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Published: June 5, 2020

Believe it or not – stress is a huge factor in every person’s life. Even someone who might seem like they have it all put together is dealing with stress on a daily level. However, in order to have a healthy lifestyle, what’s important is how we deal with this stress. After all, the method they deal with stress is the main difference between these who are struggling to fight it and those who seem like they are not. Stress management has become a skill – and an important one to have for that matter. This is why today we take a look a the best ways you can deal with your stress.

Why should I even use stress management?

A lot of people consider dealing with stress daily activity. And to be honest – it is. However, if you are doing it in an unhealthy way, then the repercussions can be catastrophic. Stress has a huge influence on your emotions – which you already probably know. But were you aware that stress can also hugely affect your physical health?

pills and thermometer
Stress can affect your health in many different ways – so it is important to learn how to manage it correctly.

When you are under stress, your thinking is not clear. You cannot function as well as you usually can, and it also depletes your enjoyment of life. This is why it is important that you take control of your stress, and figure out the ways how to manage it. When you do it, the first thing you will do is reduce the grip stress holds on your life. This allows you to be more productive and happier, but also much healthier as well.

At the end of the day, you want a balanced life. You need work – and stress will come with it. However, you will get yourself in the equilibrium with relationships in your life, some fun, and relaxation. The challenge, then, becomes how to manage this stress. As you might know – not all people are the same. And so, some use best personal trainers in Dubai to do this, while others look into different possibilities. The goal is to find what fits you right.

Identify the major stressors in your life

The first thing you need to do to start working on stress management is to identify what is causing you the most stress. This can be one or multiple sources – and it is often not as straightforward as it sounds. The new things happening in your life – a new job, a divorce, etc. – can be obvious causes of stress. But the things causing you stress on a chronic basis might be harder to pinpoint.

different emotions
Sometimes emotions are the biggest stressors!

This can be as complicated as your own thoughts, feelings, and behavior – something you do not notice until actively looking at it. For example, you might always be rushing to meet deadlines. But your stress might not be coming from this! Instead, it can be coming from your procrastination, which causes the need to rush things.

To help you find these stressors, look at your habits and attitude. One of the best guides can be the excuses you give. When was the last time you took a breather? Is your stress always temporary? Do you think stress is something that is a part of your life – whether in the office or home? Maybe you have “a lot of nervous energy”? Carefully consider this. Realizing you are the person responsible for your stress management will be the key to actually dealing with it.

Four A-s can help you manage your stress

One of the best things you can use for dealing with stress is the “Four A-s method”. These represent, as follows:

  • avoid unnecessary stress
  • alter the situation
  • adapt to the stressor
  • accept that you can’t change everything
meditation can be a great way for stress management
There are different ways in which you can manage stress – and meditation is just one of them.

The four A-s of stress management

Usually, avoiding stress is not healthy. You will need to address it in order to deal with the stress. However, there are many places in your life when you can simply eliminate the stressors. Learning how to say no, for example, is one of them. Know your limits and do not cross them. Similarly, avoid the people who cause you stress in your daily life. End the relationship or reduce the amount you spend with them.

You will want to alter the stressful situation you cannot avoid. Usually, this can mean changing the way you communicate with people or do things in your life. A lot of people, for example, bottle up their feelings instead of expressing them. Also, consider creating a good schedule that will balance your work with your relaxation.

If you cannot change the stressor, you should think about changing yourself. This doesn’t mean you changing who you are at a core – just some of your expectations and attitudes. Try to look at things from a more positive position. For example, being stuck in traffic can be a chance to regroup. Another thing you can do is look at the bigger picture. This way, you can see that some smaller issues will not matter in the future.

Finally, you need to realize that there is some stress you cannot avoid. Instead, you will need to accept it. Things like the death of loved people or illness are unavoidable stressors. Acceptance does not come easy, but when it does, it will be the best way to manage your stress. Also, keep in mind that there are things our of your control. Sometimes, all you can do is look at the upside of life – and that can be a powerful tool for stress management.

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