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Published: February 28, 2021

Good health and physical activity often go hand in hand. That is why we choose to exercise, whether it is running, yoga, Zumba, or going to the gym. No matter the form, exercise is good for us, and we should try to be active whenever we can. A busy lifestyle entails not having much time to get active, so stealing an hour or two of your day to go to the gym may be an overstretch for some. You may be overwhelmed by all the options out there and trying to find the perfect place that will meet your expectations. Living in such a large city can make you think it’s not easy to pinpoint the best gyms in Dubai, but some do stand out.

Why should you go to the gym in the first place?

Staying active for a person with a busy schedule can be a challenge. Everything is doable with good organization, so don’t lose motivation and try to squeeze in that one hour to dedicate to yourself. Going to the gym will help you keep a healthy weight even if you do not focus primarily on fat loss workout. Also, it will give you more energy and improve your muscle tonus. You will certainly get rid of stress and feel better as your mood will improve. It even can help you sleep better and eat better, improving overall bodily function. At times, you feel mentally exhausted by work; going to the gym may come as a relief that could help you overcome the built-up stress. Joining a local gym is always a good option, but if you have exact needs and expectations to fulfill, you can review the best gyms in Dubai and ultimately choose one of them.

dumbbells and other gym equipment and a woman in the background
Going to the gym will help you release some built-up stress

How to find the best gyms in Dubai?

Depending on your criteria, you should alter your search for the best gyms in Dubai. You might be looking to lose extra weight, or you just moved to a new neighborhood and searching for a local gym. Maybe you are at the same time pursuing the best personal trainer Dubai can provide, or you want to join a new aerobics class. No matter the reasons that drive you to find a perfect gym, this list should help you narrow down the search a bit:

  • Warehouse gym – currently at seven different locations
  • Fit Republik – located in Dubai Sports City
  • Gym24 – situated in Ras Al Khor
  • Gymnation – now at six locations and more coming soon
woman doing an online search for the best gyms in Dubai
You can search for gyms online but it is best to visit some of the places to get the real vibe inside

Warehouse gym

If you choose to become a Warehouse gym member, you will work out in a warehouse. This unique concept of urban street appeal, along with club music and the whole vibe, will make your workout sessions quite different. It’s a very modern gym, which may even look like a nightclub of a sort, so if you are looking for a particular place, you indeed found it. They offer boxing classes, spinning classes, and sessions with private trainers, of course. They have locations all over Dubai, so it is easy to find a Warehouse gym near your residence or workplace.

man holding dumbbells
Become empowered by your new gym community as this will help boost your self-esteem

Fit Republik

Its location is in Dubai Sports City, and it is one of the best gyms in Dubai, no doubt. If you happen to have a lot of free time, you can easily spend a whole day at Fit Republik. It is a vast facility, offering even a swimming pool and outdoor tracks. Inside, you will find several weightlifting stations, designated areas for martial arts. Their services also include yoga and Pilates for the ladies. After your workout, you can enjoy a bar and a restaurant offering healthy and fresh food options that complement the regimen you are on.


The best thing about this gym is that it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply put, time cannot be an excuse for not working out. Their facility is quite large; they even have an outdoor swimming pool. There are designated areas for the ladies. They offer many group classes as well, and you can book a private trainer. Membership prices are affordable, and the staff is pleased to help and assist with any queries. The whole place is covered with free WIFI, so you will undoubtedly stay connected.


One of the many benefits of joining this gym is that the price of membership is extremely affordable. Moreover, you can cancel your membership at any time. This place is ideal for beginners but also advanced gym enthusiasts as everyone is friendly and customer-oriented. Gymnation has its facilities in different locations across Dubai, some of which are among the largest gyms in UAE. Every gym is equipped with the latest quality equipment, with designated areas for ladies. One of the options they offer is virtual classes you can take from your home, following their instructors.

What about other popular gyms in Dubai?

There is a lot of different places you can go to have a quality workout. Dubai fitness scene is alive, and there is great variety when it comes to modern gyms. It would be pretty easy even for a newbie to find a local gym to their liking. No matter if you are new to this, the important thing is you find a comfortable place where you can relax and be yourself. It is good to be part of an open community that is oriented toward helping rather than judging. Especially if you are starting to grasp different fitness routines or starting your fat loss journey, feeling empowered by the other members and the gym community will help you reach your goals sooner. In conclusion, the best gym for you is the place where you will find what you want and be happy to spend your free time in.


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