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Published: July 1, 2019

Exercising is a great way to keep both your body and mind healthy. It keeps you strong and agile. And makes you more resilient to illness. But, it’s also important to do it properly. And to avoid injuries while exercising. They can occur due to doing too much exercising or due to doing them improperly. And there are many ways in which you can minimize the risk of injury. From hiring a Dubai personal trainer to help you to mix your exercises. And even employing new techniques. Here are some of the most important tips that you need to know. And which will help you exercise more and better, with minimal risk?

When do exercising injuries occur?

Exercising injuries can occur in many different phases of workout and due to many different reasons. They not only hurt but also prevent you from continuing with your exercises. And depending on severity, they can even leave a permanent mark. So, you should give your best to avoid injuries while exercising. Most of them occur if you don’t warm up properly. Those can be pulled ligaments, joint pains, and pulled muscles. They can also occur due to many repetitions of the same movement. And, one of the most common times when they happen is when you exercise too much.

warm up to avoid injuries while exercising
Most exercise injuries occur if you start working out without a proper warm-up

Hire a personal trainer to avoid injuries while exercising

Hiring a personal trainer is one of the best ways to avoid injuries while exercising. They are professionals who are trained to guide you through your exercises. And he or she will be there for you to tell you how to warm-up and stretch. And when to take a break to catch your breath. But probably the most important thing about having a trainer is that they will show you how to properly do exercises. It will not only prevent exercising injuries but also make sure you make the most out of your workout. So, if you want to do yoga, make sure you look for yoga instructor Dubai. If you want to train in a gym, find a trainer there. And if you want to do powerlifting, find a professional who specializes in that area.

Warm up first to avoid injuries while exercising

Warm up phase might be something that you don’t like. It’s slow, tedious and doesn’t really impact your overall physique. But, it’s probably the most important part of exercising. It doesn’t matter if you are getting ready to play tennis or do powerlifting. A good warm-up is quite important. It will relax your muscles and warm them up. You will be getting your whole body ready for exercise. It’s one of the best ways to avoid injuries while exercising.

warm up to avoid injury
It’s important to warm up before you start with your exercises

To avoid those kinds of injuries, start your warm up at least 15 minutes before your exercises. You can start by stretching and then move to some more demanding warm-up exercises. Running and cycling is a great way to get the blood flowing and increase your body temperature. Jumping rope is also a nice warm-up exercise.

Stretching is also important

As part of your warm-up routine, you should also make sure to stretch your body. Most back pain injuries occur because people start their workout without properly stretching. So, make sure that you stretch your whole body before doing any serious exercise. Start with your neck and continue down.

Ease into your exercises to avoid injuries

One of the common mistakes that people make is that they go all in as soon as they start their workout. But that can cause a lot of problems. Even if you warmed up and stretched, you should still take it slow. Let your body adjust to the workout. Let it heat up and relax properly. That way you will slowly be able to get to the level of intensity you are comfortable with. Without risking injury.

Don’t over-do it

Another common cause of injuries during exercises is that people over-do them. Even if you don’t feel tired, you should still stop and take a break. That’s why many exercises require you to do reps in series. Our adrenaline increases during exercises. And it can play tricks on our mind. If the workout is good enough, you won’t even notice that you are tired. You should do the amount of exercise you need, but not much over that. Moderation is one of the best ways to avoid injuries while exercising.

Mix things up to avoid injuries while exercising

Even if you are careful and don’t overextend yourself, you still run the risk of injury. That’s because doing too many repetitions of the same exercise, over an extended period of time can cause all kinds of injuries. So, it’s important to mix things up to avoid injuries while exercising. You can try going swimming once a week instead of hitting the gym. You can also substitute one lifting training with Thai boxing Dubai. The possibilities are endless. Even hiking can be a great exercise once a week. And make sure that you don’t target the same muscles every day. You should allow them to rest and recover.

avoid injuries while exercising by mixing your exercises
Mix exercises with running or swimming to avoid muscle stress

Keep a healthy diet

While your diet won’t directly cause you to injure yourself, it’s still an important part if you want to avoid injuries while exercising. You need to find a good balance between diet and exercising. If you eat too little, you run the risk of collapsing. If you eat too much before your workout you can feel sick. And you should also make sure to eat healthy food that will support your developing body muscles.

Know your body

No matter what you do to avoid injuries while exercising, the most important thing is to know your body. You should know your capabilities and your limits. And make sure that you don’t go over them. Some exercises might be harder on your joints, while others might hurt your muscles. Always consult with Dubai fitness training professionals and be moderate. That way you will be able to keep up with an intense workout. Without running the risk of injury.

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