Should You Tip a Personal Trainer in Dubai? A Guide to Tipping Etiquette

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Published: April 27, 2023

If you are not sure how to tip a personal trainer in Dubai, there are certain things you should know before doing it. If you live in Dubai but come from a different culture, there are certain customs and guides to remember when tipping in a foreign culture. Rules differ from country to country, so let’s talk about tipping DubaiPT Personal Trainers and how not to make the wrong impression. Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated!

Understanding the Culture of Tipping in Dubai

Unlike in some countries, tipping is not mandatory in Dubai. However, everyone appreciates being rewarded for their good work. That being said, even though you might not be expected to tip, it will be much appreciated if you do. Tipping is not included in the service charge, which is typically 10% in restaurants and hotels. When it comes to service providers who go above and beyond to make their customers happy, it is customary to tip them.

How to Tip a Personal Trainer

Deciding how to tip your personal trainer can be tricky. When you’re tipping a server in a restaurant, or someone working in a store, it’s an easy decision. However, you see your personal trainer often, they are a part of your life. Because of this, it’s important to tip them properly and not make them feel awkward or surprised. Don’t worry though, this is easy to do once you learn the tips we have prepared for you!

Girl exercising with her personal trainer
Make sure to reward your personal trainer for their hard work

The first thing to keep in mind is that tipping your freelance personal trainer in Dubai should be done discreetly and with respect. How can you do this? You should give the tip in cash or through an electronic transfer. Ask your personal trainer what they prefer. If they prefer being tipped through an electronic transfer, ask them what kind of transfer or app is more convenient for them. If you are not sure how to navigate the transfer, you can ask the personal trainer or the gym staff for guidance. No matter what method you choose, make sure to be respectful and not showcase your tipping to everyone present. This is not tasteful and can make your personal trainer feel offended.

How Much Should You Tip? 

Once you decide to tip, you have to figure out how much you should tip. First and foremost, this depends on your budget. Don’t empty your pockets in order to tip. You need to make sure your budget can handle tipping. When you have that figured out, think about the level of service provided. If you think the service you received was outstanding, you can give a nice tip. If the service was average, you can give a symbolic tip. Sometimes this can be confusing and still make you unsure of what the right amount is. If you prefer to know what the general guidelines are, anything between 10-15% of the session fee is considered a decent tip.

What is Considered Offensive? 

Before you tip a personal trainer in Dubai, make sure to learn what is considered offensive in these scenarios. Even though we mentioned tipping is not mandatory, tipping little or not at all could be considered offensive. In today’s economy, most people are making less than they would like to. Therefore, tipping someone for their hard work is appreciated. On the other hand, tipping very little or not at all will seem rude and might affect the working dynamic.

Woman and man exercising and talking about how to tip a personal trainer in Dubai
Before you tip a personal trainer in Dubai, check out what could seem offensive

On the other hand, tipping too much could also be considered offensive. You are probably wondering why would anyone be mad about being tipped too much. In Dubai, this may come across as showing off or being insincere. For example, if you ask your personal trainer to prepare a muscle building diet plan for you, there is no need to tip them $200 for that. The tip should be respectful and in line with the general guidelines.

How to Tip a Personal Trainer in Dubai if You Work Online

If you find a fitness trainer online and you want to tip them, it’s not hard to do! As we mentioned earlier, many people today prefer electronic transactions, so this is what you could do, too. You could also tip your personal trainer with a gift or a thank you note. While this might seem strange in some other cultures, this is perfectly fine to do in Dubai. A combination of a symbolic “online tip” and a thank you note can be the best mix. This will make your trainer feel appreciated and warm.

How to Tip a Cheap Personal Trainer

If you are working with a cheap personal trainer in Dubai, you should make sure to show appreciation for what they are doing. A small tip for your personal trainer is enough in this case. You can also surprise them with a thank you note. However, there is something important to keep in mind. Cheap trainers are usually just starting out and trying to build their business. A positive review online or “from mouth to mouth” could do wonders for your trainer. If you are able to leave a good review for them and help them attract more clients, they will be forever thankful. With cheap trainers, it’s the level of service that matters, not their fee, so make sure to put in a good word for them!

Female personal trainer working out with her client
Cheap personal trainers will appreciate your tip or good review

Alternative ways to show appreciation

If you would prefer a different way to tip your personal trainer than suggested above, we have an idea. Personal trainers usually offer additional services to their clients. If they also create tailored monthly meal plans, a perfect way to “tip” or support them is to purchase a meal plan from them. Your personal trainer will be happy that you are interested in their plan and it will not even seem like a tip. Also, it is healthy and useful to have a meal plan, so why not purchase one from a person who already knows you and your body?

We hope your understanding of how to tip a personal trainer in Dubai is better now. No matter what method you choose, your personal trainer will appreciate it and be happy that you value and reward what they do. You can tip them in cash, through online transfer sources, give them a small gift, or note, or purchase their meal plan. Make sure to be relaxed and natural when tipping your personal trainer and don’t worry about the rest!

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