make sure you start your Tae Bo exercises with the instructional videos for beginners or with a personal trainer. That will allow you to decide whether this discipline is right for you.

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