The top 10 CrossFit workouts to improve your endurance

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Published: November 6, 2020

There are many CrossFit workouts that can help you with different aspects of your active lifestyle. All of them are great for building muscle and losing fat, some more and some less. The same goes for stamina, ability, flexibility, and more. Since there are certain workouts that are specially designed for some purposes, we will be talking about the 10 best CrossFit workouts to improve your endurance. The ones we will share with you are widely recommended and almost everyone can practice them. Know that every professional personal trainer Dubai residents acknowledge will suggest the same.

What makes CrossFit workouts to improve your endurance different from other workouts?

When talking about CrossFit, people often get the wrong impression. Many think it is the best and the only way to work out and others think it is only for men or is not effective for everyone. This is a misconception we will gladly disagree with. There are many workouts that will help you gain muscle, lose fat, improve your lifestyle, and much more no matter whether you are a man, woman, and regardless of your body type. This also applies to endurance workouts. There are many that are designed for women and men separately and even more that were designed for both. Why? Because stamina is something that you can work on even though genetics affects athletic performance.

A woman and a man working out with battle ropes.
Whether you are a male or female will not matter because you will use these CrossFit workouts to improve your endurance and that depends on how much effort you are willing to put in.

Just like everything, endurance is something that can and should be improved. In this article, we will be suggesting some CrossFit workouts that we know will help you achieve your goal faster and more efficiently.

CrossFit workout to improve your endurance


Rowing seems like a boring way to exercise and many avoid it because it is very difficult. Yet, the great thing about it is the fact that you can row for 1km or for 10 km and still get results. Each time you row, you will feel like you can go longer than the time before. This is because it is definitely one of the most effective workouts for endurance you can practice. Not to mention that it also helps you lose fat and gain muscle and not by a little bit but by a lot!

The 20-minute AMRAP method in two ways and the 25-minute AMRAP as three different workouts

It is all about 10 burpees, 20 wall balls, and rowing, usually by 250m because the point is to repeat these three as many times as you can during the period of 20 minutes. Again, very difficult at one point but every time you exercise, you should repeat it. You will see that, over time, you are doing more and more cycles during those 20 minutes. The other way is another exercise and consists of 200m running, 8 barbell thrusters, and 10 toes to bar. 

The 25-minute options consist of a certain number of reps for certain exercises and we recommend that you do not change anything. It is better not to do it at all that to modify it. Try 10 front-squats, 10 burpee box jumps, and 20 situps but with weights. 

The 8 rounds for ”time” principal

The point is to complete 10 barbell thrusters, 8 pull-ups, and 50 double-unders. If double-unders are too much for you, you can aim for singles but remember to do a double every few times in order to get the wanted effect.  The time you decide one round should last is something you will have to come up with according to your possibilities. If you are not sure how to decide on your time, there is always the option of hiring personal trainers. They will know how to help you and will also make sure that you choose a shorter period of time when you practice this exercise in the future.

A man doing pull-ups.
Just because there are fewer reps for pull-ups than for the other two exercises, does not mean they will be easy to complete.

The 20-minute EMOM and the 15-minute EMOM as two CrossFit workouts to improve your endurance

The point is to use every minute fully. EMOM stands for ”every minute on the minute”. You start your exercise with the start of the first minute, complete it as fast as you can, and then rest for the remaining seconds you have for that minute. You repeat it for 20 minutes. It seems difficult and it is but it is also fantastic and highly effective. Everyone likes to choose their own exercise for this but we personally recommend Russian kettle-swings and back squats. How many reps you choose to do is up to you. Do not go easy on yourself but avoid exercise burnout by all means.

The other version consists of power cleans, overhead presses, and pushups. Choose your reps wisely, you are not supposed to take them lightly and it is not supposed to be easy.

We have the ”race the clock”

Start by running 400m and end by running 400 m. What you do in between depends on you mostly. We recommend wall balls, burpees, and box jumps. Whether you do 40 or 60 box jumps or you do 20 burpees depends on your capabilities because this exercise is more difficult than a regular one. Just manage to do everything within 15 minutes. Make sure that you do not have too much time to relax because that is the point.

The 6-round circuit

As you can see, rowing is sometimes incorporated into an exercise. That is the case here. You will start with 250m of rowing, continue with 10 dumbbell snatches, per side, 10 goblet squats, and finish off with 15 v-ups. No pauses, no time to relax, just deep and even breaths to avoid cramps and dizziness. If you feel like this is too much, do fewer reps, do not change exercises.

And the final ”Karen”

Why Karen? Because everyone dreads it and many fail in the first few attempts. Try 150 reps of 20lbs wall balls. Of course, there is a time limit. it is best to set it with the help of professionals because this truly is a difficult exercise. Yet, once you manage to complete it, you will be more than proud. 

A man and a woman doing the wall ball exercise as one of the top CrossFit workouts to improve your endurance.
If you do not have a wall ball, you can use a medicine ball. They are similar enough.

These were our top choices for CrossFit workouts to improve your endurance

As you can see, we are more than competent to help you get to your goal. This was our pick for CrossFit workouts to improve your endurance, and we recommend you give it a go. If you do everything properly, you will start to see, and very soon, how your stamina is improving daily. Also, remember that you can do CrossFit at home if you cannot visit the gym sometimes. Everything can be done as long as you want to do it. We wish you good luck. 

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