The effects of COVID-19 on the fitness industry

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Published: April 18, 2021

Will the fitness industry remain the same after the global pandemic and what are the effects of COVID-19 on the fitness industry? Today, we’ll try to find some answers on how will this affect fitness center owners and users themselves, along with a few tips on how to stay close to your customers. Let’s start!

What numbers say about the effects of COVID-19 on the fitness industry

The fitness industry underwent a major transformation in the last quarter. In order to survive, fitness center owners will have to find new ways to reach their old users and how to attract new ones. One of these ways is that many people are getting their own personal trainer Dubai. When it comes to the effects of COVID-19 on the fitness industry, it is estimated that at least three people work in one fitness facility. Of course, this is taking into account admissions and technical staff, trainers, managers, and fitness instructors.

female fitness trainer - The effects of COVID-19 on the fitness industry
Will the fitness industry remain the same after the global pandemic and what are the effects of COVID-19 on the fitness industry?

The calculation thus shows that at least 6,000 jobs are currently inactive. What must be taken into account is that when fitness centers are officially opened – what steps should be taken to protect users and raise socially responsible behavior to a higher level.

Practical steps to consider immediately are:

  • Inform all users about the new rules
  • Tell users about the optimal distance between fitness devices
  • Obtain disinfectants in the facility
  • Focus on alternative ways to help your users, like showing them anchor: fat loss workout, link to:
  • Encourage online payment and socially responsible behavior

And in the background should be a revision of the business strategy – to encourage users to come and train.

Options that will retain customers and positively impact your brand:

  • Investing in better equipment
  • Presentation of innovative individual training
  • Investing in creating digital advertising material
  • Positioning the brand as socially responsible
  • Advanced customer support

In order for your business to survive – it requires constant investment of time and money as well as care for the end-user. What needs to be done immediately – is to show initiative towards positive efforts to improve the current business. The worst thing may as just well be to do nothing. A professional attitude towards work – and support for your customers are a sure way out of the crisis.

There are multiple challenges

Fitness clubs around the world are forced to suspend operations in the most profitable part of the year, to help spread the COVID-19. At the same time, the fitness industry has to make a huge effort to keep its members physically active during this period.

female physical trainer
Billions of people are looking for an adequate way to stay physically active and protect themselves from the coronavirus.

Physical activity is one of the best ways to boost and strengthen our immune system, which means that now more than ever, fitness members need support to stay physically active during this period. And it doesn’t have to be going to the gym. It can be something like power yoga Dubai. As people are currently forced to socially distance themselves, billions of them are looking for an adequate way to stay physically active and protect themselves from the coronavirus.

What can fitness clubs do?

Although this is an extremely challenging and uncertain period for clubs, the current situation gives you the opportunity to emphasize your role and to show through socially responsible business the ability to help people stay healthy… Even when people do not have the opportunity to visit fitness centers. But what should you tell your members? How do you reach your users?

Clear and regular communication

Whether your club is completely closed, working under restrictive measures or is in the phase of preparation for reopening, all experts agree that clear and regular communication is extremely important. There is always a way to contact us at all times so that members are up to date with club events and upcoming activities.

Promote your fitness activities

It is important that you have a clear intention and goal. You should evoke a sense of belonging in your members. This is because you have helped them improve their health and realize the benefits that physical activity provides. It is the right time to build a good relationship with members who are willing to “listen” to you. You can do this by choosing an adequate channel of communication such as email, SMS, social networks, or website.

Offer relevant content

Keeping members informed is one thing. However, keeping them physically active at the same time is equally important to them and to fitness business owners. Club owners around the world are rapidly implementing and developing digital platforms to help members stay physically active at home as well. Also, many fitness owners are educating their personal trainers and instructors to help them adjust their work and coaching model to online training.

female fitness trainer
Club owners around the world are rapidly implementing and developing digital platforms.

Create an experience and strengthen the community

Building an online community and spreading the experience are ideal “antidotes” to loneliness and social distance. At the same time, members should be encouraged to participate together in building content. This encourages them to stay engaged and achieves two-way communication between your club and the member. On social media, your team should encourage challenges during training. Also, do not hesitate to ask your members to share their pictures and videos before and after the workout. This will enhance the sense of togetherness.

Use surveys, questions, and sliders on social media. Create fun content that will be easy to consume. Raise engagement, and encourage audiences to interact within your fitness community made up of your employees, members, potential members, etc.

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