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Published: January 25, 2023

Many people often decide to lead healthier lives, exercise more, and eat better. However, when they start, they see that it is not simply a matter of desire. And unfortunately, many of them often give up due to the lack of time. Therefore, you should know that consistency is the key to living a healthier life and achieving your fitness goals. You will need to exercise regularly, time your workouts, and plan your meals if you want to create a habit of living healthily. This is why any personal trainer in Dubai would affirm that good organization and the ability to time your workouts are of utmost importance.

Decide on your fitness goals first

Whenever time is of the essence, it’s essential to choose a goal and carefully set up a plan to reach it. But different fitness goals require different approaches. In order to see the results as quickly as possible, it would be best to work with a personal trainer who will help you with timing your workouts. However, if you are to do it alone, you should know a few things.

a man boxing
If you want to achieve any fitness goal you desire, you will need to learn how to time your workouts for the best results possible.

First, know that people tend to choose one of the following fitness goals:

  • Weight loss – Time your workouts in order to achieve the goal of decreasing body fat percentage
  • Muscle building – Wanting to sculpt your body, tone up, or build muscle mass
  • Maintaining their fitness level – Exercising in order to maintain physical health and weight; exercising out of love for physical activity

Plan your meals in accordance with your fitness plan

Depending on the goal you have, you will want to choose a muscle building diet plan or a weight-loss one. Your nutrition is vital and must be in accordance with your goals. Otherwise, you won’t see the desired results and will eventually grow tired of exercising for nothing. And this is not what we are aiming for. We want you to eat healthily and plan your meals in order to help you achieve your fitness goals.

people having lunch at a table filled with food
Besides timing your workouts, you must have an appropriate meal plan if you wish to reach your fitness goals.

Even the best weight loss exercises won’t help you lose weight if you eat more calories than you should. For example, to lose weight, you will have to be in a calorie deficit. This means you should eat fewer calories than you burn on a daily basis. However, you should not decide on your own how many calories you should consume. It would be best to consult a personal trainer or a fitness program that will calculate your calorie deficit. Once you have it, you will be able to plan meals that are healthy and nourishing and will help you reach your goals faster.

The importance of choosing the type of workout that suits your timetable

If time is something you can barely afford but still want to have a regular exercise routine, then choosing the type of workout is crucial. Whatever your fitness goal may be, and whether you are on weight loss diet plans or other, the most important is to find a workout routine you will enjoy doing, and that will fit your schedule. If you don’t do this and exercise purely out of the desire to change your body and force yourself to do it, it won’t last. In most cases, people get tired of the thing they do without love. You will achieve your goals the fastest if you enjoy the process! And you will see, if you create the habit of it, it won’t be an obligation but something you look forward to.

a personal training sitting at the gym and learning to time your workouts
You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to see results! Even exercising for half an hour will bring results if you are consistent with your routine.

Time your workouts to increase your performance

And if your available time is quite limited, working with a personal trainer might be the best option. They can create an efficient exercise plan that can fit your timetable and help you reach your goals as fast as possible.  Nobody enjoys going to the gym and spending more time figuring out what to do than actually exercising. It would be best if you used your free time most efficiently.

Besides, timing your workouts has numerous health benefits. Even within a smaller workout session, it’s important to create a pause between sets. Circuit sessions are an excellent example of this. Timing your workout involves creating small breaks between each exercise. For example, you do an activity for 45 seconds and rest for 15. The activity itself will increase your heart rate to an aerobic or even anaerobic state, and the rest will help calm it down. These slight shifts are excellent for your cardiovascular health. This is why it’s excellent to have a timer while working out or someone – like a personal trainer – to time your workouts for you.

Workouts that you can do when you’re short on time

Even if you are someone who is very short on time, you don’t need to worry about regular exercising. You will be happy to know that you can have an efficient workout that will significantly impact even if it’s only half an hour per day. Don’t worry; timing your workouts can be just as beneficial within a shorter session. But you need to be consistent! A half-hour workout daily can do more for you than a few hour-long weekly gym sessions. And the best part is you can always find time to do these short workouts. You can book pilates classes in Dubai, take a quick run before work, or go for an extended walk during your lunch break at work. And if you are busy, you can even do simple exercises at your office desk.

Final words

After seeing how important it is to time your workouts, we hope you will implement this knowledge into creating a consistent workout routine. We advise working with a personal trainer in Dubai UAE, or anywhere else worldwide for the best possible results. But if this isn’t your choice, you’ve seen how even a tiny portion of time dedicated to exercise can get you the desired results and how timing each session is beneficial to your health. Find something you enjoy, and go for it! The results will come in no time. Workouts don’t have to be long, just constant!

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