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Published: October 7, 2019

Having a toned abdomen is the ultimate fitness goal for so many people. What makes this goal a challenging one is a sheer fact that the abdomen is one of the most problematic areas in the human body. To get six-packs, you would have to spend hours at the gym doing the best abs workout routine you can think of and then go home and spend some more time preparing nutritious meals all day, every day. However, just because having a six-pack is difficult, it’s far from being unattainable. Whether you decide to do your abs workout at home or you find a fitness instructor Dubai based to assist you, there are some exercises you’ll really want to focus on. As experts in all things fitness and health-related, we have no problem sharing the exercises we would do if we were you.

A shirtless man in a gym.
Do you see yourself with a six-pack in the near future but have no idea how to get there? We do!

Regular abs workout leads to wonderous results

With a ripped core, you’ll get much more than just a leaner and more attractive figure. Your overall quality of life will significantly improve, even if you never reach the point of having a six-pack. What some of our best personal trainers in Dubai advise is that you mix advanced exercises with those that rely on your bodyweight only. You are supposed to push your body, but you are not supposed to break it. Don’t worry if you are confused right now – we’ll solve that right away. From the best lower ab workouts to the exercises that target the entire abdomen, our guide will leave no area uncovered.

Crunches help you gain maximum results from your abs workout at home

In the era where every other person is a fitness enthusiast, talking about crunches being one of the best exercises for a ripped core seems a bit ludicrous. But there’s a good reason why crunches gained such popularity in the first place. Feel free to ask any football, fitness or karate trainers in Dubai and they will tell you the same thing – this exercise gives great results and it requires virtually no space or equipment. All you need is some will and a place to lie down. There are many variations of crunches, and they all target different parts of your abdomen:

  • Bicycle crunches
  • Oblique crunches
  • Reversed crunches
  • Double crunch

Our suggestion? There’s no such thing as too many crunches! Do 15-20 reps per round, and do at least three rounds. Rest for one to two minutes between rounds and watch your body go through a significant change over time.

A woman doing crunches as a part of her abs workout.
There’s a wrong way to do crunches, so make sure you don’t put too much strain on your neck.

Medicine ball slam – simple yet effective

The motion behind this ab exercise is something we are all familiar with. As long as you threw a regular ball as a kid, you are good to go. Of course, medicine ball differs greatly from a regular ball, and it’s just perfect for upper and lower ab workouts. Extend your arms over your head, and slam the ball with your knees being slightly bent. When throwing the ball, use your core muscles and bend forward at the waist as you catch the ball. What’s so great about this exercise is that it will give you more than just ripped core – it will work on providing you with powerful shoulders.

Exercises that are simple and that give great results can help you discipline yourself to exercise daily. What could be better than having a great body without paying for an extravagant gym membership or buying all that expensive sports equipment? But make no mistake – these abs exercises will put you through a world of pain precisely because they are so effective. That’s a good thing, though.

Looking for a challenge? Try the Dragon Flag!

If we were to choose one exercise we think is perfect for the entire abdomen area, this could very likely be it! The Dragon Flag is a very demanding exercise that can also be a part of your abs workout at home, provided that you own a flat bench. Since this might be the first time you hear about this exercise, let us elaborate on the technique behind it.

A man working out on a bench.
A flat bench is the starting point for many different exercises.

Start by lying on a flat bench with your hands holding the part of the bench behind your head. Bring your knees up to your chest. Then kick towards the ceiling, raising your body and leaving only your shoulders on the bench. As you slowly move down, keep your body straight. We can promise you that you will feel the burn in both your abs and your back. Although, you really have to be careful with this one. Precisely because it is a bit more challenging, the Dragon Flag can lead to some exercise-related injuries, especially the ones pertaining to your back.

Jackknife Sit-ups – an exercise you want to include in your lower ab workouts

This variation of a regular sit-up is great if you want a slightly bigger challenge. Although, the jackknife sit-ups are still regarded as an exercise suitable for the upper, medium, and lower ab workouts for beginners. The technique is somewhat the same as doing a regular sit-up. With the difference that here, you should lift your legs as well as the torso. Your legs should be extended at an approximately 35-45 degree angle and your arms should be extended parallel to your legs. In case you want a bigger challenge, you can always do this exercise while holding a medicine ball. You can rest assured that, this way, this exercise will quickly progress from a beginner-suitable level to an advanced one.

Repeat this abs workout routine 3-5 times a week and try not to take any weeks off. Of course, you can always get back on the right track in case you wander off. Finally, make sure you eat nutritious meals full of protein. For this purpose, foods such as eggs, beans, and chicken are great. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get many benefits from these exercises.

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