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Published: April 3, 2020

The reasons for going to the gym are many! You will be at ease with freelance personal trainer Dubai who can help you with the right exercises. You will have the proper equipment you need in order to get healthy and fit. Finally, you will be in the environment that supports working out, and thus makes you work out more! However, not everyone has the luxury of hitting the gym. Maybe the membership is just too expensive, or there are no gyms nearby. What’s more, there are those who have social anxieties and just do not feel well surrounded by so many people. If you have one of these (or many other reasons), there is no need to worry! You can start using nature as a gym, too, just as efficiently! Find out how in our article!

Where do I work out outside?

The best benefit of using nature as a gym is that you can work anywhere! Exercising outdoors means you do not need any fancy equipment or gadgets! All you need is what you can bring from home! If you want to go running, all you need to do is just go somewhere with open places for it. You can do exercises in parks – and there might even be some designated places for this in your city as well!

Dubai beach
You can exercise almost anywhere!

Of course, this is also restricting, in away. Where you can work out will depend a lot on what you want to do – and similarly, what you are able to do depends on the space you have on offer. Sometimes, your city might not have a lot of open space – so you would be hard-pressed for finding the perfect workout places. Sometimes, there can be an abundance and you will have a hard time choosing from the bunch!

And if you are new to Dubai, or were just never interested in using nature as a gym, it pays off to explore a little. You never really know what you will run into! After all, you might not be inspired to work out now. But after seeing what the city can offer you, you might be able to create a whole workout program for yourself! Also, consider contacting us for the best tips and advice on working outside as well!

What do I need when using nature as a gym?

So now, the question becomes what you can use in your nature gym. Are you supposed to bring something with you from home, or do you just use whatever is there? This, again, depends on what you want to do. If you are looking for pregnancy yoga Dubai then you will need a yoga mat to do your exercises on. If you want to lift weights, then finding something heavy to lift and carry will help.

a woman doing yoga
All you need is your yoga mat!

You need to be creative and think outside of the box and you will manage to do much. It is unbelievable just how many doors you can open when you try! For climbing, for example, you can find a spot with stairs. Here, you can to so many workouts! The same applies to things you can pull yourself up from! For example, you can use trees to do pull-ups. If you want to create a variety or give yourself a challenge, then switch trees around!

The only thing you need to think about is your safety. Just like with gyms, make sure you are not risking getting hurt! Similarly, you should not get in trouble with the law with your activities. Luckily, there is much that you can do without causing any harm to yourself. For starters, you can find a lot of trails and paths that will be amazing for weighted carries!

Creating a program for your new outdoors gym

Once you know what you want to do and where to do it, it is time to actually start using nature as a gym. You can do this best by creating a good program for yourself. Again, we want to reiterate that only your imagination is stopping you here! But in this article, we will focus on some basics and examples. We also recommend that you call our fitness or yoga instructor Dubai for specialized help if you are having any difficulties creating your own plan.

The main question you will want to answer is what to focus on the workout. To demonstrate that nature can be a great gym, we will help you create full-body style exercises. This way, you can expand your workout possibilities to their limit and boost your health and your fitness level with ease.

a personal trainer
Call a personal trainer for a good program!

So what exercises are there for you? Well, for your lower body movement, you can squat with logs or rocks for quads, or do deadlifts with them for your hips. When it comes to upper body pulling movement, you can do tree chin-ups or pull-ups or tree inverted rows. When it comes to upper body pushing, you can do push-ups everywhere! What’s more, the same logs or rocks you used for lifting can also be pressed bench-style. You can then use them for carrying exercises, and finally throwing them for strength.

The benefits of using nature as a gym

As you can see, there is so much that you can do outside! But are there any other benefits to this type of gyms? Well, first is that they are often enjoyable and fun. There is something about being in the sun that makes a lot of people smile. On the other hand, the sterile gym environments can cause anxiety-like we already discussed – so going outside to exercise is a huge plus.

Also, using nature as a gym gives you a good dose of sunshine. This is essential in helping you create vitamin D, which is pretty beneficial! This way, nature gyms aren’t only good for your fitness, but for many different aspects of your health!

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