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Published: June 9, 2020

In the last couple of years, Crossfit has rapidly been gaining popularity. What Crossfit workouts require are varied movements that are performed at a high-intensity. So if you are thinking about creating a home gym that you will use for your Crossfit training, you need to be very careful when selecting the pieces. You need to choose only the best Crossfit equipment if you are hoping to see any significant results.

But be ready – you are going to need a lot of equipment and, therefore, significant funds. However, there’s no reason to worry. Building a home gym on a budget isn’t impossible – it’s just going to take a bit more creativity and compromises. But if you end up with a nice place where you can blow off some steam, it will be worth every penny.

A piggy bank.
A Crossfit home gym will require more funds than a regular gym. But the results will be worth it.

With the best Crossfit equipment, you will get much more than an average home gym – but that comes at a price

This will be a place where you will be able to get a quality workout session and improve everything from your strength to stamina and cardio resistance. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine one thing that’s not to love about Crossfit. It combines relatively short workout sessions with enviable results. Of course, you will have to put in maximum effort during every minute of every session. And that’s where the best equipment comes into play.

It won’t be possible to build a home gym for Crossfit workouts with just one to two pieces of equipment. Our personal trainers in Dubai know that it takes much more than that to create a gym that will provide a good ground for Crossfit training sessions. But that’s why at the end of the day, you will be left with a home gym that will resemble a real mini gym. Unfortunately, building such a room won’t be possible unless you invest some of your hard-earned funds into the process. However, there is a way to turn this expensive process into a more budget-friendly option – instead of buying all of these pieces of equipment, why don’t you opt for a couple of them? Some are necessary – but all of them aren’t.

Which Crossfit pieces of equipment should you shop for?

Have you ever stepped foot in a Crossfit gym? Then we are sure you were in awe of what you saw. A true Crossfit gym will be well-equipped and you will be able to find dozens of machines and pieces of equipment. But when building a gym in your garage or spare room, it goes without saying that you won’t have enough space for all of these items – even if you did have enough money. For that reason, you need to make a wise decision. And we suggest you focus your attention on the following pieces.

A woman using the best Crossfit equipment.
Build your muscles with a couple of pieces of Crossfit equipment.

This can be an either/or situation

  • Kettlebells – as you probably already know, kettlebells are a staple of many exercise regimes. They are used for increasing grip strength and performing specific movements that are designed for building strength in lower back, shoulders, and legs.
  • Dumbbells – another piece of equipment most training sessions cannot be imagined without. You can use them for joint-isolation exercises such as bicep curls and shoulder raises. The list of all the ways you can use dumbbells is a long one.
  • Rowing machine or air bike – strength is not the only thing that should be worked on during a Crossfit workout. Both rowing machine and an air bike will provide you with a healthy combination of cardio and strength training. Since these two pieces of Crossfit equipment are on the more expensive side, we suggest you opt for one.
  • Pull up bar – this is one piece of old-fashioned equipment that will never go out of style. Sometimes, all you need for building strength in the upper part of your body is a pull-up bar. Since it takes up so little space, you can pretty much put it anywhere in your home.
  • Weight bench – with a weight bench and a set of dumbbells, you can do the best shoulder exercises for strength and definition. There is a wide range of different exercises you can do and all you need is a weight bench and the aforementioned dumbbells.
  • Glute ham developer – you can’t just work on your arms and shoulders, right? A glute-ham developer is made for the posterior chain muscles and is great for reducing ACL/MCL injuries. It’s definitely a piece you will want to have in your home Crossfit gym.

What to do if you lack funds – or space?

In case you don’t have a Crossfit gym near-by (or you just don’t want to go to one), then you will have to work with what you got. For starters, equip yourself with a pull-up bar and kettlebells. When you save some more money, add a weight bench and a set of dumbbells into the mix. You can do effective workouts with just these four pieces of equipment. But we can assure you that you will see much better results once you incorporate a glute-ham developer and a rowing machine/air bike into the mix. Hey, what’s your hurry? You have enough time to save up and build a home gym of your dreams.

A white alarm clock.
It’s okay if it takes you some time to build your home gym. You are in no rush.

Even though the best Crossfit equipment can sometimes cost an arm and a leg, we can’t deny that results are always worth it. And this is something you’ll soon see for yourself. With the aforementioned pieces, you will be able to do a plethora of different exercises – all from the comfort of your own home. Hey, at least you will never again have an excuse for not working out. That ought to be motivation enough to get up and break a sweat in your brand new home gym.

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