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Published: May 23, 2021

Sometimes, life in the city can just get too hectic. Even when this city is magnificent as Dubai, you might feel that itch that it is driving you crazy. Sadly, nothing works to beat this! Not amazing views or walks, not your friends and family – not even a great workout routine! So what do you do in a time like this? You look for great weekend getaways from Dubai! Sometimes, even two short days can be enough to get a rest from the city, recuperate and be ready to tackle the upcoming week! What’s more, they might even get addictive! But where do you? Well, we are here to share that with you! Read this article and find out for yourself!

Escape to a theme park in the Crowne Plaza!

If you want something luxurious, then head to Yas Island. There, you will find the Crowne Plaza – an amazing hotel with even better opportunities and activities that are bound to help you unwind! Even the rooms are made of hard choices – there are those that face the sea, and those towards Yas Link. Here, you can spend your weekend relaxing and ordering fantastic room service food. There are also cafes and restaurants you can walk to shortly, as well as a huge pool inside the hotel where you can relax with a glass of wine.

Yas Island hotel
Yas Island has plenty of theme parks you need to visit!

However, if you are looking for something a bit more adventurous to shake yourself up, then head to a theme park! When in the hotel, you will get access to it at any time. Depending on your booking, you will be able to choose some of the theme parks or you can visit all of them! There is Yas Island, Yas Water World, Ferrari World, and Warner Bros Studios. Finally, make sure you do some shopping in Yas Mall to unwind as well! And of course, if you need some exercise, then get a look at our best workout apps and make sure you download one while away! Even though it is your weekend getaways from Dubai, you should not forget about working out!

You can enjoy theme parks in the Radisson Blue hotel as well!

If you really want to enjoy those Yas Island theme parks, but do not want to stay in the Crowne Plaza, then Radisson Blue hotel is your place! This amazing place faces the Arabian Gulf, and it is quite near the breathtaking Yas Beach, Yas Link, and many parks on Yas Island. Again, same with the Crowne Plaza, your accommodations will include access to one or all of the parks.

Again, if you are not fan of the parks though, the Radisson Blue hotel offers many ways in which you can also unwind! The hotel will also provide you with a spa experience that is bound to heal and reinvigorate you! This is one of the best ways in which you can relax after a long day – so many sure you grab your chance! There is also international cuisine you can dine on, and explore walking paths that lead from the hotel. After your weekend in the Radisson Blue hotel, you will be a completely new person!

The weekend getaways from Dubai in the Lapita Hotel offers a whole new world of possibilities

You already know just how many amazing theme parks there are in and around Dubai. However, in this article, we only mentioned a couple. But if you want to see more, then make sure you schedule a stay in Lapita Hotel! The stay here will give you amazing weekend getaways from Dubai in the middle of the city! The only thing you need to remember is to book ahead of time because Lapita Hotel Dubai can get quite busy!

Make sure you visit Motiongate while staying in the Lapita hotel!

You will find the hotel in the Dubai Parks and Resorts – and it will offer you entertainment as you have seen only at the top annual events and festivals in Dubai – and even the whole country! There is Motiongate, Bollywood Parks, Legoland Waterpark as well as the Legoland itself that you can visit on your stay! And similarly to our previous entries, you can pick one or pick them all! It will still be worth it!

Feel like a royal on your weekend getaways from Dubai in the Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi!

Finally, let us take a stroll further away from Dubai and Yas Island. Maybe you are tired of all the theme parks – or you might have already visited them all. Now, you want something a bit more elegant and pristine! So why not visit the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi and feel like royalty?

Emirates Palace Hotel
Feel like royalty in the Emirates Palace Hotel!

Here, you will find luxury everywhere! You can see it both in the architecture and the interior of the hotel! We recommend a room with an ocean view, but really any room will make you feel amazing! There is a huge variety of facilities that you can use while booking your hotel. If your Dubai personal trainer wants you to exercise while here, then the hotel gaming center will offer tennis and football. The private beach will let you sunbathe or swim in the Arabian Sea and let you enjoy breathtaking sights. And again, since it can get quite popular here, make sure you book early!


To conclude, there are many fantastic weekend getaways from Dubai that you can look into! The city itself offers you a chance to take a break, but we encourage you to also venture further! Explore your own ways in which you can take a break – and make sure to share it with us! Good luck and have fun!

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