Things you should know about coaching and training women

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Published: September 21, 2021

Coaching and training entail much more than engaging other people in physical activity and help them achieve better results. It is about understanding different personalities and their capabilities. Having an individual approach and being a good judge of character makes you stand out as a trainer. When it comes to genders specifics, there are some things that trainers should know. For instance, if the majority of your athletes are women, try and find out about them as much as you can. Learning about how women communicate and deal with physical activity will facilitate your training sessions and lead to better results. Find out what you should know about coaching and training women with the assistance of DubaiPT.

What you should know about coaching and training women

Being professional is a key to any job, especially if it entails working closely with people. Women tend to focus on creating rapport and mutual understanding in every aspect of life, including training. This is exactly what trainers should have in mind at all times. If a trainer wants to build a successful connection with their female trainees, there are a few things to focus on:

  • modify your language and tone
  • make a female trainee feel comfortable
  • have a unique and personal approach
  • maintain a team spirit
  • learn how to give feedback properly
  • set small and achievable goals
girl and bor in the gym boxing
Have a personal approach and learn how to give feedback

Modify your language and tone

Raising your voice to motivate a trainee for a better workout can be counterproductive in communication with women. They will not be able to make a difference between your tone and your message. Your motivational intentions may come across as aggression. Your female trainees may think you are mad at them. It is therefore vital to adjust your language and tone, so they get the message properly. If you wish to build their workout routine, you need them to feel comfortable. You must establish a relationship full of trust, which is a trait women look for primarily in all relations.

Have a unique approach

Not all people are the same. They have a different energy, character, body constitution, habits, and motivation. Therefore, trainers should be able to figure out the preferences of each trainee and design their sessions accordingly. Some women prefer cardio workouts, while others are more fond of low-energy training. For those not keen on cardio training, a professional yoga instructor Dubai will be able to tailor their ideal workout.

man and woman meditating on the grass
Tailor the training according to your trainee’s needs

Maintain a team spirit

Women need support from their personal trainers. They work better within a team and in an atmosphere of support. Try to find ways to streamline their team spirit and thus enable them to achieve their workout goals. For instance, a fun aerobic exercise is an activity that includes multiple people. Make a small team and help them develop their potentials through mutual support.

Learn how to give feedback

When people start to work out, they would like to hear from their trainers after a while if they are making any progress. It is now up to the trainers to give clear feedback. When giving feedback to female trainees, make sure to point out their strong suits if you are sharing the feedback in front of others. However, if you have to share negative feedback, remember to do that in private. Also, be constructive when giving suggestions to women, and leave them no space for overthinking. By using clear and concise feedback combined with a calm and polite tone you will help them determine what their areas for improvement are. Make them feel adequate and capable of improvement and they are guaranteed to thrive.

Set small and achievable goals

Women tend to lose their focus while working out, as sometimes they cannot separate their private and professional lives from athletic activities. This might interfere with their progress and competitiveness. To help them overcome this barrier, set them small and achievable goals. It will be easier for them to keep the focus on the training if it is divided into smaller chunks with attainable results. This is particularly important with training such as HIIT workout, which puts a great strain on the body. In order to endure this type of exercise, female trainers need to be motivated with small and attainable goals.

Create a productive environment

Women feel more comfortable when working out in calm surroundings. With this in mind try to create an environment that will enable their full potential. Also, keep the training lively and interesting. By doing this, you will boost their interest in workouts as well as motivation. Introduce some novelties, such as kettlebell workout. Everyone can use kettlebells and they are a great tool for losing fat and building muscles. Both beginners and professionals can use them, and personal trainers will give each trainee a recommendation on how to work out properly.

three female personal trainers hanging out in the gym know about coaching and training women
Create a productive and supporting environment for your female trainees

On the other hand, for those women who prefer cardio and love to dance, introducing Zumba dance in their training routine sounds like a great plan. A great calories burner that provides utmost fun followed by the sound of music is a great addition to any workout session. Apart from giving great results in keeping a person fit and sculpting their body, Zumba dance also builds self-confidence in women.

The importance of learning how to train women

The sooner trainers learn what they are supposed to know about coaching and training women, the more successful their training will be. Being mindful of every individual’s needs is what makes a good trainer stand out. Professional trainers, like those that work for Dubai Personal Trainers, have an individual approach for every person. They know how to set up a team spirit, how to give feedback and to assess everyone’s physical abilities. Women can rest assured that these trainers are highly professional and knowledgeable. The importance of learning how to train various people is a key to successful training sessions.


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