The best running tips for beginners

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Published: November 30, 2021

We have already said several times how much physical activity is needed for the normal function of our body. It’s important that we move, even if it’s an evening walk or a workout in the gym. Also, if you want you can start running. Dubai PT can reveal to you several running tips for beginners. If you decide to start running, get your running shoes. And of course, follow the tips we have prepared for you. Also, you can always join the gym and start with various exercises together with your chosen trainer. If you don’t know where to spend your free time, the gym is the ideal place for it.

Running shoes
Sports equipment is very important and it’s one of the best running tips for beginners, so always choose comfortable running shoes.

Running is free

If you decide to start running, it will be a good decision for you. Because this type of physical activity has a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

  1. The first benefit is that running is free. You can run anywhere, on the streets of the neighborhood, on the running tracks, in the park, and in nature.
  2. The second benefit is that this type of physical activity and combining that with fat-burning workouts can burn more calories than any other exercise.
  3. The third benefit is that this sport contributes to improving your health. Thus, it can prevent diabetes, heart problems, and brain damage. As well as to improve your mental state and mood, but also to influence the reduction of your body weight.

If you’ve ever wondered why people choose to run, here are a few answers. Among the first is, of course, what we have already mentioned. That is, running is free and you can only lose more calories by running than by exercising. After these, come other reasons. In addition to running, you can also try CrossFit training. This type of training is also very beneficial for your body, strength, and health. When you decide to run, you will have the opportunity to meet new people who play the same sport. You can visit some beautiful places that you haven’t seen before, and the view of the streets you pass every day will change. You will observe them differently as you run through them in the morning.

Running is ideal for beginners

If you haven’t played a sport for a long time and you aren’t in good shape, we will help you get out of that situation. Before you start running, you can start with a brisk walk for 20-30 minutes a day. It’s very important that you start at a slow pace and increase as much as you can. Monitor your condition, if you feel tired you take short breaks by doing stretching exercises. Running is one of the best cardio exercises. Because it primarily reduces the possibility of heart problems and diabetes. Increase the pace of brisk walking until you feel ready to run lightly. When you start running, also start at a slow pace with short breaks.

A girl who does stretching exercises on a break between runs, as one of the running tips for beginners
When you start running, do it at shorter intervals, and use the breaks in between for stretching exercises. This is an ideal way to rest.

You will need running shoes. Remember they must be very comfortable. Your running equipment may be most similar to equipment for aerobic exercise.  When you run in the summer, you will need a thin cotton T-shirt and shorts. while on winter days, you have to wear something warmer like sports leggings and tracksuits, to a T-shirt, sweatshirt and jacket. Remember that you should not overheat, and dress as you see fit.

Useful running tips for beginners

We know how difficult each start is, especially when doing a fat loss workout. And that is why we will reveal the best tips for all those who want to start running.

  • Combine running and walking. When you are just starting to run it’s important to start with a shorter time. So, run for three minutes, then walk for three minutes. You can even start brisk walking first, and when you feel ready go for a run. But it’s important that everything goes gradually so, as not to overdo your body and muscles.
  • Don’t run too fast. It’s very important to allow your body to get used to it. Then do everything slowly and gradually increase the speed of your pace. If you don’t go, there may be a gradual stretching of the muscles, injuries, and overexertion. So give your body time to get used to it, and it will give you amazing results.
  • Take breaks between workouts. Even when it’s not about running, but something like a HIIT workout, it’s necessary to take breaks for one day between workouts. The body needs rest and recovery, so breaks are very important. So, make a training plan so, that one day you run and one day you rest. This is the advice that every trainer will give you.
  • Choose new routes and meet new friends. Always choose new routes. Let’s say if you’re running in the neighborhood today, next time you’re running in the park. Be open to new acquaintances and share experiences. Remember that the advice of those more experienced than you will always come in handy. You can even organize common running routes, so you will have good training and socializing at the same time.
Two girls who met while running.
Running can bring you the opportunity to meet new people and make new acquaintances.

For the end

For all those who want to start running, we recommend that you remember our running tips for beginners. These tips can help you master running techniques as soon as possible and get in good shape. All it takes is to pack your fitness bag, and put on your running shoes. Remember to pause between two intervals, and to gradually increase the pace.


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