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Published: August 28, 2019

Are you’re looking at karate pamphlets, but don’t know what to expect from the classes? It is normal to feel nervous going into your first class, but our instructors of Karate Dubai will answer your questions and assist you every step of the way. If you’ve signed up for a class, you’ll quickly learn that lesson for beginner karate students are very beneficial and fun. We have some expert tips for you that should prepare you for how our practice works!

Let’s bust some myths of beginner Karate students!

Most people think that Karate is a dangerous sport. But in reality, you won’t have to worry about getting hurt, because we train in a safe, friendly, and professional environment. When starting something new, beginner Karate students feel a little uncomfortable. It is perfectly normal but doesn’t worry about feeling embarrassed, there’s no such thing here. Those are all good signs that you’re learning and growing. You are transforming into a better version of yourself! Our certified trainers will compassionately support you but also challenge you to do your best. They can professionally guide you through the process every step of the way.

Kids sitting on the floor in kimonos with orange belts as beginner Karate students
The discipline gained through this sport is why parents enroll their kids into a martial arts program. Classes can help children focus which will form a better life path for them later on.

Reasons why beginner Karate students do martial arts

There are so many reasons people enroll in martial arts lessons. Let’s look at some reasons and see if you fit into any of them. Remember, whichever the reason for taking martial arts lessons, it is always an exciting time to become beginner Karate students!

  • Improves your fitness level
  • It is the best form of martial arts for kids to learn discipline
  • People want to learn self-defense
  • Some people train in martial arts to fight in a ring
  • Learn how to do things no one else can
  • Love for the martial arts
  • Brings out your competitive side

Learn the important terms all beginner Karate students have to know

Karateka’ is a karate practitioner. ‘Kihon’ means the basic milestones taught and practiced in karate, like breathing, self-awareness, biomechanics, techniques, etc. Once you can perform Kihon, you start learning Kata. ‘Kata’ is an ancient form of detailed movement patterns that involve fighting symbols, codes. These are the very structure for self-defense. ‘Dojois the school or place of training for beginner Karate students and the masters of martial arts as well. You’ll learn more terms as you advance from being beginner Karate students.

How do you tie a karate belt

Belts levels start at white; then you advance yellow, then you get yellow with a black stripe. After that you can earn a green, then green with a black stripe; next purple. Brown will follow, and the next three levels are brown with one, two, or three black stripes. Finally, you get to the black belt. Bottom line, the darker your belt, the more experience you have. Your instructor will also teach you how to tie your belt. But we advise you to learn how to do it ahead of time so that it’s easier later in class.

Find out when, where and how you should get your uniform

When you choose your Dojo, contact us to find out what the process is for acquiring your equipment. We welcome you to come in for your first class in any sports gear that you will feel comfortable in. If you decide to stay with us as beginner Karate students, we’ll help you order your uniform.

Black karate belts on the floor, some people in the back with kimonos
The body type does not matter in doing martial arts for fitness.

Get ready for your practice by fuelling up

You’ll be burning through a lot of calories as beginner Karate students. The mental and physical focus needed for just one class, means you have to be sure to eat well. Fuel up on some healthy and strong foods before the training and give yourself time to digest. Hydrating before and after the session is crucial to your health and muscle condition. Karate lessons involve a lot of moving and sweating. We expect our beginner Karate students to put their best efforts into their training. So preparing yourself properly and taking care of your body will go a long way.

Being punctual is the first virtue of any Karateka

We recommend you start being on time from your very first class. Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early and give yourself enough time to sign in, get changed, meet up with fellow students and start warming up before the class begins. Our trainers will go through a thorough warm-up with you, but for beginner Karate students is better to be extra prepared and get nice and loose before we begin. If you get into the habit of warming up your body before exercising, it will prevent discomfort, and lower the possibility of injury. Stretching, in general, improves your health and your flexibility. You will be able to learn new moves more easily.

Bowing in the Dojo

Learn about the ancient practice of bowing in Karate before becoming beginner Karate students. Bowing in the Dojo is a mutual sign of respect between practitioners. Regardless of their level of expertise, two practitioners always bow in the Dojo as a sign of complete respect. When you start training, your kickboxing personal trainer Dubai will teach you to bow before sparring or practicing drills with another person every time you enter the Dojo. You will bow each time you enter the dojo and each time you leave. That means at the beginning and end of class, to show respect for the history of the discipline and the practice.

It is a true, deep commitment

Karate takes a lot of practice to learn the techniques and poses. And being able to execute them properly will require a lot of time. Conditioning the mind and body is a commitment and takes a lot of discipline. Which means you will also need to practice those moves outside of class. The confidence that comes from personal development is very well worth the effort.

Karate masters high kicking on the beach
Before you know it, beginner Karate students will be looking to you for the advice!

We hope these few tips and tricks will make your first few classes as beginner Karate students easier. You will see that it is more of a fun challenge. If you have any questions about starting karate, contact us at If you’ve already started your lessons, follow our blog for all the tips, tricks that might be helpful for you! Let’s meet at the dojo!

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