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Published: December 16, 2020

If you are planning on moving to Dubai for a job – we have some good news. Dubai needs you! Given the exponential growth of this city, the growth of tourism, and people simply wishing to be there – so did the need for employees grow. And this really involves anything, from waiters to personal trainer jobs in Dubai. Simply, you can assess your current job, no matter what it is – and there will most likely be a need for that occupation in Dubai too. Even though it may seem like fiction and just an idea, you’d be surprised at just how many job openings there are in Dubai.

Do your research before you move to Dubai for a job

So, the next step is to understand that moving to Dubai for a job is no fantasy. In the fitness world alone, there is a constant need for people with skills and expertise. If you don’t have such skills, you can start investing in yourself and learning. Pick up a new skill, you have an abundance of resources online you can use. Get certification in a certain skill and start sending your resume to various job openings in Dubai. You will be surprised at the response rate.

woman on a Dubai beach thinking baout moving to Dubai for a job
Moving to Dubai for work can be one of the best decisions you will ever make!

It is important to note that one of the fastest-growing industries is the fitness industry. More and more people are coming to work as a personal fitness trainer in Dubai. The job is fun and active, giving you great opportunities to earn money. Also, the job market is growing almost daily, so you can be sure that you will find your dream job in no time! Moving to Dubai for a job can easily be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Moving to Dubai for a job – where to start?

Where do you start? First, you need to figure out what you would like to do. Knowing the type of job you want to do is going to be the prerequisite for anything you wish to accomplish in this field. Fortunately for you, there is an incredible amount of job openings. Furthermore, these job openings change daily! So, if one day you are not able to find what you are looking for, you will most definitely find something before the week is over. You just have to have a little bit of persistence. Relocating to Dubai for a job requires patience and determination!

Jobs that are always in demand are female fitness trainers. These can be done in Dubai or on cruise lines that start out of Dubai. Either way, this could be something for you to look into. Otherwise, from doctors, physicians, drivers, waiters, bartenders, you name it – Dubai needs it. Moving to Dubai for a job could be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Do proper market analysis before making any decisions

Before you decide whether or not you wish to move to Dubai for a job, you need to conduct a proper market analysis. Some jobs are overflooded, and it could potentially mean no change for you if you do it in your hometown or in Dubai. But, there are job openings that are hardly ever filled, and these have a tendency to pay much better. For instance, there are a ton of waiters, and getting a job as one is more than possible. However, will it mean you will earn more than you earn now? Not necessarily. This is why you need to explore the market first.

person on computer doing research about moving to Dubai for a job
Make sure to do your research before moving to Dubai

If you were, for instance, to host boxing classes in Dubai for gentlemen, you might have less competition. It is simply because there are not as many professionals who are willing to move to Dubai and do this type of work. If you are one such expert, you might have no difficulty at all finding a well-paid position in Dubai. The bottom line is, do your research. See what pays well and what doesn’t. Some jobs are potentially not worth relocating to Dubai.

What can you earn in Dubai?

Let’s be honest, one of the things that are the most important is the money you can expect to earn working in Dubai. We all dream about big paychecks, easy work, and endless possibilities. But you need to be honest with yourself and base your wishes on your research about the job market in Dubai. For example, the average hours that you will work as a personal trainer for muscle building in Dubai is around 33 hours. The fitness industry is very flexible, so you should be ready for different challenges.

Also, it is important to note that you won’t be earning so much money at the start. You need to build your client base, get recommendations and make some connections. Statistically speaking, a freelancer in some of Dubai’s top gyms can earn up to 500,000 Emirati dirhams (AED) per year. And the average payment per hour is around 218.62 AED. That can provide you with a rather comfortable life, but you need to work hard to get there. Be ready to be flexible and to adjust to your customers if you want to move to Dubai for a job.

When moving to Dubai for a job – explore the real estate market

One of the biggest expenses when you move to Dubai to work is rent. You should know that rent makes up more than 39% of all living expenses. When it comes to the prices, it depends on where you will live. If you plan to work as a fitness trainer, you should choose a location in the city center – or near it. The rent can be anywhere between 4,000 and 10,000 AED per month. On the other hand, if you plan to make healthy meal plans Dubai clients need, you can do that online, so you won’t have to live in the city center. The rent outside the center is between 2,500 and 5,000. It can be a great way to save money, especially if you plan to live alone. Also, the amount of money you will be earning will be growing as time goes by.

view of Dubai during night
Explore the real estate market in Dubai and find the most suitable option for your needs

Reach out to people already living and working in Dubai

Given how popular this is, there has to be someone you know that you could reach out to. They will give you very valuable information about living and working in Dubai. Maybe this lifestyle is not for you, and maybe you could save yourself from a mistake. Moving to Dubai for a job is great because it doesn’t have to be forever. You could experiment for a year and see how it fits your lifestyle. After a year, you might love it, you might hate it, but you will have lost nothing.

For instance, you could move to Dubai to work as a waiter or personal trainer and simultaneously learn something new. You could search for some personal trainer courses in Dubai and learn how to become one. If you do, you will then have much better chances of finding a job you like, for the money you desire. There is an abundance of skills you could pick up along the way while doing some other job at the beginning. it is important to be flexible and to keep going toward your goal.

What cost of living to expect after moving to Dubai for a job

People will often debate whether Dubai is an affordable place to live. A lot of people will assume that it is one of the most expensive places to live since it is a truly magical place full of different luxuries. But when you compare it to really expensive places in the world – Dubai is affordable. It is 42. most expensive city to live in in the world. So, it is really not that high on that list! And as a weight loss trainer, you can earn enough money to live really comfortably. Basic utilities for an average 85m2 apartment are around 700AED. 

person holding a credit card
You should learn more about everyday expenses in Dubai before moving there for work

Everyday items

If you plan to move and work in Dubai as one of the female fitness trainers – you need to know what you can expect when it comes to the average daily prices. Milk will cost you around 6AED, and fresh bread is around 5.5AED. When it comes to the meat, you can expect that you will pay between 15 to 50 AED for 1kg of chicken fillet. And 1kg of bananas will cost you around 7 AED. The price varies depending on where you shop and whether you buy organic meat. A meal in an inexpensive restaurant for one person is around 45 AED. If you want to drink a cappuccino  – expect the price of 20AED on average. 

As for transportation, one ticket in local transport can cost you between 3 and 10 AED. If you plan to go around a lot – you should get a monthly pass that costs around 350AED. And when it comes to taxis, the start is 12 AED, while every kilometer is 3 AED. Gasoline is around 4 AED. So, make sure to make the best choice when it comes to getting around Dubai. Also, you should know that a single person in Dubai needs approximately 3,700 AED monthly.

Moving to Dubai for a job – you can’t go wrong

With so many employment opportunities in the United Arab Emirates, moving to Dubai for a job is never a bad idea. Whether you fall in love with this amazing city and decide to call it home or come to the conclusion that its vibe doesn’t fit your lifestyle, living and working in Dubai will be a life-changing adventure. By living abroad, you will get to know a foreign culture by becoming a part of it. Moving to Dubai for work will also allow you to meet people from all around the World and make new friends, all while staying on your chosen career path.

a man walking next to a body of water with a view of Dubai behind him
In Dubai, you can easily find your dream job!

Make sure to get all the permits when moving to Dubai

Moving to Dubai for work is easy, but there are certain requirements that you need to follow. For instance, if the fitness industry is what you wish you try your hand at, you cannot simply move here and start working as one of the male fitness trainers. Relocating to Dubai requires you to get a certificate that will declare your competence, a valid visa, and a trade license. Make sure to follow all the rules, and to gather all the paperwork on time, so you can be sure that you can do your job safely and in accordance with the law. Moving to Dubai for a job is a great opportunity to learn new things and explore this part of the world! 

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