The profound power of breathing in yoga

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Published: June 15, 2021

A human can go weeks without food, days without water, and only mere minutes without breath. If that’s not a testament to how important breathing is, we don’t know what is. But you’d be surprised to know that many people breathe improperly. With improper breathing, people are bound to start feeling unwell at some point. Or at least not as well as they could and should. When that happens, a lot of people turn to all sorts of yoga, including power yoga Dubai has to offer, to rejuvenate themselves from the inside out. That is a great move since the profound power of breathing in yoga can make people feel much better. But in what ways exactly can yogic breathing help? Read on to find out.

Breath: The endless life force

Proper breathing is the most important thing for each human. Health begins with proper breathing. Of course, we are not saying that if your breathing is not perfect that there’s something wrong with you. No. We are just saying that to be in optimal health it’s very important to breathe correctly since breathing nourishes the body, quite literally. Oxygen delivers nutrients to cells and without nutrients, your cells can’t function properly. But as a byproduct of your cells feeling much happier, you too will feel a lot better. So here’s what you can expect to happen if you start breathing properly and follow the rules of yogic breathing.

A man breathing seeply while enjoying the sun.
Deep yogic breathing can improve your life in so many ways. Even practicing for a few minutes a day can significantly improve your quality of life!

The greatest power of yoga breathing is that it can reduce stress

What are people if not stresses in the 21st century? Sometimes, no amount of CrossFit training is enough to relieve the tension. But luckily, yoga breathing is very effective in relieving stress. Be it acute or chronic stress, there’s no denying the great power yoga breathing has when it comes to stress. Deep breathing calms the nervous system and makes you more centered and balanced. That’s why most yoga classes usually end with breathing and relaxation. Doing basic yogic breathing exercises just once a day can make stress management so much easier!

Proper breathing increases sleep quality and energy levels

Pretty much all male and female fitness trainers in Dubai that know what they’re doing would tell you how important breathing is. Not only for better workouts but also for a better quality of life and better sleep. Sleeping is very important for brain regeneration. And if there’s no brain rest, people feel sluggish, energyless, and tired. Breathing regulates hormones which makes sleeping a lot easier. And not just that, with proper breathing even the quality of sleep improves. So if you’re struggling to sleep or feel exhausted, try improving your breathing. Deep effects of yoga breathing have been proven to better sleep as well as energy and it costs you nothing to give it a go!

A woamn sleeping.
The profound power of breathing in yoga shows in the quality of sleep!

Profound power yoga breathing has over preventable cardiovascular diseases

Exercising with a personal coach Dubai residents love and recommend is a great way to stay healthy. Being fit is one of the best ways to keep your blood pressure low and your cardiovascular system healthy. However, there’s more you can do than just proper eating and exercising. Breathing, for example, is known to lower blood pressure. Just breathing deeply for a couple of minutes can slow down the heart rate and lower the blood pressure. Obviously, yogic breathing is not a substitute for medication for people who need it. But for people who are otherwise healthy, yogic breathing works like magic for lowering blood pressure. So if you want your heart to be healthy for a long time, make sure to practice deep and proper breathing. It’s an easy way to do a bit extra for your health.

Deep and powerful yoga breathing can increase lung strength and capacity

The rule “if you don’t use it, you lose it” applies to pretty much everything in life, lungs included. That means that with weak and improper breathing, your lungs are bound to become weaker and decrease in capacity. Luckily, that’s usually pretty easy to correct. Just by exercising regularly with one of the great female and male fitness trainers Dubai has to offer, and practicing yogic breathing regularly, you could develop the lungs of a swimmer! Of course, that requires time and dedication. The profound power of yoga breathing has is undeniable, you just have to be consistent and you’ll see a change in your lung strength and capacity in no time!

Mindfulness comes hand in hand with yogic breathing

Being mindful is very important. It can help you get to know yourself and your struggles. When you’re self-aware it’s much easier to work on yourself and better yourself. Yogic breathing calls for stillness and self-reflection. And as you do breathing exercises, you’ll become more aware of your body, your thoughts, and your feelings. That will give you a new type of strength you probably didn’t know you had. You’ll be able to observe and correct. That in turn will give you a lot more control over yourself than you previously had.

A woman doing yoga.
Breathing will help you feel and understand your body and its needs much better!

The power of breathing in yoga is immense and you should harness it

By now it should be obvious that the profound power of breathing in yoga is unlike anything else. Sure, there are many things you can do to improve all the above-mentioned areas of your life. However, breathing is such a small thing and most people can correct it. Yet, it has such a huge impact on a person’s life. That’s why everyone should work to improve their breathing. It’s a quality of life improvement that requires only a few minutes of time and dedication out of your day. We think it’s worth it. Do you?


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