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Published: October 8, 2019

Different meal and exercise plans give different results, that much is clear. So when you want to build muscle strength, what should you do? What is the secret to getting stronger and bulking up? Do you need a male personal trainer Dubai and is there anything you can do yourself to help the process? We have gathered the answers to these and other questions in this text to make building muscle strength easier for you. You will surely be happy with the results if you follow this ultimate guide to building muscles and strength!

A person liftin weights.
While exercise is important, it’s not the whole picture.

Build muscle strength with a three-step plan

No fitness goal, including building muscle strength, is achieved singularly through working out. You must use a multifaceted approach if you want to build muscle strength in a healthy and long-lasting way. The best way to make a plan for this particular goal is to focus on three different steps:

  1. working out
  2. eating right
  3. getting plenty of rest

Let’s take a closer look at each of those!

Step 1: exercise

A huge part of an exercise plan is, logically, exercise. Building muscle strength won’t be possible if you don’t build muscles, of course. So finding a workout regime that works for you and sticking to it is crucial. But how do you go about doing that?

Work with a professional to get on the right track

The best way to figure out a good exercise plan for building muscle strength is to consult someone who can set you on the right track. Professional personal trainers do this for a living. So find someone who fits your needs! Look for trainers specializing in strength training, for example. If you’re a woman, you may want to look for a female bodybuilder personal trainer who will know the female body better. If you struggle with dieting, find someone who has a background in nutrition. And of course, look for a personal trainer whose personality, motivational techniques and expertise fit your needs. Working with someone like that will most definitely set you on the right path.

Use weights and bands to build muscle strength

Different types of exercises will give different results. Choosing the right type of exercise to build muscle strength is, therefore, crucial. Think about which area of the body you want to work on and how far you want to go. This will greatly affect the workouts you choose. You may, for example, want to look into Thai boxing Dubai to build up lean but strong muscles. Or you may be more into traditional bodybuilding.

A person lifting a dumbbell.
Weights are always a part of strength training.

However, one thing is true regardless of the end result you’re aiming for: weights and bands are your friends! Dumbbells and weight machines are a staple in any routine looking to build muscle strength, of course. But don’t forget resistance bands. They are an excellent way to supplement your workout as they can be used to increase resistance in a variety of positions, thus making your workout more effective.

Focus on volume rather than intensity

While it may be tempting to push yourself to the limit immediately and try bench-pressing an SUV, that’s not the best way to build muscle strength. You should be focusing on volume instead. A lighter load will have a bigger effect if you push yourself to repeat your sets to near exhaustion. To increase the intensity gradually as you progress, but always work out for as long and as much as you can to get the best results!

Work out regularly

Maintaining a regular workout is crucial to building muscles. With disuse, the muscles atrophy. So you must continuously exercise them in order to maintain the strength and mass you want. Because of this, it is incredibly important to discipline yourself to work out regularly early on. Once you get into the habit of it, it’ll be easier to maintain the routine and thus easier to maintain the muscle strength you desire.

Step 2: diet

Working out the right way is only a part of the plan. In order to build muscle and strength, you must also get on the right diet plan. Otherwise, all your working out is not going to pay off much. So follow the best meal plan for muscle gain in combination with the best exercises for strength and you’ll get the results you want!

A plate with food.
A good meal plan is crucial to building muscle strength.

Give yourself enough energy to build muscle strength

Building muscles require energy. If your diet doesn’t give you enough energy, you won’t be able to build strong muscles. Protein, carbohydrates, and fiber are all an important part of your nutrition when you’re working on strength and muscles. This is why following a weight loss diet while working on building muscle strength is not a good idea. In fact, an increase in muscles will almost always mean an increase in weight as well. So take care to increase your calorie intake to the right amount, especially on workout days. If you’re not sure how to do this, consult a dietician.

Remember that genetics plays a role in how your body responds

One thing you must take into account when building muscle strength is that genetics plays a role in muscle mass and strength as well. This is not something you can avoid or workaround. So try not to be too hard on yourself if your results aren’t the same as somebody else’s! And definitely don’t try to force your body to do something it can’t. These are surefire ways to set yourself up for failure. Instead, listen to your body and do the best that you personally can.

Step 3: rest

The last but certainly not least important step in your exercise routine should be getting plenty of rest. While you sleep, your body does a lot of work. A part of that work is reknitting and rebuilding tissue like muscles. Therefore, if you want to build muscle strength, you will need to get plenty of sleep and rest. Without it, your muscles will just break down without enough time to repair and regrow better and stronger. So prepare for some early nights!

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