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Taekwondo is one of the most interesting and intriguing martial arts. It involves a lot of very cool moves and kicks. But it also requires a lot of training and precision. And as such taekwondo exercises for beginners can be a little bit intimidating. But with the help of a good personal trainer, you can start with taekwondo exercises. Both if you are looking to learn self-defense and if you are just looking for an interesting workout.

It’s not difficult to start Taekwondo exercises for beginners

When people see someone doing taekwondo they feel intimidated. It seems like a very hard martial art to learn and master. And while mastering it requires years of training, you can start taekwondo exercises for beginners easily. It’s very similar to start as karate Dubai and takes only a good helping hand to point you in the right direction. And once you do, you will start learning the moves and ways to progress further

man starting Taekwondo exercises for beginners
You should consider starting Taekwondo for beginners since it can be rewarding mentally and physically

Benefits of Taekwondo exercises

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to be a professional taekwondo fighter or just looking for a good workout. Taekwondo offers you the opportunity to improve your flexibility, strength and overall fitness. And aside from that, there are many other benefits to combat sports, and Taekwondo in particular. It requires a lot of strength and flexibility. And even Taekwondo exercises for beginners will give you a nice set of workouts to improve both of those. 

Mental benefits

Aside from the physical benefits, there are also many mental benefits to Taekwondo. If you find yourself lacking patience or discipline, then it is a perfect fit for you. Martial arts, in general, provide a positive balance and many psychological benefits. It will allow you to blow off some steam and learn patience while doing so. You will learn to respect the discipline of this martial art. Which will translate to much better discipline in life. You will feel calmer and more secure about yourself. Just the fact that you know how to defend yourself will give you the confidence that you need in your everyday life. 

Training Taekwondo is flexible

Since it doesn’t require any special equipment, Taekwondo exercises for beginners are very flexible. You can do them just about anywhere. Once you learn the basics you can apply them in your everyday workout. They are great for both working out outside and for your home workout. So if you can’t or don’t want to go to a gym, you can continue exercising on your own. And that’s the beauty of martial arts. You can use them to supplement your regular workout or use them as your main exercises. 

kick in taekwondo
You will be more flexible and agile once you start training taekwondo

Understanding Taekwondo before you start with exercises

If you are thinking about starting with Taekwondo exercises for beginners, you need to learn the rules first. It’s important to understand them before you start mastering this martial art. The main goal of Taekwondo is to land as many punches and kicks in the allowed time. Hits in the different areas of the body bring you a different amount of points

There are also some things that are not allowed and which will bring you penalty points. First, you are not allowed to step out of the boundary line. And you are also not allowed to grab, push or hold your opponent. Feigning injury or turning your back to your opponent will also bring you negative points. 

Since knocking down an opponent brings only three points, it’s not the main goal of Taekwondo. And as such it’s a fairly safe combat sport. And training will allow you to avoid injuries during exercise. 

There are many types of Taekwondo exercises for beginners

If you are considering Taekwondo then you probably want to know about which exercises will be involved. It involves a wide range of fitness exercises which will allow you to become fit in a healthy way. And maintain that fitness while doing something interesting and exciting. 

Aerobic Exercises in Taekwondo

Taekwondo incorporates many aerobic exercises aimed at making you flexible and agile. It involves jumping rope, jogging in place, jumping jacks and many others. One of the most interesting exercises for most people is doing air punches and kicks. These exercises will get your heart rate up and strengthen your muscles. You will be gaining strength while making yourself more agile.

women doing kick as Taekwondo exercises for beginners
In taekwondo, you will do a lot of kicks and punches and you will be able to be very fit and agile


Stretching is also heavily involved in Taekwondo exercises for beginners.  It is very important in strength training. As you get stronger your muscles to become more rigid and stiff. And it’s important to stretch them regularly. It also greatly improves overall flexibility and agility. 

Push-ups and Sit-ups

Strength is very important when doing Taekwondo. It is required for many of the moves. And so, push-ups and sit-ups are there to help you gain that strength. From leg lifts to planking, there will be all kinds of strength exercises involved. And the great thing about these exercises is that you can continue doing them at home

Wrists and Ankles

Taekwondo also aims at strengthening your joints. Mainly wrists and ankles. Many of the moves in Taekwondo require that those areas of the body be strong and flexible. And so, you will probably be wanting to put some weight on them while you train. Those can be dumbbells or simple elastic bands. Nothing too heavy that will make the exercises painful. But heavy enough to give you that extra resistance. 

Alternatives to taekwondo

Taekwondo is easy to learn but very hard to master. And exercises done when training Taekwondo requires a lot of kicking, spinning and lunging. And as such, it might not be the perfect fit for everyone. Some people are simply looking for a little more relaxed fitness training.  If that is the case for you, there are many other forms of martial arts that you can look into. You can look for the best karate classes in Dubai. Or take up Aikido as a good alternative that doesn’t involve so much jumping and kicking. Every combat sport has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some require more movement and speed. While others focus on technique. But nevertheless, you should at least give Taekwondo exercises for beginners a try. You might find that you enjoy it. And that all the flexibility that it gives you will do wonders for your overall fitness.

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