Top 10 advantages of sugar intake

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It seems like everywhere we look, we are constantly bombarded by the fact that sugar is bad for our bodies and health. Want to lose weight in the abdominal area? Then mix the best exercises to lose belly fat with a sugar-free diet. Interested in improving your quality of life and health in general? Then say goodbye to sugar and embrace new and healthy lifestyle habits. Rare are those who actually take out the time to mention the many advantages of sugar. And that’s exactly what we plan on doing today!

Top 10 advantages of sugar intake you might not be aware of

Before we start, we would just like to mention that sugar can be beneficial – but only when taken with moderation. Too much of it will have many negative effects on your overall health, and we aren’t even talking about your physical appearance and weight gain. But moderate sugar intake will have a plethora of benefits – especially for those of you with a busy schedule. 

Pink cupcakes.
Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to something sweet from time to time.

1. You will get an immediate burst of energy from sugar

Why do you think parents have the rule of not allowing their kids to eat anything with sugar in it before going to bed? It’s because sugar can provide you with an immediate burst of energy which is bad for kids before their bedtime, but great for adults who are feeling a wave of tiredness. Let’s say you are preparing for a triathlon in Dubai and are trying to muster up the energy for a workout after a long day at work. A sugary treat could help by giving you the immediate energy you need.

2. Store energy for later

While sugar intake is great for giving you an immediate boost, it’s purpose exceeds the limits of a quick fix. Your body will store some glucose for later through a process which is called glycogenesis. With spare energy in storage, you might be able to go longer times without eating. Which can be beneficial at some points. Of course, there’s no need to create a huge reserve of energy. Otherwise, you’ll exceed the advantages of sugar and go straight to the drawbacks.

3. One of the biggest advantages of sugar is the immediate mood boost

Have you been feeling down lately? What can you do to improve your mental health? For starters, you can find an affordable personal trainer Dubai based and let the physical activity do the trick in the long run. But for immediate relief, we suggest you treat yourself to a piece of candy you love. It has been proven that sugar activates the pleasure center of our brains, causing a rush of dopamine and leaving you happy and ecstatic.

woman holding candy
Don’t let yourself feel down. Take a bite of chocolate and everything will be okay.

4. Improve your thinking skills with chocolate

After many studies have been done on the topic, it has been proven that cocoa flavanols (found in chocolate) can positively impact our cognitive function. Have you ever wondered why students usually bring a chocolate bar with them when taking an exam? Well, it turns out that a few bites of chocolate can help us surpass any cognitive barriers we might have. 

5. Natural sugar sources are packed with healthy nutrients

Fruit, veggies, dairy products – we’ve all learned from a young age just how healthy these groups of food are. But did you know that they are also a natural source of sugar? That’s why some people who are strictly against consuming any form of sugar usually stay away from fruits that are rich in sugar. Our opinion is that if you want to boost your immune system and be healthy, you have to eat a balanced diet. And a balanced diet consists of all nutrients – including sugar.

6. Sugar helps with low blood pressure

Are you suffering from low blood pressure? Then we are sure you know by now that you are strongly advised to carry packets of sugar cubes with you at all times. If you feel like a blackout from low blood pressure is coming, then just consume some sugar. One of the main benefits of sugar is that it can raise your blood pressure immediately. Likewise, if you have high blood pressure, you are advised to keep your sugar intake in moderation.

7. Diabetics and the advantages of sugar

Diabetes is a condition in which you have a fluctuating sugar level. If you are using insulin supplements like most diabetics are, and you don’t eat for a long period of time, you might find yourself in need of sugar. Raw sugar will help your body revive itself, ultimately helping you function better and get on with your day. 

Candy on a tray - advantages of sugar
Many medical conditions can be improved with a few bites of sugary goodness.

8. Some people believe in the so-called sugar therapy

There are many medical practitioners who believe in sugar therapy and its ability to heal wounds much faster than some antibiotics. But whether you are a believer in this property of sugar or not, if you decide to try it, don’t do it by yourself. It’s always advisable to consult with a medical professional beforehand. 

9. The advantages of sugar on the atmosphere

A lot of people aren’t aware that sugar in its natural form is produced from natural deposits without the use of chemicals. While some other types of food can be produced through processes that are harmful to the environment, sugar doesn’t contribute to pollution. If you are an environmentalist, then you will probably consider this to be a huge plus of natural sugar.

10. Sugar can do wonders for your skin

Did you know that sugar’s glycolic acid can have great effects on the health and appeal of your skin? In fact, the advantages of sugar for this purpose are so great that they are used with assisting acne eradication and recovering of equilibrium of the skin’s oils. So the next time you find yourself dealing with skin issues, you might actually want to turn to sugar and its many benefits it can have on our bodies.

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