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Published: August 23, 2022

Whenever people talk about health, they often talk about losing weight and staying fit. However, there is a need to actually gain weight and do quite the opposite. There are many scenarios where you will visit a physician and they will advise you to gain weight. Just as losing weight, when gaining weight you need to do it properly and be healthy. It is not just about adding carbs and sugar into your diet. You need to do what is best for your body and establish a routine. This is why our best fitness instructor Dubai has is here to share some top guidelines. Whether you have a health condition or you are underweight, you need to build muscle weight. Stick around to hear some great strategies for gaining weight the right way. Follow these guidelines and start your body transformation today.

Being underweight can harm your health in the long run

Just because someone is following a fitness meal plans Dubai, it doesn’t mean they want to lose weight. A lot of people are underweight due to a fast metabolism and genetics. If you are struggling to gain weight or you need help, you can do it in a healthy way. There are various medical conditions that can cause losing weight unhealthily. Moreover, it can cause harm to your immune system, and lead to infections, osteoporosis, and fertility issues. This is why you need to change your entire diet and establish a healthy routine and a new lifestyle. Don’t let your body suffer because you are skipping meals or sleeping less. If you are busy, it is not an excuse for being healthy.  We are here to show you some best tips in order to start your change even today and transform your body.

A plate with a sign weight gain
Gaining weight the right way is essential in order to avoid several medical issues.

Increase your calorie intake and eat more calories your body seeks

One of the most essential things to do when gaining weight is to increase calories. What you need to do is to follow different meal plans in Dubai and intake more calories. If you are not sure how to do that, you can always use a calorie calculator. Choose the ingredients you need and determine the calorie intake you need every day. When gaining weight the right way, you should add 300-500 more calories. If you are in a rush, then 700-1000 is quite enough. However, be aware that these estimations are not always correct, so listen to your body. After a few weeks, you will understand what your body needs and you will not need to count calories before every meal. Experiment with ingredients and look for some that you always wanted to try but were afraid of. This is your time to eat whatever you want.

An adequate amount of protein is crucial for growth and muscle mass

Did you know that increasing the intake of protein will increase your muscle mass? Moreover, a 7-day meal plan for muscle gain is amazing for shaping your body and gaining that needed weight. There are many foods with high protein that you need to include in your diet. What you should add is fish, eggs, meat, dairy products, nuts, etc. In addition, adding whey protein as a supplement won’t harm you at all. On the contrary, it will be quite beneficial. Be careful, because protein might affect your appetite and reduce it, so you will need to make sure you are eating properly. If you still have doubts, every fitness trainer will be glad to give you a hand. You need to ensure a balanced diet during the day and of course not overdo it. Balance is key to every successful health journey.

Different food on the table
Don’t skip meals and add enough calories as your body needs every day for healthy weight gain.

Don’t skip meals and eat often choosing nutrient-rich food

When we talk about adding calories, we definitely do not think about junk food. If you usually have three meals a day, it is important to eat more often during the day. This way, you will be able to add more calories as well as keep track of your new diet plan. If you are on a busy schedule, you can always hire an affordable personal trainer Dubai and consult with a professional. It is recommended that you have five to six meals every day instead of two big ones. Use snacks and turn them into mini-meals that you will consume at work or when watching TV. Choose nutrient-rich foods such as nuts, dairy products, fruits, whole-grain bread, seeds, etc. It is important to drink your calories as well. A nice smoothie or shake will be wonderful for you.

Cut on junk food and stay away from empty calories that have no purpose

Even if you want to gain weight, do not eat junk food at all. Whenever we talk about gain weight, everyone assumes that chips, pizza, and unlimited fries are what you need. There are simply empty calories and they have no purpose at all. Instead, try to follow a vegan meal plan Dubai and change your diet. Eating sugary foods, and drinking sodas will cause bloating and risk of medical issues. Instead, focus on healthy foods that will help you gain muscles and weight in a more healthy way. Eating junk food often will lead to a risk of having diabetes or heart disease. You want to embark on this journey in a proper way. If you are really craving sweets try granola, pie, protein bars, or pudding. There are endless healthy possibilities to try out with your imagination.

A chocolate bar on the table
Cutting on your favorite food can be difficult, but in the right amounts, you can always consume what you crave.

Start weight lifting and build muscle when gaining weight the right way

Gaining weight the right way can be simple with different workout sessions. If you want to hire a cheap personal trainer Dubai that this is your opportunity. Start with strength training and add weights to your workout session. This way you will increase your body fat as well as your muscle mass. If you continue to train regularly and change your diet, you will see results in no time. Your aim should be to choose weights that will tire your muscles after 10-15 repetitions. If it seems easy then increase weight, but do it gradually. Challenge yourself and make this your routine. Try to avoid running and cardio because you will burn calories that you want to keep. You need to be aware of the exercises that you have to do and the ones to avoid. The best thing to do is consult with your fitness trainer in Dubai.

Gain weight while breaking a sweat in the gym

Sitting at home and adding calories is a way to gain weight, but definitely not a healthy one. You will be more successful if you attend gym sessions and start working out. As we already mentioned, the focus of your workout session should be on building muscles. If you are not a fan of lifting weights and sweating in the gym, there are alternatives. Our best fitness trainers recommend something far more interesting. There are numerous boxing classes Dubai for ladies so everyone can try them out. If you are a beginner, go slowly and build your sessions over time. This will help you gain appetite and thus increase more calories that your body needs. Just because you don’t know how to do it, it doesn’t mean it is not possible.

A woman attending a boxing class
Boxing is a great way to get rid of tension and will help you build muscles easily.

Carbs are essential before every good workout session

Whether you are going to the gym or having pilates classes in Dubai, eating before a session is important. You will never be able to finish the training if you do not eat properly before such. You need to add carbs or any other source of energy before every workout session. There are different meal plans you can follow, but the most recommended one is the one for building muscles. For example, have a wholegrain toast or rice before a session. This will keep you full during the day and enable you to finish your workout session without getting tired and hurting your body. Remember, you don’t need to burn calories, instead, you need to build your strength. Prepare a pre and post-workout meal plan and don’t let your body starve after the session.

Don’t do cardio training and save your energy and strength

A lot of people think that it is important to work out to gain weight. It actually is, but this is where they make a huge mistake. They will start a CrossFit training or a cardio workout session and disrupt this gaining weight process. What you need to do is save your energy as much as you can and do it by avoiding cardio workout sessions. Instead, perform as much muscle-straining training sessions as you can. You will feel a lot of pressure and have a sensation like you can’t do it. This is only your body naturally reacting but after tearing this layer of muscles, you will build more. The more weight you add, the bugger muscles you will have. Above all, you will gain weight in no time.

A man lifting weights in the gym as part of gaining weight the right way
Be careful when choosing a workout session when trying to gain weight.

Instead of drinking plain water, experiment with a variety of drinks

Throughout the day, you should be consuming 100% natural and healthy products such as vegetable and fruit juice. Make sure you avoid drinks that contain any added sugar and substances. Instead of simply drinking water, consume whole milk which is full of vitamin D and calcium. For more recommendations, you can ask any female physical trainer for advice to modify your meal plan list. Even though sodas seem quite tempting, especially in the summertime, they are filled with unnecessary calories. Yes, you do need calories, but only nutritious ones. They are filled with sugar and can lead to various medical conditions. So be careful next time you go out what you order and choose healthy options because there are so many. 

Don’t step on a scale right after a workout, forget about measurements

After a strenuous workout session, the scale will show an increase for a day or two. Although that is quite normal, don’t anticipate it happening frequently and after every session. You will quickly reach your fitness goals if you combine them with a healthy diet, enough sleep, and rest. The percentage of mass in every part of our body increases by 15% just after a workout session. These numbers are actually the result of inflammation and injury of your muscles and dehydration. Your fitness trainer will demonstrate the proper activities for a healthy weight gain. Forget about numbers for a while and you will be more relaxed and successful. You don’t want to feel disappointed and quit on your goals just because you don’t see the numbers you want to.

A man holding a burget
Enjoy the food you love and crave without standing on a scale every day.

The focus should be on the quality of your healthy journey then the quantity

When gaining weight the right way, it is important to consume nutrient-rich food as much as possible. Moreover, you need to be aware of why hydration is so important and what to avoid. It is not possible to achieve results overnight or even after a week. For a smart but healthy weight gain, you will need to focus on the quality of your journey. That includes eating in small portions and consuming fluids before and after meals. For a more precise journey, you may consult with a nutritionist and build a plan that you will follow. They will help you to enjoy your delicious food and promote gaining weight the right way. It is not about how much you eat, but the quality of those ingredients and food you intake.

Yoga can help with the muscular strength and endurance that you need

Did you know that yoga can be quite beneficial in your weight gain journey? If you are a yoga lover then make sure to hire a yoga instructor Dubai right now. Doing yoga regularly can aid in gaining endurance and muscle strength which you need when gaining weight. Of course, your diet will play a key role when gaining weight the right way. Moreover, it is very important to focus on yoga moves that engage muscle groups that you want to activate. You will feel strength mostly in your shoulders, quadriceps, glutes, and arms. Whenever you have time, try to practice yoga, not just for your body but for your mind and overall satisfaction.

 A woman practicing yoga at home
Yoga can help with your new healthy journey by building strength and endurance.

Weight gain training tips for beginners that will change your routine

There are numerous tips and tricks that will help you gain weight easily. In order to achieve your fitness goals, these guidelines will help you reach them quicker. Firstly, never train when feeling hungry. If you decide to go in a workout session before eating, you will limit your body. You cannot force your body to finish a workout if it doesn’t have energy. Therefore, you won’t gain any weight. If you prefer to train the morning, then your richest meal should be right after that workout. After training, your body will need so many calories you can supply it with. Of course, remember to spread calories during the day and divide them into mini-meals.

Add supplements to your diet and gain weight a bit easier

Supplements can be very helpful when it comes to your post-workout nutrition. You may add supplements to your diet and boost recovery after a hard workout session. They will simply aid you in getting those extra calories you need. Besides protein, creatine can help you in the gym since it promotes strength and muscle increase. Moreover, if you are taking a shake before and after a workout, taking supplemental carbs will help you train harder. If you really want your muscles to increase, ZMA supplements are the best. They contain zinc, vitamin B-6, and magnesium. If you feel like you need a bit of help in this journey, ask your fitness trainer for recommendations. Consult with your personal fitness trainer for advice on what to use. They will give you the best ones according to your body.

A man taking supplements
Supplements can be very helpful and promote better results when working out.

Home exercises for gaining weight for those on a busy schedule

While losing weight is challenging, gaining weight is even harder. If you are on a busy schedule and cannot commit to the gym or boxing classes, you need to work out a home. There are many full-body home workout tips that you can try out. One of the best exercises to perform at home when trying to gain weight are the following:

  • squats with adding weights,
  • push-ups,
  • lunges with weight for a different variation,
  • dumbbell overhead press,
  • tricep dips, etc.

You can add weight and modify these exercises if needed. Ensure that you are eating properly consuming protein and healthy fats. After all, it is important to embrace your body and results will follow. There should be no excuses for skipping workouts and they are key in gaining weight the right way.

Don’t lose your motivation when gaining weight and focus on your goal

In meal plans and workouts that guarantee weight gain in a healthy way, motivation has proven to be the key to success. The hardest drive to attain is certainly the one needed to gain weight in an effective manner. To continue the process, you should stick to recipes with the most amounts of healthy fat and protein possible and keep a strict routine. It also gives you the will to exercise frequently and stick to the schedule that has been planned. Motivation for gaining weight and increasing muscle is demonstrated to produce impressive benefits. The level of motivation and effort you use to work can predict how quickly you will succeed.

A fork wrapped with a measurement tape
Even though you don’t see the results right away, don’t lose motivation and stick to your routine.

An example of a healthy daily meal plan that you can try out

Allow us to give you a useful example of a healthy meal plan you can try out. It doesn’t matter if you are on a paleo diet or a regular one, healthy meals are essential. For starters and breakfast, you can opt for wholegrain bread and peanut butter. Serve with milk or hot chocolate, with a bit of fruit on the side. Lunch should always include high-protein food and a variety of vegetables. You can try chicken and pasta salad, with avocado, tomato, and feta cheese. If you need a snack before dinner you can add nuts or granola. We love to keep dinner the richest, so a lamb chop with potatoes on the side is a perfect idea. For a supper, you can make a cheese platter with fresh fruit.

How long does it take to gain desired weight?

A person might gain an additional 15 pounds (6.8 kg) on average over the course of six months by consuming 500 extra calories every day. Some people may find it extremely challenging to put on weight, and everyone’s weight-gain timeline will be different. This may be the case since your body may have a setpoint at which it feels comfortable. Your body may adapt to increased caloric intake and weight gain by lowering hunger and speeding up metabolism. Your brain and hormones that control your weight may play a significant role in mediating this. So take your time and don’t look at the numbers. Sometimes, the journey might be slow but it will pay off in the end. Hopefully, with these above-mentioned tips, you will manage to find the right motivation and strength to win this challenge.


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