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Published: May 5, 2022

Did you know that you can tone up your body without rigorous diets, workouts, or daily visits to the gym? For toning your body, you need to make sure to follow a proper diet designed especially for you and simple workout exercises that will get you an attractive shape and figure. Significant changes to your body can be seen after only a few weeks as well as improved strength level. It will help you improve your overall physical health and provide more energy, strength, and flexibility. Moreover, it decreases the risk of developing diabetes and heart diseases. We at DubaiPT are here to assist you and provide you with a toning workout and meal plan by Dubai personal trainers. It is essential to practice self-care in different ways and this is one of them. Enjoy a healthy life and start your transformation today with these great tips!

Be realistic and start slow in achieving your goals

Working out every day is very hard and a small number of people actually commit to it. Luckily, there is a way to tone your body that doesn’t involve adopting a strict workout routine. What is important is to create a specific plan with results that are attainable. Beginning slowly is important as you will make all these exercises more approachable and less scary for you. You may start with some yoga exercises that are perfect for newbies that can help with toning your entire body. With a proper toning workout and meal plan by Dubai personal trainers, you will maintain healthy body weight and regulate your body’s hormone level. It can definitely count as strength training and can help in toning your muscles. Additionally, it increases your flexibility and helps with an easier recovery from injuries.

A woman practicing yoga on a stability ball
The best toning workout and meal plan by Dubai personal trainers includes yoga.

80% of achieving every goal is having an adequate meal plan

In order for your muscles to grow and to get your body more defined, make sure to incorporate nutrient-rich foods into your diet. An ideal combination of fiber and omega-3s can be found in seeds like chia and hemp. Moreover,  mushrooms and avocadoes are amazing foods for strengthening muscles. Avoid processed snacks, refined sugar, and foods that store fat and do not have any nutritional value. If you are not sure how to change your diet, you can always follow a fitness diet recommended by our Dubai experts. Your digestive system plays a key role in shaping your body, and you need to be aware of the foods that disrupt it. For some people, dairy and gluten may cause bloating. Listen to your body and eliminate food that is bad for your body.

A 15-minute punching bag can tone your body

If you don’t have a lot of time to commit to training, then a 15-minute boxing session is something you need. If you want to tone your body without sacrificing a lot of your free time, then this is the right thing for you. Start by warming up with some jumping jacks or air squats for a few minutes. The best moves are cross punches which will have an effect on your shoulders and arms. Make sure to throw your entire body into each punch and you will need a lot of strength in the beginning. Remember to stand in the correct position, like a boxer, and land those punches. This is quite essential for developing an adequate posture. This high-intensity training will do wonders and you will get results quicker than with other workout sessions.

A man following the best toning workout and meal plan by Dubai personal trainers
If you want amazing core strength results include boxing into your regular workout routine.

Maintain healthy eating habits and detoxify your body

If you looking for results, in the long run, you will need a great-designed meal plan made by experts. You probably have vegetables and fruits every day, but not in the needed amount. Vegetables will provide you with important vitamins and extra hydration. Basing some of the meals on sole vegetables will aid you to look toner faster. If you are not sure what to eat and how to prepare such meals, our expert nutritionists in Dubai recommend a great vegan diet to maximize your results. For example, start your day with a vegetable or fruit smoothie and replace snacks with raw vegetables. Nourish your body with whole fruits and ditch those foods that make you bloated and tired. Moreover, don’t forget to drink a lot of water as pure water is healthier than any other drink you have during the day.

Tone your arms with different Zumba classes

Zumba workouts are considered amazing cardio workouts that can help in toning your body, especially your arms. With Zumba classes, you will stimulate a huge muscle group and ditch those unnecessary calories for good. Usually, a class lasts between 45 minutes to an hour, a perfect time to get quick results. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should know that you will have belly rolling, hip rotating, and hands in the air. All of these mentioned movements will flatten and tone your body. Don’t engage in these workouts every day as overtraining can slow down your body since you are not giving your body time to heal. The best time to do Zumba is evening as your body temperature is rising thus optimizing your muscle strength and function. Taking carbohydrates before a session will improve your performance.

A fruit oatmeal ball on the table
Replace heavy breakfast with light meals that include lots of whole fruits.

Weight lifting matters when wanting a defined body

A lot of people wonder why do even bother lifting heavyweights? Is it truly effective or rather a routine to show yourself in the gym? Adding more muscles to your body can also make you look slimmer and not bigger. With a few repetitions (8-12) and working out until you feel exhausted is an effective way of toning your body, especially muscles. Of course, you can get toned without this workout training however even consistent weight lifting for beginners can get you results in a few weeks. Combine with cardio boxing, running, and jumping rope and you will tone your legs and stomach as well. Make sure to lift weights at least two days a week in order to remove the appearance of body fat that forbids your muscles to get into shape.

Team sports for the gluteus and legs can be a perfect after-work training

Another great idea for a stress-free day after work is team sports. A football game will keep you moving and it is a wonderful exercise for your glutes and legs as well. Sprinting back and forth as well as kicking the ball will make them even stronger. Basketball aids in building speed and strength making your shoulders benefit from shooting the ball. Even running the bases on the baseball field can fasten the results that you are anticipating. Your arms will be grateful for the tennis you just finished with your friends as slamming the ball works your arms. No matter which of these team sports you choose, know that they can still help in burning calories and making your body fitter.

A group of people playing beach football
After a long day at work, you can play football with your friends on many amazing Dubai beaches.

Complex martial arts movements can improve muscle tone

A typical martial arts session such as a karate session begins with warming up and preparing your body. If you are a beginner you will have an experienced instructor who will teach you the basic series of exercises and martial arts techniques. Severe forms of muscle training are included such as squats, sit-ups, and push-ups that are done in many sets. To put it simply, practicing karate is an amazing way to accomplish your fitness goals. It will help you get the figure you always dreamed of and improve your health in any possible way. As a karate session is of high-intensity it is a great chance to burn some calories and tone your body muscles at the same time. After each workout, you will feel relaxed and satisfied both physically and mentally.

Improve your mood and quality of life with daily fitness exercises

You have probably heard people wanting to tone only a certain aspect of their body. Whether those are muscles or thighs, you can do more than that! Engaging in toning workouts with simple daily fitness exercises can benefit you in many aspects. When you tone your body, you will improve your energy level and stamina. Strengthening your muscles and toning will reduce the risk of spinal cord injuries and allow you to have adequate posture. With enough determination and motivation from our experienced trainers in Dubai, you can tone simply through exercises. Getting toned doesn’t mean only building muscles, but rather burning the fat until you can see your muscles clearly. Moreover, adjusting your eating habits will improve your sleep and life quality. You will be grateful that you embarked on this healthy journey

A man and a woman jumping feeling happy
With a proper healthy diet and daily exercises, you will feel more energized and satisfied.

Intensity is an important aspect if you have any metabolic issues

Just because you suffer from a metabolic disease such as insulin resistance, doesn’t mean that you can have the perfect body you wanted. The best aspect of exercising when you have insulin resistance is the effects you can see afterward. What our experts and trainers in Dubai recommend is high-intensity training that only needs to be performed for about 20 minutes a few times a week. They involve a short period of time but are followed by a long recovery period. Each session should involve:

  • a warm-up that lasts up to 3 minutes;
  • 10 sprints for 30 seconds with a recovery period of 60 seconds;
  • 1-2 minutes of cool down.

The key is that it has to be hard and difficult but you can incorporate any kind of activity like biking, running, or swimming. This training will acquire glucose from your body and change it to body fuel. Hence, the amount of glucose will decrease while training.

Observe your body toning while being on a keto diet

A keto diet is a great way to teach your body to use fat as fuel. If you just decided to try the keto diet, know that you can increasingly burn fat during training than workers on a standard diet. During such diet, your body will suffer several adaptations as well as a decrease in insulin and fat. If you are wondering whether the keto diet works without exercising, the answer is yes! However, many personal trainers and experts recommend embarking on a training journey for faster and better results. You will want to perform moderate and low-intensity sessions such as swimming, jogging, or cycling that will maintain your heart rate at the desired level. Not only you will have more energy and vitality, but you will also support your body in making the transformation you desire.

Pasta dish on a plate
The Keto diet is one of the most recommended ways of improving your health and changing your body.

Diet modification and controlled training will transform your life

The main characteristics of toning are developing muscles and strengthening. With a toning workout and meal plan by Dubai personal trainers, you will get lean and fit in no time. However, how much fit do you want depends on your needs. The main goal is to improve your overall health, posture, and quality of life. If your exercise continuously, over time you will achieve and notice results. But how to be sure that you are toning up? You will increase your mobility, your weight will change as well as your mood and overall attitude. Combined with a healthy and modified diet designed for every person, you will never want to go back to your old routines. All you need to do is to include some lifestyle changes as well as dietary to get into perfect shape. Don’t hesitate to start your journey even today and remember that you are responsible for your own change.


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