The Best Leg Exercises for Footballers

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Published: November 17, 2020

When playing football, a lot of it will be made up of leg action. What’s more, you will usually be using one leg for kicks, and you will be doing a lot of running, sprints, and cuts. If you want to end up successful in Dubai football, you will need strong leg muscles. This way, you will be facing lower risks of injury, while reaching peak performance. Therefore, you will want to incorporate working on glutes, hamstrings as well as your quadriceps in your routines. These are the most important muscles since you will need them to jump, sprint, or bound around the field. Because of this, no one can deny the importance of leg days. So, in this article, we take a look at some of the best leg exercises for footballers. Keep reading to develop your own perfect leg day routine.

There is a reason why front squats are one of the best leg exercises for footballers

As we already mentioned, the main muscle groups that you will want to work on are the quads and glutes. But what if you had an exercise that targets these, as well as your spinal erectors and your upper back? This is exactly what you will get with front squats. Every personal trainer Dubai will gladly recommend them for multiple reasons. These exercises are amazing for improving your athletic performance. You will be able to install correct movement patterns doing them, but the squats do not stop there.

squats are some of the best leg exercises for footballers
Squats will help you work on a variety of muscle groups.

By doing only 5 sets with 4-6 reps, you will be able to also build thoracic spine mobility, as well as work on your core strength. All your lower body muscle groups will develop when incorporating these into your next leg day. With them, you will be able to kick and run like the best footballers around.

Move on from front squats to split squats

Staying in the “squats category,” split squats will target the third group of necessary muscles – your hamstring. Along with those, you will also work on your glutes and quadriceps, which means that these are the perfect exercises for any leg day. All you need is 3 sets of 6 reps per leg since these are a single-leg exercise.

Why are they so important for football players? Well, when playing the game, there are many moments when you will need to have one foot on the ball, while the other is on the ground. This can be a precarious position. If you do not have good muscle strength, you will easily slip and injure yourself. What’s more, by working on your leg muscles, you will gain the ball control that you desire.

When you boost your leg strength, you will be able to accelerate, decelerate, jump, and cut off one leg with ease. More importantly, you will be able to do it quickly. And split squats are the perfect exercise for single-leg strength. Furthermore, they will also increase the single-leg stability, so that you can manage more. It achieves this by focusing not only on your glutes and quads, which are strength muscles but your stabilizers – the hamstring, gastrocnemius, and glute minimus.

Barbell hip thrusts are another one of the best leg exercises for footballers

In order to be able to run fast and burst into sprinting unexpectedly, you will want to strengthen your glutes. You can do this pretty well with the barbell hip thrusts. With 3 sets of around 6 to 8 reps, you will be able to boost their strength easily. What this exercise accomplishes is that it helps your glutes learn how to lift a relatively heavy load.

a weightlifter
Be careful when adding weight training into your routines.

It is also great because you can change the weight load to suit your needs and level of experience. However, it’s important to note that this is not a weightlifting exercise for beginners. Always make sure you are working with your personal trainer in Dubai while planning your routines. Otherwise, you will be risking injury.

If you do end up adding barbell hip thrusts into your routine, however, know that you will be building the force of your glutes. Therefore, you will help them not only when sprinting, but also jumping. These serve as the main hip extensors of the body, which means they play a pivotal role when jumping for the ball. With minimal equipment, you will be able to achieve the maximal results by adding barbell hip thrusts into your regiment. This makes it one of the best leg exercises for footballers.

Lunge onto the field with lateral lunges

Finally, there are lateral lunges. These will target everything from your glutes and quadriceps to your medial glute and hip adductors. They are, once again, a single-leg exercise that will help you increase both strength and mobility. It focuses on the adductor, but the effects are ever-reaching.

These are exercises that you need to do for two reasons. First, by building the strength of your muscles, you are able to perform better on the field. You can change your speed as you go, you can jump higher or run faster. However, mobility is a thing you also need to always be thinking about. One of the biggest risks every football player takes is straining or damaging their muscles. With a huge range of motions, you perform every game, you are taking more and more risks.

an injured footballer
Avoid injuries by improving your mobility.

By improving your mobility, the risk of anything going wrong lowers. You are, practically, training your muscle for these movements, so that when they happen on the field, they will be natural. Therefore, lateral lunges are some of the best leg exercises for footballers because they will do exactly this. Have a safe game every time you play – by incorporating them into your routine.

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