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Published: April 19, 2019

If you have been in sports already this is something you are quite aware of. However, if you haven’t been in the world of sports then this is something you do not know – but should know. The most important thing in every sport or workout and the only thing that can actually create a tangible result is your diet. Without a proper weekly meal plan, you cannot hope to achieve anything past a certain point. Working out will indeed create some results, but they will not be results that you are going to keep nor sustain. The moment you stop working out, with a bad diet, you will lose all you’ve gained.  So, if your target is the same as many other people working out, you are going to need the best meal plan for muscle gain.


To achieve the most form your workout you also need to incorporate best meal plan for muscle gain.
Working out is great, but you need to have a diet that accompanies it for the best results.

However, you cannot have muscle gain without fat cutting.
So there are two processes involved that require two different types of diet as well as two different programs of working out. You will be shifting from one workout program to another simultaneously as you switch your diet from one to the other.

The first dietary plan will be about weight cutting and losing belly fat while the second would be the best meal plan for muscle gain. However, do not hope to achieve the latter without the former. If your body fat is already at a very low percentage, you can skip the first part of this plan. However, even if you are lean, one week of the former could help your future metabolism cycles.

The best meal plan for muscle gain as well as weight loss

The only limitation to this plan is the fact that all bodies in the world are different. Yours will be different from mine, and ours will be different from fitness instructor Dubai. This is why this diet is going to be rather generalized so that you can take it and adapt it to yourself as much as you can. This is because there are things you simply can’t eat. Either you really dislike it, or you are allergic.

So I will try to be general, and you take out of it all you can. I will proceed by giving a food type and potentially one example. If the example I gave is not something you like to eat, find something else from that food type.

This diet does not work if you have a high percentage of body fat. Neither of the two diets doesn’t work if you are not going to the gym at least three times a week. Absolutely nothing in this world will work if you don’t do a bit of cardio after each of the three days in the gym. It is not a single effort to achieve this, it is a combination of efforts. And if you remove any of the links out of the chain, the chain will not hold. So, we will talk about each individual element and explain its importance in the cycle.

The Fat-Cut

The most important prerequisite to even begin gaining muscle is to cut fat. Of course, you could gain muscle while having a high percentage of body fat, but this will not create results you hope. Furthermore, it will not create so many visible results, as layers of muscle will be trapped underneath the body fat. The best way to achieve this, in my case, was with the keto diet. The keto diet is a very simple one, but a very difficult one that you cannot pull off for too long. Well, you can, but you shouldn’t.

People turn to keto nowadays for fat loss. It gives quick results and you get to eat your favorite meats all the time.
Keto diet is based around high protein and fat intake, and little to none carbs.

This is a diet created for people who suffer from epilepsy, and it is very easy and hard at the same time. All you have to do is remove all sugars and carbohydrates from your diet. That’s it. All you do is eat fat, meat and green vegetables. And you do this until you have cut enough fat for you to feel good. One keto meal would look like this: cabbage, spinach and chicken breast made in olive oil. You can eat dairy products with dairy fat, but you can’t have too much milk for instance. There are many great detailed keto meal plans online you can follow. You can, also, visit websites like YouTube for great and healthy recipes.

The best meal plan for muscle gain

After you have finished ketosis, thank god, you have cut enough fat to begin the muscle gain. You cannot gain healthy muscles in ketosis because you are not using carbs for fuel, but fat. Fat is a weaker energy source and you cannot pull off a workout that you normally would. Plus, odds are you will often feel tired and weak. But, after you have finished the ketosis, you would jump into the low-carb diet with one carb-filling day. This means that you eat carbs only on days when you work out, 4 hours before the workout and right after it.

One day a week is your carb filling day. During this day you eat as many healthy carbs as you can. These include potatoes, beans, rice, etc. Fill yourself with carbs and you will see your muscles absorbing all that energy. You will even physically show that you are filling with carbs as your veins might pop out. With this plan, workout three times a week (i.e. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) and do 30 minute cardio after each training. If you stick to your diet while having this workout regime you will slowly start to see first muscle gain results three weeks in. This is not a ‘gain muscle overnight’ regime, but this is one that will keep your muscles for a longer period of time. These are real muscles, not chemically induced one.

Oh, and don’t forget to drink a protein shake right after each workout. Don’t make it with milk, make it with water.

Get to work!

Good luck!


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