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One of the biggest positive impacts and ironically one of the biggest downfall of the working out industry has been the internet. The main issue here is the fact that, nowadays, almost everyone has access to the internet. This is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing simply because now, if you need any type of information to boost your workout performance – you can simply head online and search for answers. The downfall hides behind the fact that anyone can sit down and write content on the internet. From this downfall, a lot of exercise myths were born, spreading false information any chance they get.

Exercise myths about food. Always include vegetables
Eat well – train well!

This article will try to address some of these common exercise myths and hopefully save you some time and effort. You can lose a lot of time when you try to test an exercise myth. The issue is that in 95% of attempts the myths fail. Furthermore, there are some myths that could end up bringing you harm. This is why you need to be very careful. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the gym or if you are doing a home workout, these myths are everywhere.

The most dangerous exercise myths

First of all, there are a lot of frauds working in this industry. Furthermore, considering the fact that, unfortunately, everyone can be a personal trainer nowadays, means that a lot of people with no expertise have taken the reigns. This can be very dangerous considering the fact that these workouts have a huge impact on your body. Ultimately, you need to be very careful about who you are learning these things from.

There is one myth that is no longer even a myth, but a sort of a falsely embedded way of thinking. We live in a day and age where nobody has time for anything. This is why people have a habit to get what they need super fast and super easy. Achieving some workout results is neither fast nor easy. No matter what an add on Facebook or Instagram says, it will never be either of these things. So, if you think you can get fit and strong in a week, or a month even, the program you are being offered is probably faulty.

an hourglass
There is no fast result. Invest time.

The most important myth to understand, above all else: you cannot achieve results in a week, or a month, no matter what you do. There are potentially ways to achieve this, but they are neither healthy nor sustainable. Ultimately, if you set your expectations wrongfully you are setting yourself up for disappointment and demotivation.

Working out is a process

Working out is a lengthy process if you wish to achieve lasting, healthy results. There is no overnight secret trick to do. It requires time, commitment and dedication. Every single add that says ‘Get fit in a month’ is usually some type of scam, or requires substances that are in no way good for you. This is one exercise myth you should avoid since it will not bring anything positive for your growth.

A universal diet

There are no two human beings on this planet that are the same. This means that there is no single universal diet that works on everyone in the desired way. This is a huge problem in the industry since people who call themselves nutritionists would more often than not create this ‘universal meal plan’ thinking that all people have the same chemical reactions to all sorts of foods. There could be a single ingredient that your body can’t process well, and the entire diet would have been for nothing.

Being careful about you eat is not a diet – it is a habit and a way of life. There is no single diet that says – go to McDonald’s three times a week. This is making sure you take care of your body. But the online diets that you can buy that say ‘use this diet and get slim in a month – no workout’, they are usually very wrongly put together. Again, remember, there is no simple overnight trick to get fit. It is a process that requires a lot of investments. There are no easy streets in the process.

“As long as I work out I can eat whatever I want”

The people who say this usually believe it is true. And for some – it is. They have lightning fast metabolisms that allow them to eat whatever they wish, workout frequently and stay fit. Don’t fall for this. Furthermore, my metabolism is unforgiving if I eat the wrong food, and it does not matter how frequent or how hard I workout. If you are doing exercises to lose belly fat, you will not achieve this with the wrong foods in you.

a guy in the gym
Hire a personal trainer to avoid wasting time.

Working out is 30% of the story, the other 70% are set towards what you eat. This is why you should always and at all cost be mindful about what type of food you eat. Otherwise, all your efforts will have been for nothing.

Exercise myths – how to avoid?

The best way to avoid exercise myths is to hire a female or male personal fitness trainer in Dubai. You could hire them for personal training, or you could pay for consultations. But these individuals are trained professionals who will be giving proper advice, and not exercise myths. The internet is one thing, but getting a coach who is a professional with years of experience is a totally different thing. This is one very safe and efficient way to keep yourself safe.

Otherwise, if you are researching online, make sure to use valid sources. Shady YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook adds do not count. And remember, it’s hard work! So, work hard – play hard!

Good luck!

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